Halloween Cocktail Recipes

MORGERITA halloween cocktail

Shake up some Halloween cocktail fun! Your friends will be begging for more. The Morguerita has a secret ingredient of light beer.

Morguerita Ingredients:

6 ounces tequila
6 ounces limeade concentrate
3 ounces triple sec
3 ounces light beer
Corn syrup
Red food coloring
Margarita glasses

1. Fill the blender ¾ full with ice. Pour in the tequila, limeade concentrate, triple sec, and light beer. Include a squeeze of lemon and a squeeze of lime.

2. Use the “ice crush” setting, if available, and blend the drink.

3. Pour a couple of tablespoons of corn syrup on a plate. Add a half teaspoon of red food coloring and mix into the corn syrup with a spoon.

4. Dip the rim of each margarita glass in the corn syrup mixture and let the “blood” drip down the glass. Pour the morgueritas into glasses.

Spooktini Ingredients:

Blavod black vodka
Extra dry vermouth
Martini shaker
Martini glasses
Pickled green tomatoes, or olives

1. Pour a few drops of vermouth in each martini glass and swirl it around to coat the glass.

2. Fill the martini shaker with ice. Add the black vodka and shake.

3. Pour the martini into the prepared glasses. Garnish with a “frog eye” (a pickled green tomato or olive) speared on a toothpick.


  1. you flipped the pictures of the spooktini and morgurita