Review and Tutorial: The Rotary Cutter and Embosser by Simplicity

Once in a while I stumble upon a crafty gadget that I love.  I fell for the Simplicity Rotary Cutter because it is dual purpose, a wrist saver, works on paper or fabric and it is easy to operate.


Let’s Cut FaBRiC!

 First up, I wanted to change the factory straight blade for a scalloped edge blade. 

To do this, I used my personal flat head screwdriver to remove the plastic protective covering.

 That was easy!  Cover is gone now .

 Next, I loosed the knob on the end of the blade arm.

 This a pic of the exposed blade with out the knob or plastic cover.  To remove the blade just pull on it and the small black metal washer.  The blades are not sharp so you can easily handle them.

 Replace with a scalloped blade.

 Reattach the knob on the end of the arm.  Turn to tighten.

 Replace the plastic cover using a flat head.

To adjust the pressure (this is how the blade cuts) you will need to adjust the blade height.  Look for the “up and down” bolt in the lower center on the front of teh machine.

Grab the pressure adjusting tool that comes with the machine and use it to turn the bolt up or down until the feed roller is touching the blade.

 Sorry for the fuzzy pic through the plastic protective cover. This is the blade touching the feed roller.

 Plug in the foot pedal and electrical supply to the back of the machine.

 Turn on the machine and use the knob to the left to adjust the speed.  Low was WAY to low for me.

 Easily adjust the size of strip you want to cut by twisting the red knob and shift the guide to teh left and right.

 My first test cut……it was a no go.  I needed to adjust the pressure.  I needed more pressure so I raised the feed roller closer to the blade.

Now we are CUTTING!!! yea – worked like a charm.

Love the scalloped edge.  

 More cutting!

My first cut strip.  I ended up cutting loads of strips for my wreath design. 

Here is the wreath I made with all my strips of fabric.
Let’s Cut PaPeR!
 Cuts like a charm!  woo – hoo!

 Perfect for trimming scraps.
Here is the card I made using the papers cut on the machine. 
Visit this link for instructions!


  1. Sarah Luxx says:

    I want this sooooo bad. I am an avid quilt maker. I would make a corduroy throw for my sofa. Thank yo for this opportunity.

  2. I love the idea and now I want one! i would use this to make strips for my quilts, and also use it for my scrapbook projects! I probably would make some placemats first if I win, because I need some new one for my table! Thanks for introducing this fabulous tool to us!!

  3. I have never even heard of such a thing before! I have a ratty old duvet and my goal for the new year (after I finish all my Christmas crafting) is to make a new quilted duvet cover. It will be my first full-sized quilting projecting and this would be a huge help!

  4. Wow, this would be so great for quilting, crafting and scrapbooking. Happy Holidays – Love your blog BTW!

  5. Another machine I would so love to have! I could see the hubby rolling his eyes at me! 🙂 I would use it in my scrapbooking projects but I am starting to dabble in sewing now. My mom would be so proud! 🙂

  6. What a COOL machine! So many projects I could use it for~ One I have been dying to make is a braided rag rug. I would use it to cut the pieces I could then braid together!
    Thanks for the chance!

  7. I would love to make a wreath like above for every season. For myself and gifts to teachers.

  8. Wow! This is an awesome machine! I’m a kinda newbie quilter and have been drooling over strip quilts. This would help me make my first one and many, many more!!

  9. this is fantastic! i would use this machine to help me cu strips for my very fist quilt that i have had plans for for a few months now. 🙂

  10. Anonymous says:


    I’ve never seen such a thing and would have a lot to learn. I love using fabric for crafts and gifts. Thanks so much.

  11. Kim

    This is so cool…I just hand cut some old t-shirts to make some floral corsages…would have been cake using this machine. That’s what’s been holding me up from doing more! So want this now!

  12. I’d love to cut strips to make fabric flowers. — Karen

  13. Oh man, I want to make a big rag rug from old t-shirts. This would be awesome to have.

  14. I would like to use up some old fabic swatches to make some winter scarves. I think this would make some awesome accents on the edges of the strips. Next I’m thinking of placemats and napkins. The projects would be endless really. I like the idea of fabric corsages and flower arragements. Especially come spring time. All winter to work on them too. Thanks for all your hardwork and including us in your imagination.

