Week 5 – 101 Snappy Fashions Giveaway

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Week 6 contest just got started!


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available for pre-order – available April 2010

I am just a few weeks away from 101 Snappy Fashions release and to celebrate I am giving away a goodie pack each week until the release of the book. The goodies will be themed by chapter and will include a signed advanced copy of the book, a grand prize and a few fun extras! Keep coming back each week and enter to win another set of goodies. Follow my blog, my facebook or my twitter to stay in touch! πŸ™‚

I have 5 weeks of Giveaways after this week!
Check back every Tuesday for the next giveaway

Week 5 – Chapter 5 – Ribbons & Trims

Have a peek at a few scans from the book featuring some of my favorite designs from Chapter 5. This chapter focuses on adding ribbons and trims and features 10 different techniques and 14 different designs.

# 43 Darling & # Cirque du Bow

#44 Jr. Prom

#46 Beachy


Week 5 Loot!

Tons of goodies!!! Paints, Rit fabric dye, iron-ons, scissors and other supplies to get you started altering baby snapsuits.

A signed advanced copy of 101 Snappy Fashions

3 bottles of Rit Dye & a baby snapsuit

2 pairs of scissors from Simplicity and a baby snapsuit

Baby Snapsuit, Fabric Paint, Mod Podge, Foam Stamp

4 fun and festive Iron-ons

Crafter’s Pick – Batik-EZ


The business stuff….

All items are provided by me (Cathie Filian) and are in accordance with the Blogher Rules.

To enter: Simply leave a comment to THIS specific post by telling me if you have ever altered a baby snapsuit or if you have babies on the way! πŸ™‚

Your comment MUST link to your particular blog or web site or include your e-mail address. Otherwise, I won’t be able to get in touch with you if you win! Any entries that do not include
some way of getting in touch will be disqualified.

Deadline: Comments must be received by midnight EST March 30 st, 2010.
Odds of winning will depend on the number of eligible entries received.

Other rules:
1. You must have a mailing address in the United States of America (sorry
international folks!).
2. Only one entry comment per person.

How it works: Each comment will be assigned a sequential number. The winning
number will be selected from a random number generator, so there will be no
favorites, simply a game of chance.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I want to win!!!!!! Can’t wait for your book. I am a huge fan of yours. Just ordered it.

    Jamie (JAlberts (at) yahoo (dot) com

  2. Your book looks terrific. I have a 15 month old and a new baby due in August.

    I’ve altered 2 onsies, using the same very simple technique. The onsies were dyed green and letters were ironed on. See links below.




  3. Cathie- this is a GREAT book- I got a copy at CHA and have been pouring over it, soaking up all the cuteness! I made some snapsuits for my girlfriend, using freezer paper templates and Shiva Paintstiks (oil paint in stick form), which also works well! Thanks for the great crafts & inspriation you provide!

  4. Love your new book! My sister and I both have baby girls 6 months apart and were just talking this weekend about having a craft day to make the girls some fun onsies. So I haven’t altered any yet but I do have plans to!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hello, I have altered several onsies though out the years using fabric paint and just free handing for gifts. some were durring a babyshower as an activity and others were just gifted and enjoyed. i also used iron-ons to tell everyone that we were expecting another baby by writing “big sister” on a onsie for our 1 1/2 year old to wear. it was great and a big double take to those who read it.
    thank you,
    Kimberly email onetweetygirl71@hotmail.com

  6. I haven’t had any children of my own, but I have lots of friends and I love to alter and embellish.

  7. I haven’t altered anything nor do I have any wonderful babies. My sister had a baby last year, so this would be something fun we could do. (Plus I’d love to surprise her with it) πŸ™‚ Thanks for the great ideas and the chance to win!
    dolliescreations at gmail dot com

  8. I love your blog Cathie! I have the Creative Juice book and love the show. I have gotten so many great ideas from you guys throughout the years.

    I have altered onesies before for baby shower gifts. I simply make a pattern out of fabric, cut it out, iron it on with fusible interfacing, then zig-zag stitch around it. The cutest part is when you put a design not only on the front, but on the bottom so when they crawl around, you can see your design. πŸ™‚


  9. Oh My Gosh!! That “jr. Prom” one is hilariously cute!!!

    I haven’t done a snapsuit in a while. The last one I did was iron-ons for a friend’s baby, they loved it!

    Stiff like thus is so much more appreciated by the parents, too!

    Thanks for the chance to win your book!! I’m a big fan of You & your multi-talents (or maybe you have “creative a.d.d.” like me!

  10. sooo excited for your book to come out… your teasing is driving me crazy.. heehehe.. i have altered before, and it’s addicting..

  11. I have never altered a onesie before. I wish I would have thought of this when my boys were little… but now that I’m addicted to my new sewing machine I am definitely gonna try this for my new nieces or nephews (both my sister-in-laws are pregnant!) :-0 I’m soooooo excited I REALLY want to learn this!!!

  12. I have a baby nephew on the way- we’re all excited, especially the grandma-to-be who has been buying little boy clothes for him. That whale onesie is just too cute and I might have to try it! πŸ™‚

  13. yes, I made some for my niece with iron ons – they were fun!

  14. Can’t wait for your book to come out! I embroidered birds all over the shoulder area of a bunch of snap suits and then wrote “babies first tattoo” under that…hehe..


  15. Jr. Prom is beyond cute! Back in the day I used to do cross-stitch on bibs and snappies… You’ve taken it to a whole new level!

  16. I definitely have “babies on the brain”. With 3 babies coming (my two BFFs & my sis in law) in the next three months, I am loving the inspiration to alter onesies. I love to do that for gifts or for my own kids. Thank you for the chance to win.

  17. I just recently used some extra blue fabric I had lying around and Heat Bond and cut the fabric into the shape of a tie. I ironed it on the front of a onesie and zig-zag stitched around the edge, just for looks! It came out wonderfully, and just in time for my brother-in-law’s initial sermon he preached last Sunday!

  18. I’m expecting a baby boy late May. I’ve never altered a baby outfit, but I’m so tempted since there so much creativity out there and with easy to follow instructions.

  19. I love your book. I am a grandma and make gifts for my friends who are going to be grandmas. Never done a onesie….looking forward to it.

    robindemaree (at) yahoo (dot) com

  20. Expecting one little baby at the end of June, and a friend’s having hers in April. This prize would be perfect for fixing up some cute outfits for our nearly born kids. : )

  21. I’ve altered toddler T’s & sweatshirts with ribbons. I’ve also painted them, ironed things on, “bedazzled” them. I’ve tie dyed. I can’t wait to get your book because I have friends who are expecting and I would love to alter some onsies for them! I love your ideas and products! I can’t wait for your hot glue tools and for you new glitters!

  22. My niece and a number of friends at work are soon due with girls. I would love to win this and alter some onesies for them! What a great giveaway!
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    cnmayberry at gmail dot com

  23. Another amazing prize package. You are too sweet! I haven’t done anything with these little snapsuits, at least I haven’t yet. I did just find out that I will be a great-aunt again. This will be #7 “great” Babies are such fun!

  24. Gotta love free stuff πŸ™‚

    Love the show!

  25. I picked up your book last night, and it’s fabulous! I altered two baby snapsuits last week as a baby shower gift, adding applique to the front and ruffles to the rear.

  26. I have a 4 month old and the weather is definitely warm enough for onesies. I’ve never decorated or altered one. Your book is inspiring me! I’d love to try dyeing some onesies for the boy. kimstoys at gmail dot com

  27. Vanna Owens says:

    I love altering little snapsuits. I have made a few for friends (as I do not have children yet). I really like sewing basic shapes on them with a zig-zag stitch around the edge. Your book looks super cute!

  28. I have one granddaughter and a grandson on the way. Your book seems to offer a lot of fun projects for new grammys like me! I would love to win! clmakin5171@gmail.com

  29. I love the Jr. Prom design! I might have to borrow that idea for the next baby shower I attend. Altered onsies are such a great gift and they’re fun to make. πŸ™‚
    vikkis77 at gmail dot com

  30. Love to win your book. I just had a baby girl and love sewing her new stuff!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Oh my what a great giveaway. Right now in my life it seems that I am surrounded by babies or that babies are coming out of the woodwork. Yes I have altered onies before when I was teaching, my aide was preggie and my students (all boys 15 year-olds to boot) made a baby quilt, a moblie, and onies one in which had a tutu…it is a girl. Nothing like watching teenage boys aound a sewing machine.

  32. Future grandchild would be the best dressed kid in the State!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Pick meeeeeee, pleeeeeeeeease.

