101 Tees Giveaway! Lots of craft supplies and a signed book!

Dale Anne Potter!

101 Tees hits the bookshelves TOMORROW! {{happy dance}}  To celebrate, I am giving-away signed copies, crafty goodies and Hot Glue Gun Helper finger caps.  Visit this link to view all the posts about the book!

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Can’t wait for the book?
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This weeks loot is a $100 value!

Hot Glue Gun Helper Finger Cap

What to do?

To enter: Leave a comment about your favorite t-shirt or a tee makeover that you have done!

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Contest Ends: August 7, 2011 at midnight! 

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  1. I bought some jersey fabric – actually a sheet set because it was the perfect color of green that I needed – and added rosettes to a white t-shirt to make a really cool tie-dye skirt I bought at TJ Maxx.

  2. I had a sweat-shirt that I loved because of the fit. It got a stain on it and I drew cats all over it and painted them different colors and designs with fabric paint.I ended up later giving it to a friend who was a super cat lover!

  3. My favorite t-shirt is pretty much in pieces because I’ve worn it so much. So I’ll just comment on the shirt I want to make from your book. I want to make the one with the ruffles on the front. I can’t wait to get your book, it’ll be so much fun!

    (Sorry, for some reason it won’t let me sign into my Gmail so my e-mail is campblsoupgrl@gmail.com)

  4. My favorite t-shirt alter I did as a child. I tie-dyed a work shirt of my grandfather’s. It was so huge on me it was practically a dress. He had passed away a few years previously and it was one of the few things I still had of his. I slowly grew into the t-shirt and slowly wore it out. By the time I hit high school the t-shirt was rags but I will never forget how many times I thought of my pappa when I wore that shirt with pride.

  5. My favorite tshirt makeover was 2 part fun project. First I tie-dyed a white tee in a spiral with pink & yellow dye. Then I cut the hems off the sleeves, collar and bottom. I reused the bottom hem plus some of the length to make a casing for the collar and strung the extra fabric thru as a lace with a bow to make a peasant style top. I wear it at least once a week!
    jessmusumarra (at) hotmail (dot) com

  6. My favourite TShirt is one my sister bought for me from a Johnny Reid concert and it has my favourite song of his on the front – Today I’m Going to Try and Change the Word. Its my mantra.
    I’m following you already, will FB and Tweet this.
    GREAT looking book Cathie!!!

  7. My favorite tee was stained (I really need to eat/drink with a bib). I was using an indigo vat, so I did some shibori stitching and threw it in. It turned out beautifully and the stains are hidden. Looking forward to your book. Congrats!

  8. All of my old concert t-shirts were sewn onto a single bed size quilt. It is so much fun to take it out and show my kids the types of concerts I went to and the collection of shirts I had to show for it!

  9. I am attempting to make a t-shirt shrug with one of my ratty old t-shirts. I’ve been searching for a shrug but, couldn’t find the lenght or color. If this project works out, I can do a dye-to-match.

    The peacock shirt is adorable. I would love to try a large painting project like that.

  10. I made my first t-shirt when I was a little girl…I tie dyed with my Mom!

    I love that first shirt project with the color fade and the vintage birdy

  11. I used to make Painted & Cross-Stitched shirts a long time ago!! The hardest one I ever made was a cross-stiched Football player that I made for my son!! It was 18 thread count, and I had a devil of a time getting all of the excess sizing off, as I stitch so tightly!! lol I don’t have the eye sight or the patience or the steady hand to do anything like this any more, but it was definitely a labor of love!! Thanks so much for a chance to win!!

  12. My favorite t-shirt is one I embroidered for my mom with a vintage Simplicity pattern transfer: a camel in the desert with a pyramid in the background. She loved it!

  13. My favorite Tee shirt is the light blue one I made my daughter when she was pregnant with her son. It was shirred on the sides and I added a fabric flower I made to the v area to gussey it up.

  14. I love altering T’s!
    I recently meshed a T-shirt with a Mexican Peasant shirt. It was a great way to make the boxy blouse into a more fitted blouse!

  15. This is such perfect timing as I am ready to create t-shirts that i both like and fit nicely!!
    Thanks so kindly for the opportunity!

  16. I made one of my old T’s into a nightgown for my daughter by cutting off the sleeves and tying the shoulder area. The only thing I have left to do is stitch up the armhole a little and it’s done.

  17. I love this book! My favorite remake on a t-shirt was when I used a carved potato stamp and used dishwasher detergent to bleach out the color. It looked real good and I wore it for years!

