Letter – Cool Paper & Fabric Prints

I received this letter on etsy.

Hi Cathie,
My 3 year old and I watch Creative Juice all the time together. She even pretends she has her own show called Creative Juice. Anyhow, could you tell me where you find all of your cute pinup clip art and fabrics from the show. These hair ties are so cute! I hope you don’t mind me asking you this through the site! Have a great day!



Hello Fara,

What a cute story! I love it!

We shop all over the place for printed goodies. For clip art I use Dover books. They are copyright free. If you are just making things for yourself or to give as gifts – I color copy books with good images. I have files of magazine tear outs, post cards, old greeting cards and catalog pages that have images that I like. I just copy them when I need them and still have the image in my flies. I also color copy printed fabrics to make my own paper.

Of course if you are selling the goods make sure you get permission or use copyright free art.

For fabrics, I hunt and peck all over the place. I studied textile science in collage so I am kind o a fabric junkie.

A few designers I like and/or obsess over are:
Alexander Henry
Michael Miller Fabrics
Amy Butler

Have a great day and kisses for your daughter! Keep playing and crafting,