  33. Love the ribboonss!!!!

  34. no babies here! it’s amazing how adding a few embellishments can dress up a onsie. i have only embellished one onsie. it was for my granddaughter (who turned 19 yesterday). i used a fabric paint to make the word “angel”. at least, i THINK that is what it said. it was 19 years ago!!!! rush8888 at att dot net

  35. I have altered some onsies. I added birds with fabric paint to one and have added ruffles to others. http://yadiwyatt.blogspot.com/

  36. Pennymac says:

    Have two Grandchildren already, eagerly waiting for more and the opportunity to “Cutify” the snap suits!

  37. I’ve rubberstamped with permanent ink pads and markers.
    They are a great baby shower gift!


  38. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t tried anything with ribbons yet. I have a hard time making a bow that looks right.
    Cheryl – wdmmlc@aol.com

  39. I have not altered a snap suit but wish… thanks

  40. Anonymous says:

    looks fun, only have done iron ons before.


  41. Love your giveaway!! I have embroidery on a snappy.

  42. Got a cricut expressions for Christmas and that is one thing I wanted to do was cut fabric with it and alter onsies and t-shirts for my kids.


  43. i have never altered a onsie but two of my co-workers have just had babies and i am on the lookout for some unique gifts…these projects are just perfect…

  44. I’ve done fabric paint on onsies. For my cousin’s son, I stenciled “I Can’t Wait Till I’m” and below was a stenciled picture of Black Jack (also referred to as 21). I also made one for a friend’s son that said “Perfect Little Man”.

    tasha.odonnell @ gmail.com

  45. New to yur site and loving the book….would love to win! I have altered onesies. I just made my daughter one and plan on several more because I had a great time doing so!


  46. I have never made anything but I would love to. I have lots of friends that are pregnant and plan to start trying within the next year so I would love to start practicing now!! Pick Me!!!


  47. ooh!! What a fun book and all that loot! I hope I win! Thanks for doing the giveaway!!

  48. Anonymous says:

    I have actually altered onesies and a few other childrens clothes.. some of the onesies are on my “blog”…

    i am currently a crafty mommy to a 3 yr old and currently have a baby boy due in a bout 3-4 weeks..(due date is April 23)

    i love crafting and i just found out about the book and and actually VERY interested to find your book and check it out!!!

    email: cassandra.ousley@yahoo.com

  49. i have never really altered a onesie (aside from fabric painting and tie dye). it would be great to win and learn other techniques.

    email: magpiemama@gmail.com


  50. SUPER PRIZE! I just altered a onsie for my 8 month old and a tshirt for my 1 1/2 year old for them to wear on easter.. its kind of like your “junior prom” one… I put a bowtie, dress shirt ruffles, and buttons on the little one, and a regular tie applique and dress shirt ruffles on the bigger one. I used red bandana fabric (because I had some scraps to use up) so I call them the “redneck dress shirts”
    email: chasingrays@hotmail.com

  51. I think my 7-month-old would love a personal unique snapsuit! And I would love making one for her with the things you show, I think your book looks really great (saw it on DanaΒ΄s blog Dana-Made-it).
    And I think IΒ΄m gonna post something on the internet forum IΒ΄m a member of, all moms who love making things themselves. Turning Β΄oldΒ΄ things into new ones is also very good for the environment, so perfect in all possible ways.

    dekkeresther (at) gmail (dot) com

  52. I have not ever altered a onesie, but would love to! We have 2 little boys and are adopting a little girl, hopefully to be here by the end of the year. Thanks!


  53. The book looks really wonderful. I’ve made a few onesies with appliqued neckties and flowers and I would love some more ideas.

  54. I have made a onesie with an applique tie on it, but that’s it. Was just about to do a couple with freezer paper stencils. Love the thought of a book full of ideas.

    j.bkicklighter(at) sbcglobal (dot) net

  55. this book looks like so much fun! no babies yet, but it seems like i’m always altering onesies for shower gifts…most often by freezer paper stenciling, but these are some great new ideas!

  56. Wow! What an awesome book! I saw you featured on MADE and I’ve fallen in love with your snapsuits. I’ve done a few applique snapsuits (ties, planes, guitars). Thanks!

  57. Amazing book. I can’t wait until it comes out to order. With a baby boy I have embellished many onesies but I need some new creative ideas.

  58. I haven’t taken the plunge to alter a snapsuit… yet! I’d love to know some good tips for dying them as the colours I can buy never go with handmade clothes. I’m really interested to see inside your book!

  59. Stephanie says:

    I’d love to see all of your suggestions. I threw a shower for a friend of mine about 5 years ago and set up a table to decorate a onesie for the baby. I sat out some fabric paints and various stencils for those like me without painting skills! Everyone loved it and it kept the kids occupied. Thanks for the contest.

    stephaniewildman (at) hotmail (dot) com

  60. oh yay!
    i just had a baby (well, not JUST, he was 3 months on the 18th)

    i’ve embroidered onesies before, but that’s about it, i’d love more ideas for embellishments, we got a TON of plain onesies for the shower.

    (alien_sunset AT yahoo DOT com)

  61. I’ve been given some pretty cute altered snapsuits and I’ve been planning on creating some for my soon-to-be-born niece. What a great book!

    tiffj.brady (at) yahoo (dot) com

  62. What a terrific book! With all the babies coming in our family we’ll need to start now!

  63. What a fantastic book! And it seems that I, apparently, need your help, as I have attempted (unsuccessfully) to alter a onesie with embroidery but failed miserably. I have a 4 month old daughter, oodles of friends with babies under 6 months that I would love to help outfit in style, and lots of creative juices flowing. Help, Cathie, help! πŸ™‚


  64. What cute ideas! I’d love to win this to make snapsuits as gifts and for my 5 month old.

  65. Your book looks great! I have twin 7 month old girls and I would love to jazz up some outfits! shannon_burt@yahho.com

  66. I love all your ideas here. I have not altered a snap suit, but would love to use your ideas for baby gifts. I have altered many t-shirts and burp cloths, mainly using an appliquΓ© technique. Thanks for offering a great give-away.

  67. Anonymous says:

    This is so cool! I have twins on the way, one of each variety, and have only done some stenciling on their snapsuits.

  68. So far I’ve done some hand embroidery and simple appliquΓ© on a onesie. It was great fun but I’d love to try some new techiques!

  69. Hi! I came over from MADE. This is such a cool idea! I have a baby due in June and two cousins with brand new babies, so I have lots of babies to embellish! Thanks for the chance to win.

  70. Anonymous says:

    This book looks awesome! I just recently tried dying snapsuits but I haven’t ever sewn on applique or anything like that. But I really want to. I have a 21 month old daughter and hope to have more in the future. Crafting for kids is so simple and fun.


  71. I have transformed a few snapsuits in the past – but yours are too cute! Arrived here at your site via MADE.

  72. This looks fantastic. i sure hope I win I’m expecting my little one in May and have a bunch of onsies that I want to dress up.

  73. I have perked up some “onesies” in the past but would love to transform snapsuits with the help of this book!

    hawkeyejlp (at) hotmail.com

  74. Anonymous says:

    I love altering snappy for my niece! eaweiss@gmail.com

  75. I am a HUGE fan! Expecting baby # 2 in the fall. Would love to get started on cute outfits!

  76. How adorable are these and I just added your book to my “book wish list”! πŸ˜‰ I have a boy who is 9 months old and would love to make some of these for this summer! I also have embellished a few “snapsuits” with fabric (basically just sew a square on, but I’d like to try something else) and I ABSOLUTELY love the party idea in the book. I’m a pastor’s wife and we will throw lots of baby showers in our church.

  77. I love these ideas! I’m heading to a baby shower in a few weeks, and I would love to bring something special along. Thanks for the give-away!
    Mel H. (melissa at ranchero dot com)

  78. What a great giveaway! I’ve appliqued a guitar onto a onesie for my son. So cute and so fun!

  79. I recently embellished a few snapsuits for a friend’s baby shower. The baby’s name is Harlow, so I enlarged an “h” in a font I like and cut it out of pink polka dot fabric. I ironed it on an went over it with the sewing machine. Then I did the same thing with a cute little elephant!

  80. I took a photo of my best friend’s dog and cut out the outline of the dog in fun fabric, and then appliqued it to a snapsuit for her baby shower. She loved it! You can see it here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/39107044@N08/4473329336/


  81. I have a 2 week old baby and two toddlers. I also love to embellish snapsuits but need some new ideas. Would love to win. lesliewilliams@hotmail.com

  82. I have my first due in July. Would love to be able to snaz up some onesies.

  83. love your ideas…i think even an amateur like me could pull some of these off!

