You could be a winner! 101 Tees Giveaway!

101 Tees just released {{happy dance}} and to celebrate, I am giving-away signed copies, crafty goodies and Hot Glue Gun Helper finger caps.  Visit this link to view all the posts about the book!

sneak peek!

Can’t wait to win the book?
You can find it here….
This weeks loot is a $50 value!

Hot Glue Gun Helper Finger Cap

What to do?

To enter: Leave a comment about your favorite t-shirt or a tee makeover that you have done!

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Contest Ends: August 21, 2011 at midnight! 

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  1. michelle percey says:

    ohhhh i hope i get it!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I needed a quick bumble bee costume for myself & my son. We grabbed a couple of black & yellow t-shirts, cut them up, swapped the stripes & sewed them back together.

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  4. sorry I misspelled my address

    My fav t-shirt is the one my cousin made for her wedding! It had two small birds in love and the couple’s initials and it was super romantic!!!

    Thanks for this chance!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    What a wonderful package !!! Would love to win it!
    The only t-shirt make over I did was to transform an old t-shirt into a purse….can’t wait to do more things !! Thank you for the give away!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    shared on twitter too!!/NezzyL

    Thanks again!!

  7. I shared this at my blog:

  8. And my favorite t-shirt refashion was turning a striped long-sleeve tee into a Christmas stocking with the curvy elf-type toe!

  9. This book looks amazing!!! The only thing I have done so far was remove the trip and cuffs from a different shirt and add them to an existing shirt. But I would LOVE 101 other ideas – thanks! bugruder at gmail dot com

  10. i had an awesome jersey material tie dye skirt that I needed a shirt for. I found a jersey sheet set that was the perfect color. I made fabric flowers out of one of the sheets and sewed them to a white tee. They were awesome!


  11. I’ve only made one change to a t-shirt so far, and that was cutting off the collar and making it a V-neck.

  12. I’m a follower of your blog!

  13. My kids love learning skills they can apply to real life situations. One of my girls was given a t-shirt that was too small to be comfortable for her to wear and so we cut it up and made it work. She was able to wear the shirt but in a way that worked for her style choice.

    We love that you have come up with new ways to restyle shirts, that works for adults and teens alike. We look forward to reading more about your new projects and books and would love to win a copy of this book.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I love the happie bird tee so cute but I’m a bird lover. I just love you and Steve I watch you guys all the time I have set to record so I never miss anything. Thanks for a chance to win

  15. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been a follower Love you guys


  16. wHAT A gREAT gIVEAWAY! My favorite design where the ones I did for my daughters birthday party give a way gifts! I used the plaid peace sign stencil

  17. Following this blog!

  18. My favorite tee recycle was something I made for my girls. When they were little they loved wearing my husband’s tees as nightgowns, so I used fusible web and stuck pretty fabric appliques on the shirts, used glue-on jewels, and put ruffles around the bottom and on the sleeves. They loved the new nighties…needless to say my husband was no longer interested in wearing the shirts himself. 😉

  19. I’m also a follower of your blog. 🙂

  20. I love making kids clothes with old t-shirts. My next project is to try and make a patchwork recycled t for myself

  21. i follow your blog

  22. I tweeted.!/mirja74

    mirja74 (at)

  23. My favorite tees were a couple of years ago when I decided my kids and I really needed to tiedye! I got us each 2 tees and 5 different colors of dye. We got out the rubber bands and went to town! I still have the kids’ tees, even though they grew out of them, because it’s such a great memory, and yes, I still where mine to this day!!
    jwitt33 at live dot com

  24. I am a blog follower and an email subscriber.
    jwitt33 at live dot com

  25. I just attempted my first t-shirt makeover! I made a shrug out of an old t-shirt. It’s a bit rough but, I have a taste for re-dos and a need for decent equipment. 🙂

  26. I turn my old T’s into nightgowns for my daughter. We also dyed one with tea once- that was fun.

  27. I’m following your blog.

  28. That would be my awesome maternity top which upon my daughter’s request became her dress and when we got tired of it as a dress I turned into a beautiful flowy skirt for her. Now, that’s up-cycling in my book 😉

  29. My favorite tee-shirt project, even after 35 years, is my first attempt at tie-dying. My college roommates and I had little money for Christmas gifts, so all of us made tie-dye t-shirts for our family members. My dad wore his at least once whenever I was home (along with his love beads). I inherited both when he died 6 years ago and often wear them myself.

  30. I posted to FB — and asked my college roommates to chime in.

  31. Wow! That is some giveaway! The last time I tried to makeover a t-shirt with stains it ended up in the rag bag. I need some more practice….