  15. If I win it I’ll make something with my daughter, she like crafting with me and this machine with help us do card making and crafting much easier for us.. I love making card so that would be the first thing I’ll do, but I like trying new things . And also I love your show.. Nice see u guys at Joann!

  16. This look like the perfect thing to use with the myriad of crafts our group of little girls make each Wed night. We’re teaching them to use sewing machines, cutting fabric, etc. Would LOVE to win this!

  17. I plan on making another Bargello quilt in the near future; this would be perfect for cutting the strips.


  18. I follow you with Google Reader but I am not sure if you see that or not, so I thought rather safe than sorry I would comment. What an interesting gadget or machine or appliances? Phew what to make first. Quilt???? Nooooo, I think I will finish cutting up towels for a rug that I want to get finished. My husband is a hooker but, not a cutter and I have been wanting this rug using 1/2 inch towel strips hooked into rug backing. Yep, that’s it. He has only been doing this for two years now because I can’t keep up with the towel stripping. Thank you for doing this.

  19. I can’t even stop thinking of ideas I could use this thing with…fun!

  20. Wow, the things I could do with this beauty! I would start with cutting felt for the 26 giftbags I need. It would be a breeze.

    Thanks for hosting!

  21. I would make a quilt for my nephew. I would also use it for scrapbook projects.

  22. My first sewing machine was a Singer. When I was a teen I would take my babysitting money to the Wonderland Mall, and spend it on craft things, the Singer store that carried patterns, one of the few ones around back then. I have had at least 4 Singer sewing machines since. I have always looked to Singer as being a name to trust for sewing and projects. So great to see a new product from them. Would love to win this from a company that I have trusted for years.

  23. I would love to make decorative pillows for my sofa. And of course some Christmas cards.

  24. I have never seen nor heard of this machine. I would love to win it just to see what I can make with it. My be you will still post things you have made and I can make it also. Thanks for a change

  25. This is a great machine! It would be so fun to make a quilt or a cute wreath like you made! I would also love it for paper crafts!

  26. What a neat gadget and I would so love to have one in my studio. I can see so many cool costumes being made using it for my dolls and then for scrapping cards and stationary and then to make some really cool headbands for my nieces and some really awesome throw rugs for my nephews and of course throw in some lap quilts….OMGOSH..there are endless possibilities but one GREAT thing if I had this wonderful machine is that I could rid myself of these dang blisters from cutting up all my fabric to use for the above projects with my scissors ^_^.

    I am a follower and have been for a good while. Thank you for all the inspiration you send out Cathie!!!


  27. Both my sister-in-laws are having a baby next year so baby quilts are on the agenda and this would be lovely to have. Also use the embosser to make some crowns for my kids.


  28. Wow what a great machine, I have never seen one before. This would make scrapbooking and quilting alot easier. I have a girl scout troop and the ideas are flowing. Love your blog!

  29. I have never seen this machine before, but how cool is it? I could use this for a lot of neat things, first of which would be some projects for me to do with my great nieces. One of those wreaths would be a great project for young girls, wouldn’t it?!?!
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  30. So fun. I am would love to make a wreath like yours. I want to start sewing as well and this would be a great tool to have.

  31. wheeee….I would use it for paper crafts, sewing, and anything else I could cut up!

  32. I would love to make a quilt using this machine. I didn’t know something like this existed! I wo,uld love to win it.

  33. love this!! strip cuilting,strip quilting,strip quilting!!!!!!!…thats what I would use it for!!! then,when I’ve made all the one’s I’ve been wanting to make…look out paper!!!!!

  34. I want to make Christmas cards and gift tags!

    (And I follow via google reader!)

