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101 Snappy Fashions Giveaway

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I am 10 weeks away from 101 Snappy Fashions release and to celebrate I am giving away a goodie pack each week for the next 10 weeks. The goodies will be themed by chapter and will include a signed advanced copy of the book, a grand prize and a few fun extras! Keep coming back each week and enter to win another set of goodies. Follow my blog, my facebook or my twitter to stay in touch! πŸ™‚


Week 1 – Chapter 1 – Dyeing

Have a peek at a few scans from the book featuring some of my favorite designs from Chapter 1. This chapter focuses on dyeing and has 10 different dyeing techniques and 19 different designs.

#3 Sweet Tweet

#6 With Love From Me To You

#10 Honey Bear


Week 1 Loot!


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All items are provided by me – Cathie Filian and are in accordance with the Blogher Rules.

To enter: Simply leave a comment to THIS specific post by telling me if you have ever altered a baby snapsuit or if you have ever dyed anything before.

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some way of getting in touch will be disqualified.

Deadline: Comments must be received by midnight EST February 14th, 2010.
Odds of winning will depend on the number of eligible entries received.

Other rules:
1. You must have a mailing address in the United States of America (sorry
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2. Only one entry comment per person.

How it works: Each comment will be assigned a sequential number. The winning
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favorites, simply a game of chance.

Note: The books will be in my hand at the end of February. All February prizes will ship as soon as I have the books.


  1. for my son’s birthday one year, we all made tie dyed shirts. it was a blast and i still have my shirt!! would love to make some cute onsies for some new babies coming into out family πŸ™‚ thanks, cathie!

  2. The only time I have ever dyed anything was when I forgot to change clothes once and bleached my favorite shirt. LOL

    I got a cricut for christmas and want to try cutting fabric with it to embelish some snapsuits. Your book looks like so much fun!

  3. I can’t wait to read this book Cathie!!! I have tie dyed shirts as well as altered them. Most recently I altered baby onsies for my sister in law that will be having a boy in the next couple weeks. I would love to use the ideas and supplies to make a few projects for the baby as well as my little ones in my preschool class. XOXOXO
    ps. I love following you on facebook (we are friends, kimberly coulson giarrusso)

  4. I have altered a Baby Onesie (that is what we call them) at a baby shower before. We used the 3D puffy paints. A lot of fun and the mom and baby get to enjoy them!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win these goodies!
    Artful Blessings,

  5. Okay, Cathie, I saw your update about this on Facebook, and I’m so excited about your filming! But anyway, I used to LUV dying things when I was in high school, but since then have only dyed paper toweling with easter egg dye. it was great fun! But it’s not like

    holdon! I HAVE dyed something recently! I dyed a silk scarf when I went to Kauai. So. there.

  6. My kids and I tie-dyed t shirts last summer, it was fun.
    For onesies, I have ironed on fabric shapes and embellished with puffy paint around the edges. Also, have added bows and small flowers for girls onesies.

  7. My mom, a first-grade teacher, used to tie-dye shirts with her class before field day every year, and I would help with that, but that’s it.

    I bought supplies to dye some old t-shirts for a rag rug project, but I haven’t actually tried it yet.

  8. Oh-the onsies I made when my daughter was a baby–shabby chic -tea dying and lots of lace–and then of course matching headbands! She always had a big bow to match!

  9. We did a onesie decorating activity at my niece’s baby shower and it was so much fun! We had paints, stencils, ribbon and stamps.

  10. ohh what a great giveaway! can’ wait to see the book! i make applique baby onesies. i have tried dying things before and haven’t had the best of luck. thanks for the chance.

  11. I have tie dyed everything from pillowcases to dresses, baby snap suits, t-shirts and sheets that acted as my canopy when I was a teenager. I have also altered clothing by using patches and appliques. I however have never added a patch or applique to a baby snapsuit. I love the pics I see of the ones in the book. Adorable!!!

  12. I made a bunch of silly stenciled onsies for my friends new baby last year. My favorite was the one that said “Female Human” since they all look the same that first month. haha.
    Going to have a onsie decorating table at the baby shower I’m hosting next month too.
    Can’t wait to see the book!
    (Eliza’s sister)

  13. I have never altered a onesie but have a girl friend that is expecting so this book is definately going to give me some new ideas!!!

    My husband and I are known for our died 4th of July shirts and now my girls and I love todye shirts and silks for them to wear and play with! This giveawa looks AMAZING!!! Oh the wonderful things we could do!


  14. I had a tie dye attack last summer and practically tie dyed anything that wasn’t tied down!!!


  15. Hi! Great looking book & I want that first shirt in my size (without the snaps lol!) I have dressed up little snappies before. I sewed little lace strips on the behind of one and a large piece of lace to make a skirt on another. I’d love to make gifts for my friends with all the great ideas in your book.

