DIY Chocolate Dipped Gifts: pretzels, candy canes and marshmallows

Pretzels dipped in Coco Candy Melts and then topped off holly berry sprinkles are not only delicious with their crunchy and sweet texture, but they are easy on the wallet to make.

Kids of all ages love marshmallow treats.  Make a tray of them or wrap each one with a square of cello and tie with a bow.

Peppermint and Coco Candy melts are a sweet treat.  Make mini canes and sprinkle them on a cookie platter.

It is time to get dipping!

I used Wilton Dark Coco candy melts. The Dark coco has a richer flavor!

You can melt the coco chips in a microwave or in a candy melt pot.  Be sure to follow the package instructions.  Stir the chips as they melt.

Turn the pot to warm after the chips have all melted.
Dip each pretzel into the melted coco chips.

Dip each one into sprinkles.  The sprinkles above are Betty Crocker Holly Berry.

Place each one on a sheet of parchment paper.

Press a paper lollipop stick (Wilton) in the top center of a marshmallow.

Dip half way into the melted coco chips.
Dip into the Holly Berry Sprinkles.
Place on parchment to set.
To make the candy canes, just dip the end into the melted coco chips and place on parchment to cool.