  35. I would so use this for my new hobby -Quilting! But I’d love to try that wreath too

  36. Oh I could soooo use something like this in making multiple different craft projects. I am trying to supplement our income. So any and all helps would be so great!!! This looks like it would save tons of time, in cutting material for potholders, quilts, all sorts of pieced fabric projects 🙂
    Please do enter me.
    I’m a follower and will also be tweeting and facebook following too. Thanks. Love your blog!!!
    wildmtnrose at gmail dot com

  37. This is so cool!! I would love to make a wreath like that, or use it to make some fun fabric flowers!! I follow your blog, and it’s so going on my FB page!! dd1027 at comcast dot net!! 🙂

  38. Going back to crafting is my New Year’s Resolution, so this would be excellent.

    Boris dot cynthia at

  39. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE this machine already. Wow, I have never seen a machine like this, I am just starting to learn needle felting and this machine would really save my fingers and wrist. So many projects I can not do currently I could do with this machine. Scrapbooking, card making and a lot of other things,cutting material for quilt making and so much more.

  40. Oh I would Love this machine!! I would make a fabric strip swag for over my Curtains in a Guest bedroom. Thanks so much for such a awesome Give~away!!

  41. I can think of a couple of projects right now.. the wreath that you have shown, cut up old t-shirts for knitted and woven rag rugs and pretty papers for quilling projects!! Whomever wins will be very lucky and just in time for Christmas!

  42. Pretty neat! I can honestly say I don’t know what I would cut but would love to win this for my mom! She would know exactly what to cut with this baby! Thanks for a chance!

  43. tweeted it!

  44. facebooked it!

  45. I also follow your lovely blog! Thanks so much!

  46. like you, i’d use it to cut up tee shirts. however, i’d made yarn out of the tees and then i’d knit or crochet (on giant needles/hooks) a kitchen rag-type rug

  47. I would use to make Christmas tags first. And then the possibilities are endless!!!

  48. I would like make either a fabric or paper holiday decorations. This would make great presents!

  49. What a great giveaway. I would definitely use this to make cutting for my quilting projects much quicker and more accurate.

  50. My carpal tunnel is screaming that I NEED THIS MACHINE! First thing I would use it for is my daughter’s “Christmas” quilt that is now going to be a birthday quilt in the spring. Thanks!!

  51. Just shared on Facebook for another chance to win!

  52. Anonymous says:

    I would just LOVE to own this awesome cutter !!! my arthritic hands take a beating cutting strips for quilting the “old fashioned” way (:{

  53. I would love this!!! I’m working on a quilt for my baby girl due at the end of December and this would be perfect since I have always had trouble cutting a straight line. Sharing on facebook and I also follow your blog (already a follower that is).

  54. i am a grandmother of two beautiful children ages 2 years and 6 months. i am disabled and live in Texas. My grandchildren live in Maryland. My favorite thing to do besides be with my grandchildren, which is a rare occurrence, is sewing. Now i have two wonderful reasons to sew! If i win the Rotary Cutter and Embosser, my first project will be a quilted carrier/car seat blanket. I am not sure how, but my daughter has told me that she would really like to have one, so i will find out!

  55. This would be AWESOME!!! I think I would make hairbows with a twist cause well thats what I do!
    Jennifer D ALLEn

  56. I took a class from Susan Huxley on UPcycling, and this would be perfect to turn old Tshirts into TARN!! and a million other things I keep thiking of I could use this for

  57. what to make first…my word! Um…I am getting ready to make some bags with strips of matching fabrics, I can’t imagine anything more perfect!! kasmello @

  58. This would be perfect for cutting re-cycled items into strips to weave with! I hope I win. Would make a nice gift to myself.

  59. wow, this is so cool! never saw anything like this before. i love paper crafting and using fabric in my scrapbooks and cards. this would be fantastic for cutting fabric and using it for so many different types of crafts. thanks for showing to us!

  60. Oh Cath, this I HAVE to have. What a wonderful gadget. The things companies are coming up with. X0X

  61. I love this! so many possibilities! It’s dreamy! I want to do some altered couture with it!

  62. some ruffles for camera strap covers

  63. This is such an awesome machine. So many things you can do with it! I would start by making one of your fabulous wreaths!

  64. Wow! What a great machine! I could make tons of binding!

  65. I make rugs from fabric scraps. This would be so great to cut the strips and I could add texture with borders and designs! My wheels are turning…

  66. I need to make curtains for two adult bedroom and one 4 year old little girl. This would help me put a special touch on all of them

  67. Anonymous says:

    Quilt strips is what I would use it for.