  84. I have a 3 month old baby boy! I would love love love this! I hope I win. Thank you for the opportunity!


  85. Our 4th grandchild is due in Oct. I have so much fun sewing for them all. I wish I had had this book when my own were little.

  86. My husband is in med school and every nine months there are 10 babies being born here! I am always looking for cute ideas for gifts, this would be awesome!


  87. Just found out #6 grandchild is a girl. Would love this book!!!

  88. Oh. my. this book would be an answer to my creative prayers. I have two children. A three year old boy and a sixteen month old girl and my husband and I are about to make a third one happen, so this would be a great book for me to jump into.


  89. wow! what a great giveaway. I would so love to win.
    when my first was born my husband and I took american apparel onesies and screen printed designs on them. they turned out great. this book would be great to have as I am always trying to come up with unique gift ideas.

  90. I’ve never altered a snapsuit and don’t have a baby on the way (but do have 6 children!). These ideas can be used on clothing for people other than babies, though,so I’d love to win!


  91. this book looks like so much fun!!
    i love altering onsies, and have a 9 month old little gal. all of my friends are expecting, but i’m pretty sure i’m not;o)
    really hope to win!


  92. This book looks so cute! I did make a onesie for a friend with a tie (used an old silk tie of my husband’s, laundered and cut apart), then made a matching t-shirt for his older brother. They were adorable! Can’t wait to see some new ideas.

    heathertyfeatherty at gmail dot com

  93. Oh my gosh how fun and adorable! I’m pregnant…finding out TODAY what we’re having! If it’s a boy I will for sure be altering some snapsuits…I don’t really like most of the boy clothes out there so I figured I’d make me own (kinda!)


  94. Love this! I’ve only ever turned a snapsuit into a shirt for my daughter. I have a new little niece or nephew on the way that I’m itching to craft for!


  95. Christine says:

    I just altered snapsuits for 3 of my family/friends who are pregnant or just had the baby – what fun. I have 3 little ones of my own as well and want to do some for them. What a great book. Can’t wait to get it!


  96. What an awesome giveway. The only thing I have done so far with a snapsuit is freezer painting. Hope I win!!

  97. I love embellishing snapsuits. My favorite so far is ruffles on the bum. Too cute!


  98. just found out about your book-looks great! I’ve appliqued initials on onsies for shower gifts.

  99. I have never altered a baby snapsuit, or onesie, but I would love to start because I have a darling baby boy!


  100. I have altered some snapsuits with freezer paper stencils and appliques. I have lots of baby showers coming up and I am planning on doing some ruffle butt ones. Can’t wait to see what other ideas are in the book!


  101. Wow! I totally NEED this book. I’ve never altered a snapsuit but I have at least seven baby showers coming up in the next four months (plus my own). Yeah, could definitely use it for some unique ideas. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the giveaway!


  102. ive done a lot of stenciling on baby snapsuits but would love to broaden my decorating skills. rlynnbaker@gmail.com

  103. What a great book! We had the kids make baby snapsuits for their sibling one time and it was a lot of fun!

  104. have never altered one of these, but would love to try! we have a baby on the way (and two already!) nystraldjo at hotmail dot com – http://blog.hestermania.com

  105. I’ve altered a few snapsuits in my day with fabric, but hadn’t thought of all these fun ideas! Looks great! GOOD WORK!
    thanks for the give away. this is me, crossing my fingers…

  106. All my friends are starting to have babies so I would love to win this giveaway to start making fun onesies for them!


  107. I haven’t made a snappy refashion, but am dying to try as gifts for my friends with new babies on the way! The idea of a snappy shower is also awesome!!!

  108. please please please!! i love this!

  109. I’ve done a few onesie refashions… and would love some ideas to do more! :o) I have a little one-year-old (I can’t believe it! Already!!) girl.

    Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  110. Oh what a great giveaway!! I really want this πŸ™‚
    I’m currently refashing tons of onesie and t-shirts, and I’m pregnant with my second child (unknown sex until august!) and my little girl is almost 2 yr old already πŸ™‚
    I’d take good use of those goodies!


  111. I’ve used fabric dye on some onesies for my 5 month old recently…this looks like a fun book filled with great ideas!

  112. I’ve altered a few onesies, but not to this awesome extent. Thanks for the giveaway. Heather

  113. What a great giveaway! I don’t think I’ve ever refashioned a onesie before, but I’d love to!

  114. I have made baby boy tie onesies before, but never anything as pretty and fancy as yours!

  115. I’d love to win any of those! I’ve altered some for friends before, but I haven’t gotten around to doing any for my own kids! With a 6 month old at home, I really should do some more!

  116. What a neat book! I have never refashioned a onesie before, but after having a little girl (after two boys) I would love to try it. It would be fun to turn icky white onesies into PINK ones! bll1707@yahoo.com

  117. Since having my son in November I have altered at least 30 onesies. I don’t like the plain ones so I dye them and then decorate with embroidery or iron-ons. I would love to try some of the techniques in your book!

  118. I’m starting a project adding a tutu to a onesie right now, but I love the designed ones that I’ve seen in previews of your book! It seems like everyone I know is having a baby, and these would make GREAT gifts, but my little girl will also be jazzed up!

  119. I would love to win. I tried to find the perfect onesie for my nephew, but didn’t like any of the ones I found or was shocked at how expensive they were. I cannot wait to just make my own!


  120. i LOVE this book already! i would love to win πŸ™‚ i have altered quite a few onesies/t-shirts for my own boys and for baby shower gifts – with felt, iron-ons, and embroidery floss. can’t wait to see all your fun ideas!

    jessicamcollier (at) gmail (dot) com

  121. Wow! This looks like fun! I have altered snapsuits by adding fabric with machine appliquΓ© to turn a boy themed item into a girly one. I have also taken one of those ad added a skirt based on a tutorial I found online.

  122. I have made some ‘tie’ snapsuits recently for friends who had boys – I am due with my 2nd at the end of May and can’t wait to make him/her some cute stuff – your book looks amazing!!

    cviel21 at aol.com

  123. Just found you through MADE! What a wonderful book! I have altered a onesie at a baby shower recently & no baby on the way right now, but I know that I’m not finished having babies. πŸ™‚

  124. I love to give appliqued onesies and matching burp cloths as baby shower gifts. Congrats on the book and thanks for the opportunity to win!

  125. I’ve only done t-shirt transfer iron ons, but have been looking for an excuse to try some other methods of jazzing up snapsuits – I wouldn’t mind winning!


  126. I have an 8 month old boy and am always looking for cute boy ideas. I have a daughter that I am always sewing for! Love the book!

  127. Sounds fun! I have never altered a snapsuit, but I do have a little baby!


  128. Saw your blog through MADE! I have a 1 year old son and many friends with little ones on the way. I have stamped on a onesie for people to sign at my friend’s baby shower. Really excited about this giveaway!

  129. I haven’t ever altered a snapsuit, and I don’t have babies, but I swear there are babies popping out everywhere around me!


  130. This is awesome! I would love this book to learn all these cool techniques and to make shower gifts!

  131. I have lots of friends having babies…unfortunately, I have to wait a few years till my husband is out of dental school…but I’d LOVE this book!

  132. cute!! I have experimented a little, using techniques from the blog MADE. I complicated it a little, though, and used two colors to create freezer paper stenciled onesies. They turned out so well, I got hooked!

    brandonandelise.blogspot.com or elisemiller5@gmail.com

  133. Your book looks amazing! I am currently pregnant with my third little one and this time I’ve challenged myself not to buy anything, only to make things for the baby. In the past I’ve only done applique on onesies, but I am looking forward to trying out much more. πŸ™‚ Thanks! Heidi

    heidicrawford at gmail dot com

  134. I would love to have this book. I altered most of the onesies my little one wore, and now I am making them for friends. My favorite ones to see on a little boy are ties on a white onesie. Just doesn’t get much cuter!

  135. Oooo I would love to win. I have done freezer paper stenciling, fabric dying and ruffle butts on my little ones “snap shirts”. So please pick me … I need more ideas and more craft stuff that I will have no where to put in my already PACKED craft area.


  136. I have only done one onesie before with a car on it as a baby gift. It turned out cute! Love this book! I am expecting a sweet baby boy in June. #4! I’m loving all the cute things to make for boys these days!



  137. What a fun book! I have dyed and added iron-ons to onesies/snapsuits before. I have 2 little girls and a little guy due in a month!


  138. I am wanting soooo badly to win. I need to learn these fun ways to alter a oneies. I have a little 6 mo old and would go crazy this summer giving him lots of snapsuits to wear!