  16. Cathie can’t wait to read your new book! Almost makes me want another baby so I can try all those crafty ideas! ALMOST! So I used to alter Kierstens onsies at the neck because her big old “melon” wouldn’t fit thru the neck. I would cut two inches straight down in the front center, put 3 holes on both sides of the cut and use pretty ribbon to “lace” it back up. Thankfully she grew into her head and I don’t have to cut her shirts anymore to get them on!

  17. I had a favorite shirt that got too faded, so I dyed it using RIT a dark new color so I could keep wearing it. That’s as crafty as I’ve attempted but it was in high school, and now I’ve got three little boys under 4, I’d love to dress in dyed creations!

  18. I have not ever altered a onsie, but I have dyed things before. Love to do some tie dye in the summer, when I can be outside with a a bucket.

  19. Wonderful book Cathie! I am giving it to my sister-in-law for a baby shower gift along with a onsie that I alter myself, haven’t done one yet but cannot resist these are so cute! I have used die before but it was for a basket weaving adventure (true story!)

  20. I love to tie dye!! Its so much fun! My sister and I do it all the time!


  21. yes, I made my sister some onesies with iron ons – that was pretty fun to do

  22. Cathie, can’t wait to read the new book !!! Its been a few years, but we did the dying of shirts as a group but never decorated snapsuits. Looks like a great way to use up some of the left over bling and craft supples that may other wise get tossed out, and they will make a great shower gift to add to my gift baskets for new mommy’s …..Leiaanderson@cox.net

  23. Years and years ago, I dyed a costume for a 4th of July regatta on the Niagara River. Had never done this before and I dyed it yellow and wore it over my blue bathing suit. I ended up with a green bathing suit. As for the baby outfit, haven’t done that, but do have some great nieces and nephews who I’m sure I could make some for. Thanks for the generous give away opportunity!

  24. I work alot with tie dye and have also tried using natural dyes, which can yeild some pretty neat colors. I like to make art work from tie-dyed sheets and celtic designs. I have turn one of them into a celtic butterfly baby blanket for a shower gift for a friend. I have also tie dyed onesies for my nice. She likes the array of colors. It was a great help in learning colors. πŸ™‚

  25. I’ve never altered a baby onesie although, I have wanted to try. The last time I dyed something, I think it was a t-shirt and I was in college. πŸ™‚

  26. When m oldest was a baby we did a few iron on transfers of my husband’s drawings on his little onesies. We also did one of Yoda’s head. That one was my favorite. Both of my kids wore those onesies.

    When I had my 2nd child, I had my oldest use fabric markers to color his onesie. There is another treasure worth keeping.

    My background is in ikat weaving. Its where you dye the threads in a pattern before weaving them. Currently I’m teaching Sunday school kids how to Kool Aid dye yarn which will be turning into prayer shawls.

  27. Forgot to include my blog: http://www.textiles4you.blogspot.com

  28. yes– we did a bunch of iron on transfers and fabric paint onesies for a recent baby shower. so much fun! WOuld love to try dying or appliquing on onesies.

  29. For an office baby shower we once decorated a bunch of onesies. It was so much fun. We mostly used puff fabric paint. I would love to try the dye, looks fab.

  30. Good morning!
    I have never altered a baby snapsuit, but I have 2 friends who are pregnant so I am really looking forward to making them some cute things! I haven’t dyed anything since High School, but this summer I am planning on having a tie-dye party. It should be fun, I can’t wait!
    My name should be a link to my blog, but just in case it isn’t … hippiechick512[at]yahoo[dot]com
    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win such a wonderful prize!

  31. This is so funny, I just made 2 snapsuits last night for a new baby in my circle of friends

  32. Last year I went to a baby shower where everyone decorated onesies. We tried fabric pens, iron-on images, and glue gun applique. Nice easy way to be creative.

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  34. My 3 kids and I make new tie dye shirts for the summer each year. I have never done and onsies but it would sure be a neat gift for my friends that are expecting babies this year!

    my email it is angelah763@msn.com thanks

  35. We’ve dyed all kinds of things with the kids. T-shirts, pillowcases and just plain white fabric into some fun colors and creations πŸ™‚

  36. I have altered my daughters onesies by dying them after the stains set in from their drooly/messy eating. They are grown now but I’m already making things for future grandchildren to come. LOL

  37. I have never altered a onsie before but I did dye a t-shirt in middle school if that counts??? I really want to try this though!!!

  38. I had a friend who was pregnant with a girl and they were nicknaming her “Schmoo” while she was in the womb. So, I found blank onesies and got iron-on leopard fuzzy letters from Michaels or Jo-Ann’s. I ironed on the letters vertically and spelled “Schmoo” on the front of the onesie. They LOVED it and the baby only got to wear it once before she grew out of it.