  68. Awesome! I had no idea this existed! I would love to make a t-shirt quilt like the one you and Steve made on Creative Juices back in the day. I have a ton of livestrong/cancer fighting t-shirts and I want to make a quilt out of them and sell it and donate the proceeds to Livestrong. I’ve just been overwhelmed at the idea of all the cutting out (and getting straight lines!)!

  69. Now following your blog. Came for the peppermint bark and stayed for the cool ideas. I love the wreath but need to work on my stash for a strip quilt.

  70. I can see rugs, quilts, place mats, weaving and so many more things! This is also would be great for folks who have bad hands! Our group of fiber artists would have so much fun with this little machine!

    I posted on my blog
    I follow you with google reader

    and will certainly share on facebook!

    thanks for a great give away!

  71. I love this and need it for quilting!

  72. I would love to make matching jean quilts for my boys’ bedroom! After making one for my husband that took me 2 years because of all the cutting, my boys might get their before they are out of the house! 🙂

  73. I love it!!! I would love to make quilts and paper items with this!!!

  74. I would love to make quilts with it!

  75. I would be cutting more fabric for my very first quilt!! Here’s my email:….I’m feeling very lucky!

  76. Anonymous says:

    wow this is awesome I wouldnt know what to do first….that quilt I keep putting off cos I dont want to cut out comes to mind…

  77. Wow! would make a fabulous gift to the crafter in the family!! Oh, that would be me! : )

  78. I’d like to make strips to use in a crochet project…bathroom rug. Love the wreath. Have to admit, I had my doubts about it!

  79. I have tons of old blue jeans I’ve been collecting from my 2 sons and husband for years, and I want to finally start getting them cut up into squares to make blue jean quilts for the boys.

  80. Oops. I don’t think I included my email. I’d like to crochet a bathroom rug. Hopefully, I’ll follow directions better if I get this cutter. 😀

  81. Well, goodness, I guess it would help to have my e-mail address in my post (blue jeans):

  82. I have tons of old blue jeans I’ve been collecting from my 2 sons and husband for years, and I want to finally start getting them cut up into squares to make blue jean quilts for the boys.

  83. This looks like a great tool! And I have so much fabric that I could cut into strips. But first, I’d need to make that cute wreath!

  84. I would love to win this! I would try my hand at making a quilt. And of course I would also use it for scrapbook projects. Email:

  85. Crochet Dude posted this on facebook and now I am following you on twitter and facebook. I hope to get some creative ideas for new stuff to make. I try to do new and exciting things. Would love the opprotunity to win the machine so that I can continue to cut my strips of recycled sheets for my rag rugs I want to make, amoungst other ideas. I have a tree skirt I am making for my mom and this cutter machine would come in real handy.

  86. First thing I would make is cards to eventually go with pictures of my new house that I would send to friends & family letting them know we have moved. Then after that I would work on cutting paper for picture frames.

  87. Oooh! So shiny! Make a modern-looking tree skirt. I need some inspiration so I can replace the boring one I have!

  88. I would use it first to make some wallets and bags from felted sweaters and probably get sidetracked with some of the other great ideas here next.

  89. Awesome tool.. so versatile.

  90. I want this so bad. I would use it to make bags out of old t-shirts, jeans and other old items.

  91. This would definitely go to my sister. She scrapbooks and makes cards – this would be the perfect Christmas present for her (although she had better be willing to loan it back to me! 🙂

  92. This looks amazing. I know of a few books in my stash which would show me several good projects to make with this.
    Who doesnt love such gadgets!

  93. Michelle C says:

    I love the tee shirt wreath you made! My daughters and I love to craft together…this cutter would make life alot easier 🙂
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  94. This comment has been removed by the author.

  95. I can think of lots of things to make with it–probably I’d first either make strips to put together a seminole patchwork band to revive an old jacket I’m fond of or use it to make tshirt yarn for crocheting and make a wrap or a shawl of some kind. The latter might be an easier first project.

