101 Tees: Lacy Tee Makeover

My lacy top makeover.

As an ex-costumer for film, I can’t help but be obsessed with my outfits for filming.  I love shopping for them, altering them and choosing just the right accessories for them.  My sister helps me, I plan way in advance and I drive my hubby nuts with my makeshift fashion shows.

I fell in love with this lacy tee with ruffled sleeves but the color was so WRONG for me! The price was $14.99, so that was perfect.  I can’t stand spending big bucks on clothes for filming because they always get ruined with paint and Mod Podge.  I guess ruined sounds harsh….lets just say they get enhanced with craft supplies.  🙂

I had two options.
1. Return the shirt.
2. Dye the shirt.
As you can see, I whipped up a batch of hot water and wine colored RIT dye.  I soaked a my pre-washed tee for about 20 minutes in the dye bath.
Then I rinsed her clean, washed in cold and hung dry.  It turned out perfect!!!  I was jumping for joy!  My made-over tee and made it’s TV debut today.  I wore it for the Kitschy Kitchen episode of  Plaid Craft TV.
  1. Wow! It really turned out beautiful!!!
    It looks GREAT!! You are very inspiring!!!
    I also love the apron on the dress form!!!
    I don’t have cable tv so I don’t get any craft networks or shows!! 🙁

  2. I can’t believe that’s the same shirt! Absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your tips and ideas. I am a new fan 🙂