Kids Thanksgiving Day Craft – Turkeys Made From Gloves!

Kids Craft: Stuffed Plushie Turkeys

You must check out the cutest stuffed turkeys my sister made with her students today. They are so adorable and made with inexpensive stretchy gloves ($1.40 for 4 @ Target). They are the perfect “turkey”craft and kids can make them on Thanksgiving day.

1 stretch glove
Felt squares
Stuffing material (pillow, tissues, etc.)
Glue (hot w/parents help or tacky)
Blank or used CD
Buttons/etc. for eyes


Form a base: Trace around a CD and cut a circle from cardboard and a circle from felt. Glue the felt circle to the cardboard.

Stuff the glove. Cut from felt: feathers, wattles or eyes. Glue the felt cutouts and/or buttons to the thumb piece of the glove.

Add a bead of glue around the opening of the glove and glue to the center of the base.


  1. Thanks for showing off the craft that my kiddos made! We had so much fun making them and my students and staff got such a kick out of the finished product!

  2. Thank you Cathy. Very fun looking craft, I think my grandchildren will enjoy making them.


  3. Hi Cathie,

    I love this post, but this comment is going to be gushing in general – I love Creative Juice (it has permanent status on my TiVo) and am a big fan of the projects you and Steve share with us everyday!

    Thank you, thank you!

  4. Cute, cute, cute turkey gloves!!!

  5. O my – This is just the greatest project for all the odd gloves I always end up with!

  6. Thanks for the great idea! We made them in my kids’ sewing club. What a hit!

  7. This is a very nice idea. I love the colors and the designs. Kids will definitely love this.