  96. I love it! I make rag quilts and it’s a side job for me. But it’s hard with fibromyalgia. I have been looking into one of these machine. So this is my list to Santa 🙂

  97. I learned to sew when I was very little and my mom’s old machine finally stitched its last. I would love to have this as my new oppurtunity to find new and better things to keep stitching because with our new and growing family, we cannot afford to buy one of our own. Bethany Peterson,

  98. I would love to have this rotary cutter! The first project I would do is make a slip cover for my mother’s walker, that she now needs to use all the time, so her hands stop blistering and becoming so calloused. Happy Holidays!

  99. I would be glad to have this, cause I will have to start a business in the next year. Live has become too expensive and with two kids I need money. So I will start a business and hope I will find the time to sew for the kids too. But my hands has become sick the last months so I would be glad when I will not have to cut so much with such a cutter. Happy Holidays

  100. I would love to have it to use for making greeting cards.

  101. I would definately work on the T-Shirt quilt I need to start for my 9 year old for Christmas with all his old team shirts.

  102. I have heard of the regular Simplicity rotary cutter but not this one with the embosser. I love to sew and quilt so I would use it for strip pieces for all kinds of projects! I also enjoy scrapbooking and card making and lots of projects come to mind. Thanks for sharing this exciting new product, Cathie!

  103. I didn’t know there was such an amazing machine! First thing I would make are fabric flowers for hats and baby blankets. Rolled fabric roses are so cute on the things we make at our once a month family sewing day. Everyone gets involved, from the little ones to Grandma. This would make cutting so much easier, and I love the idea of switching out the blade for a fancy edge!

  104. I need to make some blankets

  105. I would cut some binding to match a needlecase I would make!

  106. I left a Tweet about this giveaway on Twitter!

  107. That machine looks awesome! Thanks for the great giveaway! I’m a follower of your blog.

  108. This machine looks so cool! Thanks for the opportunity!

  109. Oh, wow – would so totally use this for fabric AND paper crafting projects!!! What a great giveaway!!

  110. This is so cool – I would definitely use it for my papercrafting projects — maybe on my altered birdhouse. (Think spring!)

  111. I have a big scare from where I sliced myself with a hand held cutter- my family would be so relieved to know i was now crafting safe with this great machine. I am a newby sewer and avid crafter, so my mind is swimming with ways to use it… today it would be t-shirt dresses!

  112. I’d make fabric flowers!

  113. OMGosh! I have so many ideas swimming in my head I don’t know where to begin!

  114. I just found your blog and have a feeling I will be spending a few hours here!! I think this is an awesome giveaway!! I think if I won I would make strips of fabric for rolled flowers but then that scallop blade is tempting so maybe I would make a fabric trim for a skirt for my daughter…so many ideas!! Thanks, Victoria

  115. This would be perfect for my disabled sister who crochets with fabric strips… 🙂

  116. I want this!!! I may have to ask Santa for it if I don’t win. I want to make some scarves that require long straight cuts and this would be perfect!!

  117. I’m a blog follower!

  118. I’m a pending friend on Facebook and am about to pass it along to all my friends on Facebook.

  119. Thank goodness (and JoAnn Fabrics on Facebook) that I found your blog! Great stuff! I would love this to put to work on card making as a start … the possibilities are endless!


  120. What an awesome machine! Probably the first thing that I would use this for is for my scrapbook, or maybe some fabric flowers.

  121. tamimarie says:

    I am just learning to sew but my mom is a very talented seamstress. If I won, I would share it with her so she would have so many more ways to be creative and new things to teach me. I am also a very serious scrapbooker and card maker so it would definitely be very appreciated in my household. Thanks for the chance to win and good luck to everyone.

  122. Oh my gosh..what a fantastic gift that would be to receive. I didn’t have a single thing on my wish list, but no I’d love to have this!

  123. What a great time-saver. I have been cutting tee-shirts into strips (like yarn) and this would be so wonderful. *crosses fingers for the win.

  124. I would love to win one of these! I would totally use it for making my plushies! 🙂

    angelicalinguini at hotmail dot com

  125. MicheCountry says:

    Thanks for sharing this machine… Just one more I want to add to my sewing/craft studio… I am currently cutting strips of T shirts and crocheting them into a rug… And I do quilt alot, and this surely would help with strips.. And I definetly want to try the wreath and will be looking for green T’s 🙂

    Thanks so very much!