  139. The hubby and I just decided to start trying for our second baby! Hope I win!!!

  140. So cute and what great ideas! I’ve only ever stamped on t-shirt transfer and ironed it on a few snapsuits. Your book has a wealth of ideas!

  141. Anonymous says:

    I can’t *wait* for the book!! My sister in law told me about it and I knew I had to have it. I’m a pretty crafty/artsy person but haven’t had much time for that since my little girl came along 8 months ago. I figure this is a great way to do something for her AND me!

    Leah (lhnswan@gmail.com)

  142. Your book looks amazing. I love appliquing onsies. I’m a college student so I babysit often for extra money. I love making outfits for the sweet babies I watch. This book would be great inspiration.

  143. I am in love with your book already…I can’t wait to be able to purchase it, that is unless I win. I have never altered a snapsuit or made any baby clothes for that matter. I have a 9 month old and cannot wait to try out all your techniques for new summer clothing for my little guy! my email: allison.fanger@yahoo.com

  144. I have a niece, a nephew, and another little one on the way but don’t have any children yet. I love making crafts for them.

  145. I love changing things, especially clothes making it your own creation. I have done a few things with onesies, using a potato stamp i made gifts for my sons baby friends. Recently i did some fabric applicate for my daughter to match her skirts. I love getting new ideas, this book would be so fun.


  146. Awesome! I’ve done a bunch of snapshirts altering — it’s a fun thing to do at a shower and provides unique clothes for the baby! I would get supplies together (fabric markers, washed snapshirts in different sizes — light colors only, and a bunch of ideas — ed emberly books are great, cardboard rectangles to go in the shirts so they don’t bleed to the back, drying rack or clothesline and clothespins). It was really fun to see what people would create in a short amount of time! One of the hosts would take the shirts home and iron them so that the paint would be permanent.

    At home I’ve used ink-jet iron ons to alter shirts. I also have a snapshirt with a skirt sewn on as a cute dress for my daughter.

  147. Anonymous says:

    I have a one year old and lots of friends with babies on the way! This book looks like a ton of fun!

    irishrose16 at hotmail dot com

  148. Anonymous says:

    I have an infant daughter and I am always looking for ways to turn her boring onsies into cuteness! This book is for me!



  149. Oh lovely! I have a two year old and a one year old. I have lots of pregnant friends, too!

  150. I made some faux-tie onesies for my son and continue to do them in t-shirt size. And I have lots of pregnant friends so I need this book!!!

    Crafting by Candlelight

  151. I have altered a onesie with a red elephant freezer paper stencil and also one with a running stitch vertically up and down. Baby #2 is due in 17 days so this book looks perfect!!!

  152. I haven’t altered a onesie yet but would love to! I have a 6 month old daughter (and 2 year old twin boys) and would love to make them all shirts! Great giveaway!

  153. I am a huge fan of applique onesies. I recently started dying them using Rit. I am not expecting, but I have several close friend who are and I sale onesies on etsy:) http://www.therapeuticcrafting.blogspot.com

  154. so cute! I have altered onesies before, but VERY simply. I just use fabric to make an iron-on of the baby’s initial. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  155. What an inspiring book!

    I’ve done many things with onesies– tied-dyed them, used fabric paint to put sayings, used eyelet to dress a couple up. I also am thinking of working on extra onesies for children in shelters (because every child deserves something special, no matter what the circumstances might be, you know?)

    I’m also due in June, so I foresee lots of wee shirts in my future! Whee!

    Thank you for the opportunity!


  156. Absolutely adorable! I have never altered a snapsuit, but so wish I had this book when my twins were little. The ideas would still be fabulous for their size now. Plus, I’m just now starting to get into my creative flow!! I’m a beginner who needs all of the help I can get! Thank you for the chance to win πŸ™‚


  157. I LOVE this! I have to have it!!!

  158. I have embroidered snapsuits for my girls, but that is about as far as it went. I am so excited to have more ideas to use! Thanks!

    Mrsfamous [at] yahoo [dot] com

  159. What a fun craft. I love that you created a whole book on something I have always wanted to do. I have never altered a snapsuit but would love a step by step guide. I have one little one and expect more in the future.

  160. Love the ribbon embellishments! I’ve jazzed up onesies at a baby shower with stencils and fabric paint and also have plans to spiff up a few for my new little guy, he’s not quite 5 months! Thanks for the great give away and congrats on your new book!

  161. Oh my goodness, this book looks wonderful! I’d love to win!
    allie (dot) brandt @gmail.com

  162. i can’t wait to see this book. When I was in high school (a few years ago) I painted pictures on onesies for my niece. I haven’t done anything since then. I have been trying to pick an easy project to get started again for my little guy. Thanks!

  163. I like dying onesies for my little girl… I also cut them up to make her dresses, and have cut up some of my toddler boy’s old onesies to make him training pants….

  164. OMG!!!! I wanna win this soo badly. Unfortunately no more babies for me, but I still want to have fun with everyones elses! My sister is expecting… and she is going to be a very young mommy…so I want to help her enjoy every moment of it, any way i can! Thank you for this opportunity.
    Nikki πŸ™‚

  165. You have such great ideas! I freezer paper stenciled a snapsuit for my son to announce that he is going to be a big brother. Baby is due this fall!

    melaniemcmullin (at) gmail (dot) com

  166. I haven’t tried spiffying up baby clothes yet, but I’m due with my first baby in a week and half so I will have lots of opportunity!

  167. This book looks awesome! Just got married last summer, so there will be babies in my future! πŸ™‚ And of course for my friends and family with babies…Thanks!

  168. Oh my goodness, your new book looks wonderful, and all the supplies are so yummy! My only experience with snap suits was a tie dye project. I would love to try some of your ideas. Thanks for the giveaway, hope to win πŸ™‚


  169. Oh, I am so excited about this book. I threw a baby shower for my best friend last summer where we tie-dyed snap suits and now she’s throwing one for me in a few months. We wanted to do more snap suit decorating so this is perfect!

    Thanks for the giveaway and I’ll be sure to check out your book.
    calee streza at hotmail dot com

  170. I haven’t ever altered a snapsuit. I never even thought about just picking up some and making them more fun! I have nearly half a dozen pregnant friends due before June. This would be perfect!

    Jbaileycassin (at) gmail (dot) com

  171. I love this idea and am excited for this book! My “babies” are 18-months-old and 4 but I have a new niece or nephew on the way so I’m excited to give these techniques a try!

  172. I just came over from MADE. The book looks great! I just dyed and embellished some onesies for a friend’s baby and learned a lot in the process!

    vduersch [at] gmail [dot] com

  173. Before our daughter was born, we used inkjet transfer paper to spruce up some tiny one-pieces for our daughter. They came out pretty cool, and we got lots of compliments.

    tragicallyordinary (at) gmail dot com

  174. I dream of being one crafty Mama…this book should help! I can’t wait to make a snapsuit for my little guy and all my friends’ babies too. C’mon snake eyes! I hope I win!

    joellenedmunds (at) gmail.com

  175. Wow! Just what I need! I alter onesies as gifts and for my kiddo all the time but need more awesome ideas. My go-to is the reverse-applique. Your book looks fabulous! I can’t wait to get my craftin’ hands on it!


  176. I just tried dying some snapsuits this weekend, to add to my freezer paper stencils that I’ve been working on for friends. Can’t wait to see your ideas!

  177. I have just recently embellished a snapsuit for my daughter and can’t wait to do more! cheyennealexander at hotmail dot com

  178. Your book looks amazing!!! I love to dye onesies and use the freezer paper stencil technique.I would love to win this book, thanks!


  179. i have never fancied up a onsie but would love to start. no baby on the way but we are working on it ;). would love to win this!



  180. I agree with you, onesies (snapsuits!) are such a fun/easy project for parents.

    I have made a few using EZ Batik (it’s a resist in a squeeze bottle) and then dying it. Also I’ve done a few applique snapsuits. I have a little boy so I’ve done guitars, cars and owls. The handmade onesies always attract alot of attention. I hope your book is a huge success!


  181. This book looks A-MAZ-ING! I’ve never altered a onesie myself, but I have a friend who is due in June and she LOVES making darling things like this! It would be so great for her baby shower!!


  182. I don’t have any babies on the way, but hoping to have another in the next year or two. I have altered snapsuits by cutting them in two around the belly and adding gathered tulle for an adorable snapsuit tutu. Adorable!

  183. This comment has been removed by the author.

  184. I just made a onesie for my little one that said “I heart Gigi” out of felt for Great Grandma’s 85th bday party. I love your “you are here” idea! Can’t wait to see you book in person!!

