DIY Handpainted Apple Bobbing Tub for Halloween

apple bobbing game diy halloween
DIY Apple Bobbing Tub
Doctor up a metal tub with paints to create an Apply Bobbing Tub.

Bobbing for apples on the set of Witch Crafts.

Large galvanized tub
Painters tape
Metal paints
Paint pens
Permanent marker
Large & small paintbrushes

1. Starting at the top of the tub, use low tack painters’ tape to make a border. Tape another line about 1” below the first.

2. Paint a checkerboard in between the taped lines. If needed, use a paint pen to trace around each square to clean up each line. Pull the tape off while the paint is still wet to prevent the paint from lifting. Allow the paint to dry for about one hour.

3. For the bottom stripe repeat the taping technique in step 1 and paint in one solid color. Peel off the tape before the paint is dry and allow the paint to dry for about one hour.

9. Using a permanent marker, draw bats onto the tub. Fill in with black paint. Allow the painted tub to dry for a full 24 hours before exposing it to moisture. Fill with water and apples, and dive in!