Make it: Refashioned Girls Jeans

Make it: Refashioned Girls Jeans
no sew project

Kids go through clothes so fast! This easy no-sew technique will stretch a pair of winter jeans into a spring fashion. Even if you don’t sew, it is easy to recycle a pair of girls jeans into a cute pair of walking shorts.

For this design:
1. Cut the pant legs at the appropriate height for shorts using pinking sheers.

2. Trim around the appliqué (removing it from the lower portion of the jeans).

3. Attach the appliqué using fabric glue.

4. Add a little sparkle to the pants: attach a few rhinestones with gem glue.


  1. Amy Miller says:

    VERY CUTE – my girls would love this pair!

  2. Love this project! thanks so much

  3. how nice…loveeeeeeeee this are amazing lovely friend!!!!