Make it: Kids Valentine Wreath

Kids Project – glitter heart wreath

Folkart paint 413 pink
Folkart Extreme Glitter hologram
Folkart paint 437 lipstick red
Folkart Extreme Glitter red
9 wood hearts
Foam paintbrushes
Hot Glue or tacky glue
Cardboard circle


1. Paint 5 of the hearts pink and 4 of the hearts red. Allow to dry. Top coat the pink hearts with 3 layers extreme glitter hologram. And, the red hearts with 3 layers of red extreme glitters.

2. Glue 4 pink hearts to the center of a circle. Layer and glue 4 red hearts over the pink hearts. Glue a pink heart in the center.

3. On the back, glue a ribbon to serve as a hanger.