Day 1 Begins Tomorrow

It is a good thing I dusted off my green boots last week…….   Steve and I have a thousand hurdles to jump and about 10 doors to kick down and now I am ready!  

Tomorrow begins the first day of a project we have been dreaming about, working on and daring ourselves to do.  This has been 5 years in the works and we have stood by this idea through thick and thin.  It will still be “very” beginning stages – so it will be like starting all over again and I am soooo fine with that – just ready to begin.  I wish I could share more!  soon soon.  I can tell you that glitter, glue and stitches are involved.

The work is about to begin and I am so excited that I just needed to get it pen to paper…..or in this case, keyboard to blog.



  1. You had me at Glitter, Glue and Stitches ♥♥♥ I wish You & Steve nothing but SUCCESS & HAPPINESS for the future! I know you guys have what it takes to do anything you choose…. Can’t wait for the journey to begin 😉

    Hugs & Positive Vibes ♥

    ~Stacey~ aka Ribbon Divas

  2. Thanks a gazillion! We are gonna need good thoughts to pull this off! xo cathie

  3. I am sure you will have great success in whatever adventure comes next for you guys!!


  4. Thanks, Dollie! I appreciate the support. Helps to push us a long.

    xo Cathie