  185. I would love to win this book and make some cute stuff! I have some family and a few friends who are pregnant and they would make great baby gifts!
    Contact me at:
    janna bissett (at) yahoo dot com

  186. I am so happy to find your blog. I loved watching your show when we had satellite tv (antenna now….boo).

    Just this Christmas, I applied a rocket ship to a onsie for my little nephew. I regret not taking pictures of it!

  187. I have two granddaughters, my youngest is only 4 months old. I like to embroider on little snapsuits!


  188. I am in love! Win or not, I will buy this book for new ideas beyond applique to keep changing up my baby’s clothes. eallred{@}gmail{dot}com

  189. your book looks great! thanks for the chance to win! I have a 17 month old son, and a new baby on the way in November. I have altered snapsuits for my boy using iron-on decorations. steve88xjsgirl at gmail dot com

  190. I haven’t altered any snapsuits yet but want to since my baby has outgrown almost all of the clothes we got as gifts. Such a smart idea! emmillee(at)gmail(dot)com

  191. Anonymous says:

    You new book looks great. I like to cross-stitch small characters on onsies but would love some new ideas…these all look so fun. It is a great idea. Marlene at yrungaray@charter.net

  192. This looks like fun! I have a 5 week old baby and he is long, so I have taken to turning his onesies into shirts to extend their life. I have 5 in the next size up that need some embellishment though!

    crackerjackprinter @ yahoo.com

  193. I am so excited for this book to come out! I have a 19 month old daughter, and I am constantly going to baby showers for friends. For my daughter’s first birthday I altered a oneside with a cute circle and a number one. It turned out quite cute if I say so myself. πŸ™‚


  194. I love embellishing onesies-they always turn out so cute and the ideas in your book look fantastic! I most recently made a Minnie Mouse onesie for my daughter when we went to Disneyland-so much cheaper and cuter than the shirts you can buy in the park!!

  195. I can’t wait to check out this book! I’ve done some applique work on snapsuits and have tried my hand at freezer paper stenciling as well. With two girls and one more on the way in August, we go through LOTS of snapsuits!


  196. I’m so excited to hear about your book from MADE. I have a friend who always makes the cutest clothes for her son and now I would love to try my hand at some as well with a new baby in my life πŸ™‚ Winning this giveaway would certainly jump-start that process! Thanks!

  197. Can’t wait to check out the book! I’m forever altering my older kids clothes, but with baby on the way (approx a month) this book would be right up my alley!
    Melissa sassy-fras@mchsi.com

  198. I’ve got a little one on the way (Sept. 10) and would love to make some unique onsies for the new baby! What great gifts these would make as well. Looking forward to the book!


  199. I recently came across your blog and LOVE it! I have made a birthday onesie before but I am always looking for new ideas. I am expecting my 3rd girl in July and was just thinking I would really like to make some cute onesies different than the ones my other girls have worn. Would love this!

  200. Love love love it! Your site is darling. I wish that I have never altered a baby snapsuit but I love to try new things…and I wish that I had a baby on the way!!

  201. i just found you via the made site and would love your book! i think that the onesies out there are way too boring! i never thought to dye a white onesie! clever!

    thanks so much!


  202. i haven’t altered a onesie before. i don’t have any children yet but it does seem like everyone around me is! i would love to have this and make a jumble of fun onesies as baby shower gifts. thank you for this fantastic giveaway!


  203. I would love to win! I love to dye and have appliqued a few snapsuits but I could definetly use some ideas!

  204. I’ve never altered a onesie but your ideas definitely make me want to!! I’d love to make some for my niece who will arrive this July!


  205. I love altering snapsuits! You are right it is SO fun AND easy!!!

  206. I am really excited about this book and the idea behind it. I go to so many baby showers. In the past 2 months I’ve had 2 sisters and 5 cousins have babies (and that’s not counting my even friends).

    I’d be so thrilled to win.


  207. I’m due the end of May with a girl! And after my 2 boys, I’m thrilled to be able to make cutesy things for her! Can’t wait to check out your book!

  208. I’ve never altered a baby onesie, but I’m curious. And I’ve got a baby coming in 2 months! This book looks awesome!
    lisamary24 @ hotmail . com

  209. Wow, what an awesome giveaway! Actually, an embellished onesie was one of the first sewing projects I ever tackled. I appliqued a little duck onto a onesie, but it was kind of a fail. I was such a newbie I used the wrong needle and the top ended up with holes in it. πŸ˜›


  210. Anonymous says:

    I have a 4 month little angel who would LOVE to have some custom snapies! She is starting to out-grow all the onsies that we were given at her baby shower, so I’m going to start looking around for economical ways to make her cute clothes!

  211. I have never altered clothes before although I would love to. I have a 2 year old and a 1 year old, both girls! Can’t wait to see if I win! ayates@liberty.edu

  212. We are waiting to find out if we are pregnant – and keeping our fingers crossed that we are!!! I am hopeful that I really need this book! If not this month, it will be soon.

  213. Anonymous says:

    I have altered Many onesies and am due with my 4th son in June. Cant wait for some more great ideas:-) Amy

  214. I just found your blog today, and I’m going to go back and do some reading! Thanks for a chance to win!

  215. Yes! Actually I love altering onesies! I just used Made’s fabric dyeing tutorial for some St. Patty’s Day onesies with applique and freezer paper stenciling.

  216. I have a baby #2 (a girl!!) coming this summer and am itching to dye some of my sons old onesies various girl colors… fingers crossed…

  217. I have altered tons of onesies (snapsuits, sorry!) I have appliqued initials, flowers, numbers, etc. I have also ruffled t-shirts (which isn’t a snapsuit, I know, but it could be…same material.) I tried dying, but messed it up. Probably had bad dye. πŸ™‚

    Can’t wait to see the book!


  218. I have not altered a onesie yet. I am looking forward to the crafty adventure ahead. I have two little ones and I love to just put them in onsies.

  219. I have only ever added a skirt to one. i would love to try out some new ideas, though.

  220. WOW Would totally love this! What a great looking book, found this from Dana at Made by Dana! Just Started following!

  221. Wow! This book looks awesome! I have revamped some baby onesies– mainly via iron-ons and tiedye. I’m always looking for a cool new shower gift idea, though.

    My email is stephanie_r_bailey@yahoo.com

    Thanks for the chance at this great loot!

  222. i’ve never altered a snapsuit…but it looks right up my ally!

    kaceykendrickwagner {at} gmail.com

  223. Oh what fun I could have with this stash. I have added a skirt to a onsie for my girls but now I have a little 3 month old boy and want to do some boy things!


  224. I heard about you from MADE. I recently got into refashioning and I am expecting my fourth, a boy, in 6 weeks. We have a lot of girl clothes and hardly any boy clothes. Just seeing what I can about your book has inspired me to try to turn some of the “girl” clothes into boyish ones πŸ™‚ Thanks for that inspiration! I would love to win and get even more ideas πŸ™‚

  225. I would love to win. I just had my last grand child and would love to make her some of these. I just painted some fronts for her and would love to make more of your ideas!


  226. I have a little one on the way (due in September) and I would love to win! In the past I have embroidered a onesie for a gift but haven’t done much since. This would be great to get me started on some great projects before baby #2 gets here.

  227. your ideas are amazing! i will never look at a onesies the same. please, plase can i win! staceyhansen2003@hotmail.com

  228. I’ve made a few embellishments to snapsuits for my 20-month old, but would love to be inspired more by your ideas! ks7604 (at) yahoo (dot) com !

  229. I read about your sweet giveaway over at MADE. I’ve done quite a bit of sewing felt shapes on onesies by hand. I’m especially fascinated by your dying projects. So cool! πŸ™‚

  230. Fun! Found you through MADE and I’m loving these looks. I have done a bit of embellishment on onesies for my son but would love a book full of ideas and tutorials. I think you could probably do them on regular tees also?! Please enter me…

  231. I made my kiddo a 1st birthday onesie, but it’s hard to come up with good ideas. Your book would help!

  232. I have one baby on the way (due the end of May). I LOVE your ideas and would LOVE to win! rosalee.dougal@gmail.com

  233. I love making onesie’s different and fun, they make the best gifts. this is a great kit, and I cant wait to buy your book!

  234. I just had our fifth baby, a little girl after three boys. This would be so fun to craft with to make her some fun clothes. jjjcwebb@hotmail.com

  235. Anonymous says:

    I just found your blog and love all your ideas. I just bought some onsies to make for several people who are having babies soon. I have an 8 month old boy who needs some stylish onsies and this would be perfect to make for him.