  126. I would love this also! I will link it on my blog. I can use this for cutting fabrics and making interesting edges. Many Hairbows for my daughter come into mind.

    tnmelissa @ gmail dot com

  127. Shawn Burkett says:

    This would be great for quilt making

  128. I would make a garland- how easy would that be!

  129. This would be perfect for cutting fabric for my crochet projects –

  130. Wow, I love this!!! It would be a great addition to my craft room, to use on various projects.

  131. wowzers what an awesome tool! i teach special education, and would begin with some gorgeous bulletin boards for my classroom!

  132. Anonymous says:

    Wow, just stumble on to you from Lil Blu Boo.. I didn’t know they made this type of machine.. WOW, I love to do work with strips of fabric.. strip quilting, doing strip /panel skirts for my grandgirls.. and most of all I love the Log Cabin Quilt variation called Gettysburg Square, this would be great to help make that qulit
    Cheryl Enyart…
    Handmade with Love 2010 on Facebook

  133. I would LOVE to make bias tape strips with it!

    Hooray for giveaways!


    I would totally LOVE this machine! I made a few quilts when I was in high school but haven’t since! Now, with two kids, I’d LOVe to make one for each of them!

  135. I would love to make bias tape for some super fun projects including some fabulous appliques!

    arlamm2002 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  136. This would be so neat to have – quilting, decorating… and the list goes on!

  137. would love to have this!

  138. Tara Hudson says:

    This machine seems like such a time-saver! I would def. use it to cut down on the time it takes to cut my squares for quilting.

  139. This is WAY cool! I would use it to cut strips of re-purposed tee shirts and make them into scarves that I can then sell at farmers market and make money to send my smarty-pants kid to college!

  140. Anonymous says:

    Wow! So handy! I make costumes for my Hawaiian Dance Group and I cut strips and strips of fabric to cover hip bandings and make embellishments. I also scrapbook and make cards. I would love to win this! Naomi

  141. Anonymous says:

    This is awesome! I would love to win this and would use it to make a quilt. uberfluff at gmail dot com

  142. WOW! I never heard of such a thing! I quit making quilts a very long time ago.

    I didn’t have a choice, breast cancer stopped me when I got Lymphedema in my hand and arm.

    I can’t cut fabric anymore, I get indentations in my skin from the scissors and my hands aren’t the same anymore after cancer. It’s too painful.

    I switched to crocheting and some knitting to make my charity blankets.

    If I had such an amazing machine I would start off with beautiful lap blankets for the residents at the nursing home my mom resides at!

    I go 7 days a week, 6 to 8 hours a day to care for her.


  143. HI Cathie

    Love your blog. You are so creative. I added a link to your blog from by blog.

    The first thing I would make using this cutter, would be vintage aprons. Than I would love to finish making three jean rag quilts.


  144. That is an awesome give away. I would love to win the cutter.

    Thanks for the chance!


  145. I want this for quilting

  146. Oh wow! This is very cool! Didn’t even know this existed, how behind am I!?!

    I would use this to make a coat for my mom from a vintage repro pattern I have and tons of dress up clothes for my daughter!

  147. Awesome product. I was just thinking today that I really want to try strip-piece quilting (or whatever it is technically called)

  148. This looks like so much fun. I’d either cut strips for a quilt or work on catching up with my girls’ scrapbooks. Tough decision.

    Melissa G

  149. I would cut strips of color paper to make paper chains to decorate my castle.


  150. OH! i’m all about saving the wrists, which are getting weaker and weaker! thanks for letting us know about the giveaway!


  151. This comment has been removed by the author.

  152. Oh this would be great to have to make my rugs and purses…

  153. My most favorite thing to is sew dresses for my girls and this would be one way to amp up the cuteness of them!! I make the dresses because I don’t agree with a lot of them that are on the market! I want my girls to stay princesses for as long as they can!! This would be such a blessing from God to win this machine! Thank you so much and Marry Christmas!!


