Hot Glue Gun Helpers are here and we are celebrating with a GIVEAWAY!!

It has been two years since Steve and I came up with the concept of Hot Glue Gun Helpers.  What a journey!  From our early prototypes that we crafted from felt to the first peek at the tools and then to our first sales experience at CHA.  It has been a long journey and well worth the wait.  Last week we got the call from Plaid Enterprises (our partner company) that the tools were going to begin shipping!  I literally started to cry!  I was laughing and crying at the same time.  Silly, I know!  We are just so exited (like proud parents) to share them with you.

We also want to say thank you to everyone who followed along on our journey, cheering us to make this dream come true.  The dedicated team at Plaid, fellow crafters and retailers have made this dream come true.

To Celebrate….
we are Giving Them Away
and starting a new BLOG!

To celebrate we are giving away 8 Hot Glue Gun Helper Kits, 48 pink AdTech glue guns and 48 Hot Glue Gun Helper finger caps!!! We are holding a new contest each week for the next  8 weeks- so you have plenty of chances to win.  Each week we will draw 6 winners of the caps and guns and 1 grand prize winner of the Hot Glue Gun Helper kit!


Follow this blog or our new blog 
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Tell us a Hot Glue Story.
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 Wanna snag some today??

If you want to purchase a Hot Glue Gun Helper kit, please visit our official shop at etsy where you can purchase the kits directly from us! We can them out in time for Christmas.  We will have list of local retailers very soon and as the tools find their way to new stores we will be updating the list.

Each 7-piece Kit Contains:
1 Craft Mat
3 Finger Caps
1 Press Wand
1 Paddle
1 Tweezer
 Have a peek at the journey!

 This was stage one of the felt, cardboard and bamboo skewer prototypes.

 Hot Glue Gun Helpers make their debut at CHA and they were a hit!  Crafters were delighted and excited!

 Round two of the prototypes!  Getting Closer!!
 Our photo shoot for the package!

 The first box is opened!!  Yea!

If you want to grab some now, please visit our official shop at etsy where you can purchase them directly from us!

The business stuff….

All items are provided by me (Cathie Filian) and are in accordance with the Blogher Rules.

To enter: Simply follow this blog or our new blog and/or comment to this post telling us a hot glue story.

Your comment MUST link to your particular blog or web site or include your e-mail address. Otherwise, I won’t be able to get in touch with you if you win! Any entries that do not include some way of getting in touch will be disqualified.

Deadline: Comments must be received by midnight December 19, 2010. Odds of winning will depend on the number of eligible entries received.

You must have a mailing address in the United States of America. (sorry international folks!)


  1. I would love to win! I follow your blog and will follow the new one. My story would be my friend burning her leg with a glue gun when she was working on a flower arrangement wouldn’t say it was funny but it was really yucky looking!
    You can contact me at

  2. Anything that needs to be repaired can be done usually with hot glue. But I am so afraid of anyone else getting burned so I do it my self, and yes usually I get burned!!! I am so excited about your glue gun helpers!!! I can’t wait to get my hands on a set!!!

    Jennifer Maier

  3. How awesome!! Great ivention…my fingertips thanks you!

  4. Please save me from my klutsy self!

  5. Wow – neat item, and I’m all excited to comment, but then see the USA only comment. :o( Here I am, 11 miles across the ND border into Canada, and can’t play! boo hoo! Can I play if I have you ship it to the postal service I use in the US?

  6. I was attempting to do a craft last night with regular household tools and my glue gun. It wasn’t a success. The glue stuck to me, my tools and parts of the craft that didn’t need glue. About 1/2 way through my attempt (I got frustrated and didn’t finish) I remembered your tool kit.

  7. I’m now a follower..don’t have a specific hot glue story but who hasn’t burned themselves when using one?…I thats what makes your new product so great!


  8. you guys are geniuses! maybe i’d use my glue gun more if i had these tools! thank you for your inspiring craft ideas!

  9. I am a follower! I love to see and read all the fun stuff that you do! An yes I do try so most of it comes out, but some we just won’t walk about!