  32. I don’t know if my comment saved so I’ll try it again:

    This is awesome! My favorite t-shirt is filled with holes and stains but I can’t give up the ghost. I will have it until it falls from my body…

  33. I guess I’m new at t-shirt makeovers…I tried once to turn my favorite tee into a pillow and it wasn’t exactly a success, but I’d love to try new ideas! Thanks!

  34. I have done several t-shirt revamps. I am currently saving up special t-shirts that are getting a little battered for a quilt. My favorite is a Cats t-shirt (from the musical) that I slashed up on the sleeves and lower torso part. I thought all of the slashes worked well with the Cats motif. I get compliments on it every time I wear it. 🙂 I would love to get some more ideas from your book. Thanks for the giveaway!

  35. i just makeover a long sleeve shirt into sleeveless because the sleeve have a hole and i love the shirt. I don’t like to throw the shirt so I just turn it into sleeveless so it can still be wear. perfect for summer season

    gustosagiveaways atymaildotcom

  36. gfc follower
    gustosagiveaways atymaildotcom

  37. My recent project and favorite shirt I have done was for my neighbor. He gave me a white and pink thick striped shirt (loved that he rocked the pink) that he was getting bored of. He asked if I could do anything to make him love it again. I’m a crafty person, so I was excited to take this project I have never done before. I don’t know why, but this shirt reminded me of Charlie Brown, which inspired me. The shirt definitely needed a image on the front. With Charlie Brown in my head and the urge to make the shirt have a punk style; I sketched a punk version head of Charlie Brown. He had more hair that was scruffy, conniving eyes, a nose ring and his tongue stuck out. I took a black fabric marker and drew that bad boy onto the shirt. Then I outlined the pink lines with black. But something was missing, and then a another random inspiration came up. When I think of the word “PUNK” I also think of a British guy. When a British guys gets angry at someone (no offense) the say “Piss off”. So on the back right side of the shirt at the bottom I wrote “Piss Off”. Completely random, I know, but it was a lot of fun. The shirt came out awesome, I would have kept it if he didn’t want it. He liked it so much that he gave me more shirts to change. It doesn’t seem fair to use a black fabric marker again. Once I saw your 101 Tees I thought this defiantly is my next craft book and obviously the book to help me get through the next 5 t-shirts. :-)I hope you enjoyed my story and I hope to win 🙂 Thank you.

  38. My favorite tshirt is one I bought years ago, it’s hot pink and always makes me smile when I wear it 🙂

  39. I retweeted your tweet about the giveaway! (Southerndollie is my twitter)

  40. I love the “moustache” shirt in the 101 T’s book. Clever and it makes me giggle.

  41. I make T shirt for my Mother in law, she likes the iron on appliques and I use the puffy fabric paint to highlight them..

  42. Anonymous says:

    Thank-you for a very thoughtful giveaway.
    Landing pads on my T shirt..not fashion statements but shoulder pads to protect me from my pet bird. He considers me his mobile tree and loves to be in on the action from the best vantage point:) jil weftandwarp (at) hotmail (dot) com

  43. My make over was for my granddaughter(age 4)…she loves wearing dresses/skirts, so I cut a t-shirt and made her a skirt. I decorated with a Clorox pen. She loves it.

  44. Anonymous says:

    My favortie t-shirt remodel was one of my husbands t-shirts that he never wore, I turned it into a tank top shirt that I can wear to the gym (since it is two sizes too big—I can’t stand tight clothes when I work out). It is super comfy and it motivates me to never to be able to fit into it (hehe).


  45. Back in the day….I made a cross-stitch sweatshirt for my Mom with Beautiful Roses, she loved it!! This is an Awesome Giveaway!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  46. Twittered!

    My favourite T-shirt makeover…


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  48. I think my favorite t-shirt recycle that I have done is to turn them into teddy bear underwear… complete with a little hole for the bears tail to stick out. I like to do this with characters on the legs for my boys’ to dress up their bears with.

  49. I now follow you on Facebook. 😀

  50. My favourite T is one I actually stole from my best friends mum (She knows I have it, she doesn’t mind at all hehehe)! It’s a Roger Waters T with a freaky comic on the front.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  51. Anonymous says:

    I follow your blog…thanks.


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  54. Actually, I have never done any sort of t-shirt transformation, so your book would be perfect to get me started.

  55. I have created several T-Shirt makeovers,but my all time favorite t-shirt makeover would have to be when I turned an extra large T-shirt into a dress with pockets…check it out here:

    Thank you for the chance to win! (Pick me, pick me, pick me)!

  56. my fav shirts I have done have been bleach pin shirts for my boys, super easy and just their style

  57. following the blog! Super excited to find your blog today when I discovered your book on the blog I am Momma hear me roar.