    That same friend is now pregnant with a second girl and I will be getting the “Schmoo” onesie from her and putting “Deux” on the back! πŸ™‚

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. Yes, I have many babies have been born lately so I applique the first letter of there name on it. For my girl (I have two 21months & almost 4 months) I haven’t dyed any baby onesies yet but I soo want too! I did tie dye t-shirts when I was younger!Super fun!
    karin marie :0)

  41. Throughout the years I have tye dye many, many t-shirts. I have also painted on onesies for my cuties. But my fave was to put iron ons on the onesies. They were so cute. I wish I saved them. The funniest story about one onesis I dyed for my baby girl was when I made this awesome pink, green, and purple onesie. It was so cute. I was so excited for her to wear it that I forgot to wash it first. She woke up tye dyed. She had green and purple patches all over. SO funny. Sarah


  42. I redyed some cotton curtains from my old house for my new house.

    I’m going to be a Aunt again and the little kiddo needs clothes. I have a baby snap suit ready and waiting. Once I find out if the baby is a boy or girl, I’m going to embroider “Prince(ss) of Wails” over a crown iron on batch on the onsie!

  43. I have never really dyed anything before but it is on my to-do list and this would be a great way to jump right into that area of creativity!!

  44. The last time I dyed something was at a summer camp back in elementary school! However, I have altered a few onsies just within the past year as some friends have been welcoming little ones to their families. So far I have kept it simple by using fabric markers to add some fun and artistic touches to the onesies. They seem to be a big hit so they must look okay! πŸ™‚

  45. CherylClemons (wdmmlc(at)aol(dot)com says:

    My daughter and I enjoy making the onies together. We create our own iron-ons and then decorate them with paint and glitter. It is fun working with my daughter creating them.

  46. I just threw a baby shower last year where we dyed a bunch of little onesies for the new baby. It worked out great!
    I am very excited to check out this new book!

  47. I’ve only used Rit dye to help bring back the color in faded clothes – never “played” with it before! I’ve also never altered a baby snapsuit, but now I want to!

    Name: Sabrina Rose
    Email: sabrinarose@gmail.com
    Website: delicious-inspiration.com

  48. Anonymous says:

    My daughter who is now 23 used to stain her outfits everyday, so I would be dying them or spray painting them constantly. We didn’t have much money so her onesies and clothes had to last! I would use Rit dyes or waterdowned acrylic paint in a spray bottle. I would even find stencils or pictures a paint over the stains. Everyone would tell me her clothes were cute and they never knew there was a stain under the dye!
    Debbi Miller

  49. The only think I ever attempted to dye was my son’s Halloween costume last year: He went as Charlie Brown.

    Your book looks awesome, and with my new little neice or nephew arriving in a few months, I know I would get lots of milage out of it!!

    Amy McNulty

  50. Jenny Bolech says:

    My sister and I used to dye white undershirts when we were in high school to wear in layers – haven’t tried dying anything since then, but have thought about it a number of times πŸ™‚
    I recently decorated some onesies with puffy paint for a baby shower! They turned out super cute, despite my less than perfect drawing skills!

  51. No I never have altered a onsie, and to my recollection have never died anything either.

  52. I love dyeing my own cross stitch fabric. I have used several different methods – including, believe it or not, koolaid!

    I haven’t ever altered a onesie, but it looks so much fun. They would make such fun shower gifts.

    I blog at http://crossstitch.about.com/b

  53. I love the look of embroidery, and decided to try my hand at it on some onesies for the new arrivals in the family….Some have turned out ok, others are still hiding in my closet!! I hope to get better at it…I just love the potential crafty fun you can do with onesies!


  54. I have dyed several things in highschool chemistry class and since then I have done several accessories for halloween costumes. Somestimes you just need the perfect color of tights that you can’t find anywhere! =)


  55. I used to do tie-dying in the back yard with my mom when I was young (we did try to dye the white cat… she came out a with a lovely pinkish tail). I’m due with my first child in 3 months, and would love to make up some onesies for her!

  56. I can’t wait to get my hands on that book. In fact, my friends can’t wait to get my hands on that book! Babies are being born all around me; so many a friend begs for a onesie with this embellishment or that cute slogan. Alas, I waste every snappy suit that waddles my way. It seems that knit is very different from other fabrics that I typically work with. Please random number generator gods, you’re my only hope!!

  57. The book looks so fab! Can’t wait to get a copy. I’ve never decorated a onesie before but I certainly will now. Divaskychick at gmail dot com

  58. I would love to win a copy of your book-it looks great! I just bought some of the dye you use in your washing machine (nervous!) so I can darken some jeans that lightened over time (nervous about that too). I did alter some onesies before for my cousin’s twins. I added an iron image that had a cute fortune cookie message, then I made take-out boxes out of cardstock and packaged them inside.