  236. What a fun book and a great resource! I am definately going to look for it when it is released. I have not tried making over onsies yet but I have been wanting to for my daughter.


  237. Anonymous says:

    I have added tutu’s and ruffle bums, as well as some embroidery.

  238. I’ve done some butcher paper stencil on onesies. I’ve got two little ones who still wear onesies so I can never have enough inspiration! I would love this packet!!!

  239. pneuwarum says:

    The book looks great! I add fabric designs to onesies all the time for the new nephews and nieces in my life. I think I could use some new ideas and techniques, though!

    pneuwarum (at) gmail (dot) com

  240. This is just what I need to jazz up my little boy’s onesies. I have tried doing appliques on his onesies before, but nothing has turned out that great! I could definitely use the help!


    dianejjarvis at gmail dot com

  241. Heard about you on MADE and am officially in love! I can’t wait to get my hands on your book. I have done a few appliqued onesies and have a 6-month-old little boy who needs some more cute boy outfits. Kati katisieger at gmail dot com

  242. Your book looks amazing! I am expecting my third baby in May and love embellishing onesies, especially since this is my first GIRL! Thank you do much for the opportunity to win your book, and if I do not I will definitely be picking up a copy in April πŸ™‚

  243. I have the cutest tattoo heart onsie project in the works. With my new little guy I’m constantly wanting to add some color to the typical onsie.


  244. Your book looks so fun! I found you through Dana at MADE. I have two little ones and a third on the way, what fun this book would be! Thanks for the give away!

  245. I haven’t altered a snapsuit yet, but I have a few waiting to be altered… this would really help getting them going!

  246. I have been on a little kick of making onesies for friend’s newborns and 1st birthdays and have a stack to make for my 10 month old! Its adorable, fun, and might I say a little addicting. πŸ˜‰ Saw your book over on Made, looks amazing!

  247. What a fun giveaway! I have a four month old that would love to wear some of this stuff, I would love to learn how to make this too!! samyepeterson at gmail dot com

  248. All of my friends are having babies! I have a made a few onesies with ruffle butts! πŸ™‚ I would LOVE To win!!!!

  249. I am due Aug 2nd of this year with #6. I have only altered one onsie and that was when I found out I was pregant with my second child. I wrote on his onsie “I’m going to be a big brother” and then asked his dad to get him dressed. Your ideas look like a lot of fun. Thanks for the chance to win such a great prize. mikechelley@hotmail.com

  250. I will have to get this book! We’re having a baby shower next week with stensils and fabric for everyone to make their own onesies

  251. Thanks to Dana from Made, I found your blog, and your book! I have two girls and LOVE altering snappy suits! I have done a handful of them, but your ideas are all so creative! justsewdarncute.blogspot.com

  252. Love the sneak peaks of your book! I have played around with freezer paper art, but would love to see more of your ideas!!


  253. so exciting! I’ve just started altering kid shirts for my son and finally found some onesies that were my daughter’s size (you can only fine 3t onesies online!- she’s only nearly 2 though…)

  254. I already have 2 little baby girls but have altered their onesies by using freezer paper stencils, and iron ons with funny sayings (like, “Ready to Roll” with a baby carriage).

    Love this giveaway!


  255. I read your interview on MADE and fell in love with the adorable and fun ideas for baby boys! I LOVE the prom tux…just perfect for my little one, and my sister’s brand new tiny man!

  256. I have never altered a snapsuit, but have been intending to for a long time. I’m surrounded by little ones and would love your book. heidi.english(at)gmail(dot)com

  257. I have only recently altered my first onesie and I’m super excited to keep going! Love the ideas! Thanks for the giveaway!

  258. This book looks AWESOME! I love crafting up a cute onesie for my little guy (he is three months today) and friends baby showers.

  259. I’m here through MADE and i think your stuff is great! I love the idea of personalized onesies as shower gifts–my all time favorite baby outfit is just a onesie–I mean, snapsuit!!!

  260. I too just found your blog, and I wished I had known about it earlier! I have sewn appliquΓ©s on onesies to make them less generic and also to hide stains. I keep wanting to dye them to hide the blow-out stains in the back right above the waistband! I have just had a baby and I think I would definitely use the ideas for my 3 and 2 year olds regular shirts! can’t wait until your book comes out!

    shellybelly24 (at) gmail (dot) com

  261. I would love this book. I have baby #2 due this july and I just altered a dollar store onsie by adding ruffles.

  262. The only alterations I’ve ever made is with fabric paint, stenciled some ants using freezer paper. And although I’m not expecting, I know I’m not done at 2, so I would love to win all these goodies!!! Thank you for offering this giveaway!

    missavene (at) gmail (dot) com

  263. Love the adorable snapsuits. I’ve been looking for more fun baby projects to tackle; this looks like just the thing!

  264. I tried to applique on a onesie for my boy, but I didn’t know what I was doing and it kind of was a disaster. He still wore it though, and I kind of treasure it now. cassidydawn(at)gmail(dot)com

  265. Hi! Would love to win. I have added lace and embroidered onsie’s but your book has so many new ideas. I’m hoping to have a third baby next year. so many more onsies to go! Love the book!


  266. my daughter will be 1 (!!!! sniff, sniff) next week. i have been acquiring fabric like a hoarder, but have yet to actually create anything for her yet. i’m ready!!! but i would love the book for ideas and know how, and the goodies to get my butt in gear! can’t wait to read the book!
    rockonwhitesnake at yahoo dot com

  267. Hi there! I have a new baby (4 months) and wouldn’t he look cute in one of those snapsuits!


  268. I love it. My cousin is having a girl and this would be a great idea for her shower…

  269. Kara B, we have a baby on the way and just found out we will be having our 3rd girl, so I will definately be altering some onesies!!!


  270. I have never altered a onesie, but I have always wanted to. I was too scared that I would mess something up. My second baby is due in May and I and I really want to try something this time! mcodde[at]gmail[dot]com.

  271. I tried my hand at a ruffled butt onesie, once. It turned out OK, but I made it for a gift and I wasn’t that impressed with my work to give it as one!! Your book looks great, and so simple to follow!


  272. I have a little girl who has received MANY a bedazzled onesie!
    kheacock AT gmail DOT com

  273. I’m a newbie crafter/sewist. I have altered a onesie by cross-stitching a little duck on it for my soon-to-arrive niece. I would love to win and make even cuter gifts (I also like the practice for when I finally talk my husband into having a baby). This is great!

  274. I love your blog & this book is to die for. I have altered a few onesies, usually adding an applique, but I love those tulips. I am expecting a baby girl In may & would love to try some of these ideas.
    THANKS so much

    laiebennetts at gmail dot com


  275. Anonymous says:

    Love it! I just started stenciling onesie’s with freezer paper. Your book could definitely add to my new addiction!


  276. This is the most awesome project/craft! These onsies totally beat the Carter’s onsies that EVERY one seems to have πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to start creating for my 8 month old girl!


  277. I haven’t altered a snapsuit, but have altered girls shirts. Does that count?


  278. I would love to win. Making baby stuff is my favorite. I love to make onesie dresses.

  279. So Cute. I have a baby and would love to give this a try.


  280. I got into jazzing up onesies after my daughter was born. I was such a novice and haven’t come much further, but now that I’m expecting a boy, I am excited to try out some new techniques!



  281. I just discovered your site–looks like tons of fun! I have decorated a couple onsies and t-shirts for my son and as gifts, with freezer paper stencils, and hope to do lots more!

  282. I have a darling baby on the way and am so intrigued with your creativity! I would love to win.

    Thanks for all you do


  283. I’ve never altered a onesie, but I’ve been thinking about it. I have about 8 baby showers coming and am actively trying to get preggers! Super cute!!

  284. just found this and love love love the upcoming book. i have a new baby and always looking for ways to dress her.

    twrightgirl at hotmail.com

  285. This comment has been removed by the author.

  286. Rebecca Levander says:

    I have a 10 week old and LOVE your ideas!!!
    Rebecca LeVander

  287. Mommy Knits Jen says:

    I just found your blog from MADE and I can’t wait for this book! I am pregnant with my 5th child and lots of our onsies are looking a little tired I think this will be a great way to make them new again!

  288. I LOVE altering onesies/snapsuits! They are my go-to gift for baby showers, and I also sell them in my Etsy shop. I just had a little guy three weeks ago. What a great giveaway!


  289. I have altered some onesies but not even close to as creative as yours. I have a one year old now but I have 2 friends who are expecting and would love to give them some homemade cuties!!