  154. What would I use this for? Quilts, quilts, and more quilts… and then some paper crafts too.

  155. OMG! This is my DREAM NOTION!!! Where do I begin as to what I would use it for?!!!!
    1. T-Shirt Strips to make a rug!
    2. T-Shirt Strips to make flowers!
    3. Make my own fringe for recycled leather bags!
    4. Strip quilts, of course!
    5. Repurpose scraps too small to sew with by cutting small strips to use for cute packing material for my etsy shipments!
    6. Fabric strips to braid with!
    7. Great way to cut the selvedges off fabric and repurpose into bags!
    8. Handmade bias tape-oh yeah baby!
    9. Strip belts!
    10. Cut strips of fabric to ruffle!
    11. Skinny strips for rope wrapped coasters!

    I could go on and on and on!!! This was just in two minutes of thinking!!! Need more ideas, just let me know! LOL!

    Hope I win!!!

  156. I want to make a cloth collage with photos for my sisters on the east coast! :Dorothy

  157. I have never seen such a machine! This would be great for quilting! I get discouraged because my cutting sucks, but this would make it sooooo much easier!
    Not sure what info you need. I am on your friends list on facebook (Nancy Beeman Houston) and my email is

  158. Sabrina Thompson says:

    I would love this for making twirl dresses! it would save a ton of time…and look super fun

  159. This product looks so very, very cool! I would make all kinds of things…pillows, aprons to sell at our Girl Scout fundraisers, cards and ornaments. It seems to have endless possibilities!! Yay!!!

  160. I would love to win this!

  161. Ooohh! I didn’t even know that this existed! I would make simple scarves for Christmas gifts 🙂


  162. Wow i’ve never seen one of these. So many things I would want to make with it. First I would probably want to cut strips for a quilt.

  163. OMG this would be the most wonderful and exciting thing that I’ve ever won in my life!! The wreath looks like an awesome thing to try and scarves and strips for crocheting and strips for quilting or maybe making stockings with or…….. I’m a follower of your blog and I’m soooo glad that I found you and got the opportunity to win this.


  164. COOL! I’d make a table runner

  165. OMG! I have never seen this before! I am in LOVE! I would love to have this. I want to make adorable scarves for my three daughters and myself. I would also like too start making home made cards and doing adorable baby books for my 9 month old twins and my 2 year old. Oh I hope I win. Plus if I won it it would probably be the only Christmas present I get. 🙁 So is the life of a mommy!

  166. Nancy Prawdzik-Steinbach says:

    Hi there Cathie!
    I would probably start making blankets and such for complete strangers. I’d probably take them over to the Salvation Army, shelters, the local hospital even. Definately some sort of dog/cat bed or snugglie-thing for the animal shelter.
    Yup, that’s what I’d do.
    Nancy Prawdzik-Steinbach
    Out here in Iowa on the Mississippi River….

  167. Wow! Would love to win something like this! I would love to make one of the Tee Shirt Wreaths or attempt to make my very first Quilt.

  168. Defintely would use this, oh it would make cutting so much easier!! I would cut T-shirts to begin with, I have made a great shopping bag with it’s own carrier and outside pocket and then yarn to make wash cloths and pot holders, scarfs, not only making yarn from T-shirts but yarn from second hand materials and fibers; still playing with other ideas. I would also cut paper!! Love paper to do all sorts of crafts and decorative things for the home. I am very into recycle and repurposing. Love your show BTW!! Ruby

  169. What a neat machine!! This would save my wrist from cutting strips to make all my sewing projects!! Plus I would cut binding strips to finish different projects like: quilts, potholders, placemats!!

  170. Rae Palmer says:

    With a machine like this I could finally finish a quilt I started years ago. The quilt celebrates my native american heritage. This machine would make a wonderful addition to my home. Thank you.

  171. Wow this looks like so much fun! I would love to get my hands on it. I could think of a hundred projects to use this with! 🙂

  172. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  173. Sarah Tacoma says:

    that would be so cool!

  174. Thanks Cathie! I am so happy I won! This was tops on my Christmas wish list!!! You might say a prayer for the mailman because I am going to pounce every day until it arrives!!!!