Make it: Valentine Favor Box

Valentine Favor Box

Mod Podge matte
Folkart paint 413 pink
Folkart Extreme Glitter hologram
Clear heart shaped favor box
Foam paintbrush
Hot glue
Decorative paper
Wood heart
Ribbon or trim
Silk flower


1. Trace the lid of the box onto the decorative paper. Apply a layer of Mod Podge on the inside of the box lid and on the top of the paper. Place the paper inside the lid (print side should show through the lid) Press with your finger until smooth. Apply more Mod Podge is necessary.

2. Paint the wood heart pink. Topcoat with 3 coats of extreme glitter. Allow to dry.

3. Using hot glue, add trim around the box, the heart to the top of the box and a silk flower and rhinestone to the heart.