    Thanks for the ideas…

  290. The giveaway is great but I can’t wait for this book. I just bought 40 long sleeved onsies from a gal that is “going out of business” and it looks like this book is just what I need to have the best dressed grandchildren around!!

  291. The last onesie I modified was for my youngest’s first birthday. He got a big fabric 1 appliqued to his onesie…lest anyone forget whose birthday it was =) I am so excited about your book!

  292. pick me pick me!!


  293. I haven’t ever done a onesie and I don’t have any babies coming-my sister in law does and I would love to do some for her!

  294. ohhh i love it! I have made several handmade onesies for my daughter, friends, and a local store in Knoxville that I sell at. I think my most fave was a birthday cake that I used minky for the icing, rick rack for the candle, and a button for the flame πŸ™‚ so fun!
    This would really help me expand my ideas! Thanks for a great book and giveaway!

  295. Just saw your book featured on MADE and I love the concept. I’ve altered a few snapsuits in the past few years for my daughters, with really simple iron ons or embellishments. And no, no babies on the way here… at least that I know of!


  296. Anonymous says:

    I would LOVE to have this. I’ve been making little Tie onesies for my lil man but could really use a way to jazz up some girlie shower gifts!


  297. you are so fun! would love a book but am too far away in Canada, maybe next time! I need those new ideas stat! I love alter boring old boy onsies with long, ties and bow ties…simple and so fun!

  298. Anonymous says:

    First baby on the way and this would be totally rad since i am not really into some of the cheesy baby stuff out there! oh i would be so lucky! πŸ™‚

  299. Anonymous says:

    dang, forgot to put my e-mail address πŸ™

  300. Anonymous says:

    I have altered a few onesies with the freezer paper stenciling technique, but now with all the inspiration from just a little peek into your book I am ready and rearing to go.

  301. I’m loving your blog–glad I stumbled upon it. I’ve just started finding all the things you can do with onesies. My first attempt is here: http://thismabeyheaven.wordpress.com/2010/02/21/i-think-this-is-called-nesting/

    With baby just 6 weeks away, I have more crafting to do!

  302. This looks so cool! Congratulations!!! I have a 2 year old who LOVES her “onesies” – her 5 year old sister made her tie-dye onesies and hand-painted one. Plus we just sewed one with a tie for my nephew and one with a picture of a car and the letters TER on to (his name is Carter πŸ™‚

  303. PICK ME!! Love what I’ve seen of your book, all your ideas are so fabulous! I have just started dabbling with sewing and love love doing onesies (however my creativity is so limited). Can’t wait to buy it!! shohlen@gmail.com

  304. I love the idea behind this book & could always use some good new techniques & inspiration. In the last month I have altered at least 4 snapsuits using various techniques- freezer paper stenciling, applique, embroidery & adding a skirt. I love how good I feel when I take a plain snapsuit & make it into a one of a kind unique piece.

  305. Great book! I can’t wait to see what other ideas it has!

    I am a mom to a 13 month old girl. I made monthly onesies from one month to 11 months and photographed her in each one.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  306. I’m expecting boy #3 in July, and I’ve never altered a snapsuit, but I’m excited to try to make some cute BOY stuff. πŸ™‚

  307. I do mess with onesies quite often! I threw a shower 3 or 4 years ago where I had everyone design their own iron-on with fabric I brought. I stitched then on after the shower and gave them to the mother-to-be later that week. She loved them and I did too. It was such a blast!
    enw79 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  308. Altering onesies is one of my favorite things to do! I am so excited to get your book and get started on your cute ideas! GENIOUS!

  309. I have decorated onesies before, but just using simple puffy tshirt paint.

    I have no human babies (yet.. just the dog babies for now) but I do have friend with wee ones and wee ones on the way. I love crafting gifts for baby showers


  310. My 6 week old boy would love some new stylish onesies. I’ve appliqued a peace sign and guitar, but I’d like to go further. Thanks.



  311. adding to my list of must-reads! total bonus if i happen to win!

  312. I have a baby (girl) on the way and am so excited for your book. I plan to make many. elliecampbell@live.com

  313. I have my third baby due in July. I love to applique onesies for shower gifts.

  314. Anonymous says:

    Love the book! I have altered a couple of onesies for my son, my favorite is a plain onesie with a fabric tie cut-out sewn on!


  315. I have altered a snapsuit AND I have a baby on the way. My 4th!!!

  316. I found your blog via MADE…I’ve been playing with tweaking my own onesies lately and your book look like a wonderful resource of ideas. Maybe it will help me figure out the ruffles on the top…tried that…didn’t work so great…daughter looked like a lion/clown (proof on my blog):

  317. I have tried my hand at applique on onesies for my 2 girls. Excited to see what other ideas are in your book!


  318. Have been really obsessed with appliquing fabric onto onesies! Have a one year old little boy, but lots of friends with babies on the way! Would eat this book up! πŸ™‚

  319. What an awesome idea for a book! Before my son was born, I found a bunch of cute images that would be adorable on a onesie. I’d planned to freezer paper stencil them, but it all got so complicated that I ended up just grabbing a bunch of colored sharpies and doodling the designs on myself! They turned out great! πŸ™‚

  320. Also heard about this book on MADE by Dana – awesome idea! I’ve never altered/decorated a onesie before, but I certainly could start! Baby girl #3 is set to arrive in about a month.


  321. Wow, how fun! I have altered onesie’s with dye and applique before for both my babies and enjoy it even more for presents for baby showers. Would love to win!!


  322. I love applique on snapsuits using knit materials and also freezer paper stenciling. No babies on the way, but I’m busy enjoy life with my 12 month-old! sorainima@gmail.com

  323. I have a 12 month old and love finding fun ways to decorate his boring clothes. Such a a fun book! brittany.rigby@hotmail.com

  324. This comment has been removed by the author.

  325. This is awesome! My niece and I are currently working on some ‘snapsuits’ for a new baby cousin. Would be great to win the book and loot and get some new fresh ideas!

  326. I don’t have any babies coming, but I do have a new nephew, and lots of friends who have newborns right now. I would love to embellish or decorate some onesies as gifts! I haven’t done that yet, even though I alter clothes for my girls all of the time.

  327. I would love this! I have one still in onesies and lots of friends with babies too!

  328. I’ve done some freezer paper stenciling, but that’s it so far!

  329. I have a pile of onesies waiting to get started! I can’t wait!!!

  330. Wow, I love this! I’ve actually have never done this to onsies because I didn’t know where to start. But I do have a baby shower to attend to soon and I would love the book to try these out.

  331. I have added a bandana skirt to my daughter’s snappy before. These look like some cute ideas that I could even use on tees for my older kids!

  332. How Fun! I have added some applique and tonight I’m attempting freezer paper stenciling for the first time. We have girl on the way after having 2 boys so I intend to spoil her with cutie hand made stuff!

  333. The new book looks awesome! Would love ideas for making baby gifts.


  334. What a great book! I have 4 friends having babies this year and love the idea of embellished snapshirts for gifts.

    I have never embellished snapshirts before, but I am constantly embellishing my son’s outgrown t-shirts to make them more girly for my daughter. It’s tons of fun!

  335. I have altered a snapsuit before, but nothing like what you do. So Fun!

  336. wow, just came across this through another blog – your book is amazing…

    I am a newbie with snapper creations though I have altered them to create the ruffle bum look – fantastic

    can you tell me if this book is going to be distributed to Australia????

    Cheers for the ideas
    Laurel x

  337. My first little one is due in June and I would love to use the ideas in your book.


  338. I have someone else’s baby on the way and would love to make some great gifts for her!

  339. Oh, I’d love to win! My husband’s and my favorite activity while getting ready for our baby, who arrived this past February, was tie-dying cheap white onesies that we got at our baby shower. What a difference! Of course, our little one grew so fast, he now no longer fits the ones we made for him. Time to make new ones!

  340. We have two new babies due this summer, one a grandbaby and one a grandniece or nephew. This book would be great to make one of a kind items for the newest members!

  341. I am embellishing baby shirts as we speak and I would love some new ideas. I just learned how to make ruffles, so I am going a little ruffle crazy!

  342. I am using a onesie right now as a pattern to make my daughter a onesie dress out of a t-shirt.We are hoping to add another baby to the mix next year so I am always looking at ways to make onesies unique!

  343. Your book looks AMAZING. I have always wanted to dress up my onsie’s but have been too scared to mess them up. I have a little girl in onsie’s right now. She is 9 months old. I will have to make her some.