  10. I just became a follower – love the product!!!
    I have been laying down a piece of wax paper on my table when working the gun and it helps contain the mess!
    jess @

  11. These products are brilliant! I’ve put a kit on my Christmas wish list. I’m hoping a secret Santa will send a kit my way, so I can refine my hot gluing skills.

    My story is one of my first hot gluing experiences. I glued my burning fingers together while trying to stop the hot glue from threading up all over my creation. On the up side: I figured out how to make cool spider webs via hot glue gun!

  12. I am a follower and would like to say that one Christmas I helped my granddaughters make pinecone Christmas trees for 70 elderly people to have in their rooms. I wouldn’t let them use the glue gun and ended up with blisters on my fingers from hot glue and touching the end of the gun when it slipped. I’m so happy that you came up with a solution to that problem. I will be putting the kit on my Christmas list.


  13. Nifty!! My glue gun story would be the time I mixed up my wood burner and the glue gun – couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t getting any glue out and why the felt was scorching – OH. Um. Oops. LOL

  14. I am a follower of your blog, thanks so much for the giveaway. Such a great set of tools. I am new to the glue gun world so would love to try these!!

  15. I am a follower of your blog and an avid hot glue gun user so rarely do I ever not have a hot glue gun burn on one or both of my hands!

  16. I follow your blog. I had been working on some stuff and remembered I had to run to the mall to get something for my son. When I got there, I realized I had glue on the backs of my fingers and was peeling it off. I freaked the sales guy out because he thought I was pulling off skin and I quickly explained it was just hot glue. He asked me if that was some sort of new skin treatment like those paraffin wax dips you see in some manicure salons. I told him, no, just a sloppy crazy crafter in a hurry.

  17. I follow this blog and I’m so excited about this product! Great job and thanks for the giveaway opportunity!


  18. I could really use these. We are doing lots of hot glueing in my son’s class right now. All the parent helpers would luv these.


  19. I love hot glue guns and have plenty of burn scars to prove it. My worst was the morning of my wedding when I got two hot drips on my knee. Right up there with that was a burn across the bridge of my nose the day before school started – I’m a teacher! And many others not quite as exciting!

    I just recently found your site and love all the ideas. Thanks.

    Melissa G

  20. The first time I see the hot glue helpers was on the CHA and I love them and have wanted one ..Every time I seen a post about the hot glue helpers I was like where can I get one …Now I hope to win one if not I hope that Santa will bring me one ..I’m so tired of being burn with the glue gun..

  21. I follow your blog! i have been burned way too many times by the gun. One time, it was at school and we were building a roller coaster in my 8th grade science class. I thought I’d show off how handy and adept I was with the glue gun… and well, I don’t know how exactly it happened, but I gunned a huge pile of glue on my pointer finger with the tip of the gun resting on my finger. I wanted to cry. My finger killed for weeks. I have, thankfully, gotten much better at using them and only get small globs of glue on myself instead of almost a whole stick’s worth.

    shellybelly24 at gmail dot com

  22. You know how badly I need this set!! Been waiting forever it seems like. Hope I win.

  23. This would be awesome to get…so I wouldn’t worry when my daughter uses the hot glue gun. Thanks for coming up with the idea. Cheryl Clemons

  24. WoW! How exciting for you, congrats! I got a severe burn on my leg one time when I was sitting with my legs crossed decorating a wreath. Ouch!!

  25. I could soooo use these! I burn the heck out of my fingers everytime I pick up my glue gun. I am so excited about this product! Congrats Steve and Cathie!!!

  26. Congratulations, how wonderful! I would love to win some, I have burnt my fingers many a times.

  27. I would LOVE to win one of these! Recently I had a VERY bad incident with the hot glue gun where I put glue on a piece of ribbon and then the ribbon took on a life of it’s own, flip over and glued it’s million degree self to my hand in not one, but TWO places!! The end result was two nasty nasty burns that took a LONG time to heal and left lovely craft scars to prove it! This kit was made for ME!

  28. Oh, great idea! I don’t have just one story, but I can’t remember a time I used the hot glue gun without a burn (or three)!

