Make Your Own Modern Art!

Hollywood Recycled
Made with bubble wrap, felt, yellow lined paper and magazine pages.

I have received tons of emails about how to make the Liz Taylor art. They are so easy to make and you only need 1 bottle of black onyx gallery glass, which is about $2.00! The cool thing about this technique is that it will stick to the glass as long as you wish and then you can peel it away and create a new design. Here are a few different design ideas.

Let Their Be Light
Made with hot pink silk.

Records Re-Crafted
Made with a vintage album.

Made with green silk.

Gallery Glass Goes Modern!

Basic Supplies:
glass frame
black onyx gallery glass
image to paint
tacky glue
duct tape
options: paper and recycled items like records, bubble wrap, magazine pages

How To:

Remove the glass from the frame and clean the glass with glass cleaner.

Place a graphic image or vintage album under the glass. You can create your own graphic image by photoshoping your own pictures or look for graphic images in mags and online. To photoshop your own pictures adjust the color to black and white and then adjust the color balance until you are happy with the design. If you find a small image that you love, just increase the size on a photocopier.

Don’t shake the gallery glass! Apply the gallery glass over the areas where you want paint. For the Liz Taylor, chandelier and the bird pieces I painted every area that was black. For the record album I highlighted just the conductor. Allow the gallery glass to dry for up to 24 hours.

For a Fabric Backing: Attach a piece of felt to the backing board of the frame with tacky glue, attach a piece of fabric to the backing board by wrapping it like a present, use duct tape to secure to the back.

For a Recycled Backing: Layer up vintage records, papers, bubble wrap, junk mail, grocery bags, etc. to the backing board to create a design.

Once the gallery glass has completely dried, place the glass on top of the backing board and secure into the frame.


  1. LOVES IT – I love you & Steve and Sweet P too!

    All my favorite CREATIVE tv people in one picture. I am going to print this and tack it on my wall.

    The art is amazing, I have an old Loverboy record and this would be the perfect project for it! Urban has the record album frames. Can you get the glass paint at Michaels or AC Moore and do the other colors look as cool? I want to so this technique so bad!


  2. I forgot! I am going to vote for Sweet P right now!

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