  344. Anonymous says:

    These are just so, so great. EVERY baby wears these (including my own) and what a great way to spice them up!

    shannoncarman at yahoo dot com

  345. When our first nephew was born we had our friend embroider “I Love Uncle Paul” and other such propaganda on some onesies. It then became a tradition that with every baby on his side of the family we make (paint, embroider, whatever) more propaganda shirts. I’ve appliqued on a tshirt, but not yet a onesie. I have typically stuck with the fibre arts for baby shower gifts and need some more motivation (and inspiration!) to branch out!

    heather j phillips @ gmail . com

  346. Hi! I found your blog through another blog called MADE. I’m expecting my second child in October, and I am pretty sure I need your book to live!!! Your ideas are so cute! If I don’t win, I will definitely be ordering the book online. πŸ™‚ Thanks

  347. Just heard about your book over at MADE, it looks amazing! I have not ever altered a onesie – but have wanted to for a long time, and I LOVE the idea of a snappy party for a baby shower – it’d be a great alternative to a diaper shower, so much fun! Thanks for the chance to win!

  348. AHHH!!! Where was this book when I wanted to create a onsie for my child! I have done simple designs on onsies and have an 8 month old now. I can’t wait for this book!! Such great ideas from the teases you as well as Dana have provided ughhh…good luck to everyone, I have my fingers crossed. PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME :o) simpelodyer@yahoo.com

  349. Wandered over here from Made – this book looks awesome! I haven’t altered a onesie yet but it’s on my list as there are plenty of friends/family either expecting or with new little ones! I have made a nursing cover, prettied up some cloth diaper burp cloths & made diaper cakes – love baby shower crafts!

  350. OH MY WORD! If I don’t win this book, I am going to have to buy it!

    I have most definitely altered a “snapsuit!” It started with my second, Eli (19 mos). I felt like there were not enough cute boy clothes out there so I decided to create my own. Since then I have made MANY gifts and even sold a few. My next project is for my eldest Jenna (4), and then eventually for the little guy or gal that is on the way.

    I love what I have seen from Dana-made-it.com and your blog, can’t wait to see more!!

  351. I just found your blog from the blog “made”. Your stuff is adorable! I just had my first girl 3 weeks ago! my email: courtneycurt@gmail.com

  352. We’re trying for our third right now, so I hope to have a reason to use this quite a bit soon!!

  353. I would really love a copy of your book. Such cute ideas!

  354. Ok. That book is a MUST HAVE! Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  355. I sew a lot, but have never altered a baby onesie. I have my third baby on the way, and as he will be a summer baby and likely wear a lot of plain onesies, I would like to give a go at embelleshing them. This book would be great for ideas and techniques! Thanks.
    millkara (at) gmail.com

  356. LOVE embelishing onesies…and now t’s and polos for my toddler!


  357. Anonymous says:

    I have altered a few onzies! Your ideas look adorable. I love the you are here map onezie I saw on the MADE blog. I think I would put your book to good use!


  358. Oh my word! That book looks fabulous. I came across it by was of MADE.

  359. oh my word, i am drooling over this book! i would love to win πŸ™‚ I have been trying my best to snazzy up some onesies for my little sweet guy. i am always trying to come up with cute things for little boys. my favorite so far has been a little dinosaur and a whale πŸ™‚ he just looks so cute and i love making things for him! my next project is working on tie dying!



  360. OOoh, I just altered a t-shirt for my 20 month old boy yesterday! A sweet handmade appliquΓ© tie on a white tshirt.
    Also, πŸ˜‰ I have a little girl on the way this July – so there! I have done both requirements!

    sanlynet at gmail dot come is my primary email!

    i hope i win!!!

  361. I’ve never altered a snapsuit, but am definitely going to try! My little boy just out grew them but I have about a million friends who are preggo and a cute snapsuit is perfect!! I can’t wait to check out your book!!

  362. This comment has been removed by the author.

  363. I’ve altered shirts for my 2 yr old son and nephew and I LOVE it! Can’t wait to see this book and learn new tips and techniques to try!

  364. My babies are almost 7(!), but I have plenty of friends with babies on the way, and would love to try my hand at making some shower gifts.

  365. Anonymous says:

    Wow, what a package – would love to have it! i have an 11 month old girl, and G-d willing another baby on the way due in June. I haven’t tried any embellishing yet, but it does sound like fun!
    Esther H
    qwertsy2 at gmail dot com

  366. Looks terrific! I never altered a onesie, but I really want to start, after seeing these cute pictures!

  367. Ummm, yes please!! My little womb-mate (due in 34 days) needs some snapsuit sass for sure.

  368. Your snapsuits are super cute! I design, make and sell a few onesies of my own and also have a baby due anyday now. I love seeing other designs and how unique they all are. Yours are amazing!

  369. I have altered a snap suit. I sewed a tie to the front of a old snap suit I had for my previous son.


  370. I just had a baby boy and tried adding an elephant to one of his plain onesies with little success. I would love to learn the correct way to do it and get a few other ideas. Your book looks really cute.

  371. I’m so excited about this giveaway! I’ve made a monster on a snapsuit using a man’s button-up shirt and then made some matching shorts. I hope I win!


  372. I’ve dyed the odd onesie and am just learning to applique tops. I would love some new ideas and some good tips and instructions!

  373. I’ve tiedied a onzie!

    Crossing my fingers πŸ™‚


  374. Even if I don’t win, this book is going on my wish list. I always need more ideas for showers (and my own two poopsies). Thanks for all you do!


  375. I recently came across your blog and I would LOVE to win your book! I have baby number 2 on the way, due in August.I love how unique and diff the onesies are!

  376. I love this so much, thank you. I’ve freezer paper stenciled a few onesies, but your book is high on my list so I can expand my repetoire! Thanks…. chelsea.worth808 at gmail dot com

  377. I’ve embroidered and appliqued onesies and I have a baby on the way!

  378. I just bought a onesie to decorate for my niece, but this looks awesome! What a fun and creative book!

  379. Ooh…I’d love to win. I’m due with our sixth baby next month, and I love altering onesies! The book looks like lots of fun.


  380. I wanna win! I love your book& you! cant wait for it to come out! I love onesies! I have 2 babies and lots of family & friends with babies! πŸ™‚ You are awesome for having this giveaway!
    Karin Marie :]

  381. I’ve never altered a onesie, but I will have an opportunity to do so when my second child in 10 years will be here at the end of August. I think this book would help me. Thanks for the giveaway.
    Fingers crossed,
    Melissa B.

  382. I can’t wait for your book to come out! I am expecting my first little one in July! I have been looking for fun ways to jazz up his snapsuits!

  383. I absolutely love these onesies! I can’t wait till the book comes out. I love the idea of a onesie party!

  384. i have a 1 and a 2 year old– both girls and i was just gonna start sewing this kind of stuff tomorrow. i hope i win!! πŸ™‚

  385. HI, I love these onsie ideas. I’ve altered a few for my Babe. (who will be 2 next month already!!!)

  386. I love tie-dying onesies. This book looks fabulous. and I have a baby right now.

  387. Yes, I have added an inital to a “snapsuit” (love that name) and then hand stitched with embroidery thread to outline it. I was pleased with the results. Thanks for the chance to win your great book! ~Jena


  388. I’ve decorated a baby one piece before with an applique bunny.

  389. Anonymous says:

    I don’t have a baby on the way, but my little one would love to sport an embelished onesie!!!

  390. I have a baby due in 3 weeks! ACK! I am sooooo looking forward to all these cool ideas. I’ve done freezer paper stencils but that’s it so far.
    I really really really hope I win!

    Kelly Moore


  391. Oh my! I SOO hope I win! I have a new baby and no, I have not altered one before, but I’ve purchased a bunch of stuff to do it with! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the awesome giveaway!



  392. I love making baby gifts! Mine babies are getting a little older now, but I want to try this on a t-shirt for them.

  393. My friend and I tie dyed a pile of our baby stuff. It is so much fun.

    I have also altered clothing to make new ones but I have never done patches and stuff. It would be great to learn how.

    I hope you pick me!

  394. I have added ruffles to the backside of a onesie. So cute. I just had my 3rd girl! I’d love to jazz up her wardrobe! Thanks!

  395. This would be perfect! My sister is having her first and really wants me to decorate some onsies for her.

  396. Hi Everyone!! Cathie Filian here.

    WEEK 6 – 101 Snappy Fashions Giveaway just went live! woo hoo

    ENTER TO WIN OVER $130 worth of goodies.


  397. I have a five month old boy and although I haven’t altered any of his onesies yet, I have appliqued cars, trains, and airplanes on his older brother’s t-shirts. I love the necktie idea and want to make an appliqued onesie with a the necktie pattern for the baby.