  18. i went back to the 80’s and cut the sleeves and bottom of my shirt and did the beads and feathers with the knot at the bottom. used some iron on letters to spell out”spoiled brat” and gave it to my daughter

  19. I made some shirts with fabric ironed on and paint over the fabric. I had fun making those!
    llmedeiros at aol dot com

  20. My favorite t-shirt make over was actually 15 shirts! I was an assistant volunteer dance teacher for my church’s 5-9 year old dancers. I was in college & loved to craft, but short on cash being a full time student. The opposite was true for the head teacher. She bought t’s for all the kids & I printed out iron on dancers and each girl’s name. I did all the assembly & of course added glitter. I didn’t have a good place inside to shake off the excess, so I did it outside where there was over a foot of snow. The next morning. The snow glittered! I’ll never forget the priceless looks on the girl’s faces when they opened their Christmas presents! For some of the girls this filled a gap for their parents who couldn’t afford a lot of presents. The kids wore them all the time & I loved seeing it!

  21. Every summer my mother would get together some old tees or we would go to the thrift store and buy some. Then we would get to pick out our colors and tye-dye them. Such fun for my brothers and I! 🙂 *Courtney
    csanfo1 @ yahoo. com

  22. My favorite T-shirt is a go-to plain black T. What I would love to do is to get a whole stack of them and then add to them and alter them in various ways.

  23. My favorite T-shirts i have made were for my son. One I did in the form of subway art using paint pens listing his stellar qualities and year of birth. And the other one had a bike design on it using washers for the wheels. An idea I got from I Am Mama Hear Me Roar http://iammommahearmeroar.blogspot.com/2010/03/born-to-ride.html
    Not identical but a good creative starting point for what I had in mind.
    Can’t wait to see the 101 Tees since t-shirts are a staple in our household!

  24. White tee had stains, my daughter used the stains and sharpies did artwork. Everyone asks were I got my tee when I wear it!

  25. so far it’s been one with diy rosettes, but i see so many more in your book that i want to try! i’m also a follower & my email addy is crystalbeshear @ yahoo.ca – big hugs & thanks for the chance sweetie!

  26. I haven’t ever altered any tees, although I really really want to! I’ve got a stash of them, sitting around waiting for genius to arrive & tell me exactly what to do!

  27. I took a school t-shirt of my husbands & turned it into an a-line dress that tied at the shoulder for my daughter. She wore it to an “olympics” contest held between all of the physical therapy schools in TX & cheered Daddy on to a few victories.

  28. I take my daughters tees that get too short and add a skirt, gives them a whole new look, and a saves me money on clothes during growth spurts.

    mysticbutterfly1014 @ yahoo.com

  29. I frequently dress in monochromatic outfits so I can layer my jewelry, scarves, and accessories all over. BUT I tend to get stains on said monochromatic shirts and tees, which necessitates a coverup, kinda like Watergate. I then buy a new top to go with the unstained parts of the outfit. On a day that I don’t have time to accessorize, I pull out the fancy shirt. True story!

  30. I tie dyed about a dozen tshirts with my daughters and used the two adult XL shirts to make them each a pair of yoga pants. They love them so much that I have to bribe them to take them off long enough to wash them.

  31. I would have to say that my favorite t-shirt make-over has been tie-dying and applique. Kind of old school. Looking forward to your book to get some new ideas!

  32. My favorite thing that I did to a T-shirt was to tie dye it. I used a white T-shirt and a beautiful blue color. I made rosettes up the sleeves and around the neckline. Sweet! But even more wonderful is this giveaway you’re doing!!!!! WOW I would love to give some tees a new life, not to mention the little iron (I’ve been wanting one so bad) and the glue gun finger cap, etc, etc, etc. Oh my goodness but I’d love to win all of the above.

    Hugs XX

  33. When I was in college (mumble mumble years ago) we did tons of tie-dye shirts. I had a purple one I loved. Now I’d like to add some embellishments to plain tees–ruffles, flowers, etc.

  34. i like the tshirt dress I made :)I am on your facebook friends list if you can’t find me .

  35. ok…. just saw that super de duper grey shirt with the polka dots… can’t tell from here what it is but it is stinking cute and now i wanna make one. I need that book….. please pick me, pick me!!!!

  36. That book looks amazing. I love t-shirts and can tend to be a bit of a hoarder! My favorite recycled tee projects are making t-shirt blankets out of old shirts.