  29. These are awesome! I have to have all the glue gun helpers! The time I burned my poor little fingers the worst was when I was making a fabric flower and instead of pressing the fabric onto the glue, I pressed like 2 of my fingers onto the glue! It hurt so bad! there have been many times that the glue gun helpers would have saved my crafting hands!

    kabutterfield at gmail dot com

  30. Those are awesome! As much as I burn myself … WHY didn’t I think of that? I follow this blog and would love to win.

  31. So exciting! Congrats!! I love hot glue but hate burning my fingers. At my best friends wedding we had made about 24 dried roses topiaries and some of the flowers had popped off during transport…well I grab the mini hot glue gun we brought and started glueing when I was done I had totally globbed up my acrylic nails without noticing.

  32. I’m a follower of this blog and will be sure to check ou tthe other one too. Hot glue gun story eh? I don’t even remember what I was gluing at the time, but I do remember burning my fingers and I couldn’t get the glue off fast enough. These tools would be so wonderful to have! I’ve been watching here all along the way. Thanks for the chance to win.

  33. I am a devout follower of yours and now the new Hot Glue Gun Helper blog! If I don’t win one of these sets I will be buying one pronto! I constantly get burnt on every project that uses a hot glue gun and would like to spare myself from any more scars!

  34. I always use a large tongue depresser/craft stick to keep from burning my fingers…these tools look way better!

  35. burnt my fingers yesterday… It was horrible. These look awesome!

  36. I am a follower. I think this is the greatest invention ever! I cannot count the times I have burned my fingers to the point it takes me a long time to want to pick up my glue gun for my next project!

  37. like many others who commented before me, i get burnt by hot glue every single time i used one… hate it most when the glue continues to drip even after tilting the gun and placing it on the table top. thanks for coming up with the useful tools. 😉

  38. am following this blog. 🙂

  39. Excellent product. Unfortunately I don’t have a glue gun story. I have knitting needle stories, sewing machine stories, but no funny stories about a glue gun!!! And I’m following.

  40. Those are sooo cool!!! I have wanted some ever since I first saw them featured on a blog from the event!!!! I always end up with hot glue on my fingers and everywhere else – lol!

  41. Oh how cool! I follow your blog!
    My fingertips thank you!

  42. I would LOVE to be a winner! I love this idea:) I am constantly burning myself…so much so, that my hubby hates it when he sees the glue gun come out!

  43. Ooppss. Forgot to include my email.

  44. Congrats on a great idea!! Wahoo! I have a permanent scar on my right hand from glue-gunning the top of my hand. Obviously, not paying attention!
    I’m following you on Twitter as well!

    Lisa @KarmaPerDiem

  45. I really need this! I’ve burned my leg/hand badly with what I thought was a glue gun at my father-in-laws house working on a wreath. (turned out to be a plastic melting gun he said) The enitre glue stick melted and ran out onto my leg, which I wiped off with my bare hand. Ouch! I had to go through weeks of burn treatment. I learned to work over a table from then on…

  46. it never fails that when I use my glue gun I get burned – it drives me crazy…your glue gun helpers looks marvelous – count me in~!~

  47. Congratulations for getting your helpers out for shipping! That’s so awesome! I just started following your blog in RSS feed and your hot glue gun helpers was the first post that I read =) OK, so my glue gun story… in the 4th grade we had to build rocket/air planes that were really padded to throw with an egg in it with out it breaking. So I have me glue un in one hand and I’m talking with my hands and wouldn’t you know I nailed the top of my thumb on the other hand with the whole metal tip of the hot glue gun! Man did that blister good!! I still have the plane I made, looks kinda like a SR-71 blackbird and I am very proud to report that my egg didn’t break!!!

  48. Great idea! Your creative thinking will save crafters from all those glue gun burns! Thanks!

  49. These are the best idea. I never fail to burn my fingers when I use my glue gun, having to resort to low-temp glue gun. Would love to win your kit! Love your blog! Thanks!!

  50. I love glue guns and all that they can do! I’m always hesitant about letting my girls glue gun because the burns are so nasty. Now they can hot glue without me freaking out!! Thank you so much!! I hope I win!