  59. I used to tye dye alot when I was in girl scouts many many moons ago – I do miss it and would love to do it again!!! Great give away~~

  60. I’ve only ever accidentally dyed stuff. You know the red that gets washed with the white undies. Yep, my husband proudly wears his PINK undies. LOL- I have tons of friends having kids right now so baby crafty ideas would be AWESOME! thanks! πŸ™‚

  61. I’ve done tie-dye with the teens at the library. They always make something unexpected.

    When I got pregnant this last year, I received about a million plain white onesies. I’ve been dreaming on how to “fix” them for awhile now.

  62. Super cool giveaway πŸ™‚ I just made a embellished snapsuit for a baby shower with boy print they are soo cute and one of a kind when embellished. I have never dyed clothing before. This would be soo neat to win πŸ™‚


  63. How cool! πŸ™‚

  64. Anonymous says:

    thanks for awesome giveaway. The only thing I ever dyed was t shirts and it didn’t turn out so well.



  65. I have dyed many items including shirts, skirts and tableclothes. We even had a tie-dye party for my daughter last year when she turned 9. We had muliple buckets in the yard with the various colors in them. The kids tied their shirts up then dipped them in their color choices. The party was a huge hit and the shirts all turned out absolutely beautiful!


  66. I have not ever altered a baby snapsuit, but after seeing your cute examples, I’m dieing to try!


  67. I’ve done one-color tie-dye before, if you count tying up sections in those boring white undies that come in the multi-color packs and then washing them with my brand-new Holy Clothing shirts that I knew were going to run like crazy (worked quite well actually and has held up for over a year).

  68. haven’t ever done a onsie, but have been dyeing stuff since i was quite young. also did a little tie-dye and batik. i still use Ritz to dye clothing items when i want to change colors. the #3 sweet tweet is really cute.

  69. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



  70. OOOH I’ve been searching for that perfect unique baby gift for a dear friend. These onsies are Awesome. A Bakers dozen of these will be a total hit!

  71. I stamp on baby onesies!
    This looks VERY cool!


  72. I never have altered a snapsuit but with this book I think I would start.

    Lynette Cannon

  73. Wowser! That’s a lot of comments! I have made tons of outfits using the snap-suits when my son was little! He had one for every holiday! πŸ™‚
    My blog is : http://learningischildsplay.blogspot.com/
    My email is:

  74. i dye everything.to cute up onsies or match fabrics when i sew.

  75. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



  76. I remember spending many hours in my grandma’s garage with her making tie-dyed shirts in huge pots… Of course, this was many, many years ago. Great memories though, and I have shared those same experiences and the storeis that go with them with my kids! πŸ™‚

  77. I have tiedyed stuff through the years. and since my daughter has had her baby, we were just talking about using my cricut machine to alter the snap suits. this looks like fun. I accidentally on purpose came across your blog and love it. will visit often.
    thanks for the chance for the giveaway.

  78. Jennifer FB says:

    I have taken a particular fabric that was used in the babies’ room and portioned it out into bibs, personalized bib cloths, taken a part of the fabric and made a paci clip, even snack bags with velcro out of it the best part is when I have sewn/appliqued the fabric onto a onsie or a hairbow! These are immediate presents that the parents can use NOW. When presented in a wicker basket with paper & matching receiving blankets – it is an automatic WOWER present. Jennifer Ferrante B jennime010301@yahoo.com;

  79. Wow, it’s been a while since I dyed something. My son and I did some tie-dying when he was in grade school. The last thing we made was stamped with foam stamps and fabric paints. He needed something “cool” for 70’s day at school, so we stamped some peace signs, smiley faces, and power flowers on a plain white tee. He added a headband, faded blue jeans, and some shades to his ensemble. He looked really groovy! πŸ™‚

  80. I have altered a baby snapsuit. I tie-dyed 6 mo onesies with magenta and then I appliqued a fabric heart on the front, I made a ruffle for the butt on the back. The gift was for my very best friend’s first baby.


  81. I haven’t tie dyed anything since high school – in the olden days when we made dye out of plant materials. OK, maybe not THAT long ago, but close. I’ve never decorated a baby snapsuit but love the idea!

  82. I have never tried dyeing before, but sounds cool! jlh774 at gmail dot com

  83. I have altered snapsuits by stencilling & using Shiva oil paintstiks… But not dye! I’d love to try it! Thanks for your crafty abundance & a chance to win.

  84. Cathy, been a fan of yours & your show for a long time. Love dyeing clothes & right now I am making baby “things” because my best friend’s daughter is having her first child! Great ideas from your photos! Look forward to your book.

  85. So adorable! Haven’t dyed anything in forever but you are making it look so easy. thanks!!

  86. I’ve never dyed anything, but always loved the tie dyed looked. It looks easy enough for me to do.