Don’t try this at home


  1. Very cute!!! You guys are too funny!

  2. THAT is HILARIOUS!!!!!!! WOW! I LOVE IT CATH & STEVE…. hahahahahaaaaaaa Posting to my blog now! hahahahahaaaaa

  3. That’s pretty cute! A little gross . . . but REALLY funny! Love it!

  4. i think I gagged a bit once or twice but I’m not sure because I was laughing so hard! You guys are too funny.

  5. AWESOME!! Too funny!

  6. so great!

  7. back again! I just posted this to our art blog! We (my sister, mom and I) are all artists who use mod-podge in ALL of our mixed media art. – I’d love it if you’d stop by and visit! keep up the great work!

  8. OMG….you two are so funny!!!!The music choice was super cool too!

  9. You guys are too funny!!!

    Things must get a bit sticky around your house.