Hot Glue Gun Helpers launching at CHA!!

We are so excited!! The response has been so over whelming and thrilling. Most of the major retailers are going gaga for them! I might need to pinch myself. Learn more about our tools here!


  1. You & Steve are THE BEST! Always happy & smiling!! You are both contagious!! Love your new products!! *hug*

  2. Hi Cathie
    It was fabulous seeing you and Steve at CHA! I just posted a great picture on my blog of us. So LOVE the Hot Glue product line you guys did! It’s gonna save a lot of sore fingers/hands out there!! Have a wonderfully creative day! Donna

  3. WOW I need those!!! I wish I could have gone to CHA but there was no budget for a plane ticket. Oh well maybe next year. At least I won’t have to pay for a hotel since I have family there!

  4. Thanks everyone! We are really thrilled that everyone loved them. I’ll be updating the progress here on my blog!


  5. I just found out about these through Plaid…it’s genius! I can’t wait for them to come out (I had hot glue blisters on my hands at my wedding cause I was making the thank-you gifts for people that helped a couple of days before!)

  6. Put me on the list for when they debut! …Send it this way, please!

  7. Saw you at CCE in Seattle. Been looking for HGGH…but haven’t been able to find them!

  8. Hi Denise,

    They are coming out in December!!! I’ll be emailing everyone to let them know! crafty hugs – cathie

  9. Please add me to your list I want to order several hot glue gun helpers

  10. Anonymous says:

    I want to purchase a few of these for Christmas presents. Hope you post what stores or where on line in time for Christmas purchases. What a GREAT idea!!!

  11. I needed a way to store my new glue gun helpers so I used a empty pringles can. Went to and downloaded and printed a copy of the flyer. I taped it to the outside of the can. Put all my tools in a glad zip lock bag and placed them inside the can. Now they are safely stored. I won’t lose my finger grips or any of my neat tools.

  12. SS Puppets! What a great Idea – I must blog that.