The Filian Family: We’re Adopting!

Eddie and I are so excited to announce that we are adopting!  We still have lots of details to work out – but we have finalized the decision to adopt and now we just need to figure out what what works best for us.  So many options!

The first thing is getting the house ready for home inspection.  We have lots of DIY projects planned and some that we have even started.  We will be blogging the whole process so pop back to see our progress and to hear our experience.

We know this next year is going to be filled with many ups and downs.  We are buckling up and going on a ride.  First stop…. agencies and a sit down with the state of California.  Oh crap – I just got nervous.

Cathie and Eddie (aka soon to be parents)


  1. Congratulations! What a huge and wonderful decision!

  2. How exciting! What a wonderful decision! Hope its a smooth ride for you both 🙂

  3. Congratulations on your journey to motherhood! It is a rewarding experience, and children are amazing teachers.

  4. I can’t imagine a better Mommy! How blessed this little angel will be to come into your life. I am so happy for you and your hubby 🙂 sending happy Love! Jewels

  5. Congratulations. I am so looking forward to following your journey.

  6. Being adopted myself, I can’t tell you how wonderful I think this is; good for you! And best wishes. You guys will be great parents.

  7. Congrats! It is a very rewarding experience! There will come a time that you won’t be able to remember life without them 🙂

  8. Congratulations!

  9. As the adoptive Mom of two, I can tell you there is no greater joy in life.

  10. Congratulations! When a former co-worker adopted her two boys (Twins!) it was a wonderful and sometimes frustrating process. Make sure you have a good support system for yourself if you find yourself in a situation where you need to vent a little (for EX. the Judge didn’t understand my friend’s IT job and told her to consider getting a better job like her husband’s. The fact is, she makes more money and has more responsibility at her job than her husband!) Everything worked out for the best and they have a lovely family.

  11. You will be a great mom…

  12. That’s so exciting! My brother-in-law and his wife just went through the adoption process. It’s scary, but exciting, and their adoption was just finalized last week.

  13. WAHOOO very very exciting….
    Mary Farrington

  14. Really excited for you two and know you will make wonderful parents! Please blog about the details – for those of us who are adoption curious. Best of luck!

    • I know….tons of info out there….but not the info I was looking for. We were going to keep it a secret until we had solid plans. But after researching we decided to blog the whole process and hopefully help others at the same time. xo

  15. OMG! SO excited for you Cathie! Congratulations!!!!

  16. HOORAY! You will be fabulous parents.


  17. You know I am over the moon for you two and your families. Praying for a calm, smooth and blessed adoption. Kids make all the difference in your life. Especially the ones with skin. We love you! Deb

    I am an adopted child and I always felt special!! My parents were my life! Also, I have placed a child for I know the love it takes to “let go”.
    Blessings to all..may your journey to parenthood be joyful!!!

  19. Congratulations! We adopted from California 9 years ago and it was the best decision we ever made!

  20. Oh Cathie how wonderful!!! Congrats to you & Eddie, what a beautiful Valentines gift! You will make a great Mommy!

  21. ~*That is such a loving thing to do Cathie and Eddie!*~
    🙂 I am looking forward to reading about your updates and I hope that you both have a really great time with this process. Sending my good wishes for a blessed and talented child who will cheer your hearts and be fun to play with!

  22. Thanks sooooo much for the well wishes. We are super excited to dive in!

  23. Congratulations! The child will be blessed to have you as a mummy!

  24. Congrats! Know you both will be awesome parents! Happy for you both!

  25. Congrats! That’s so exciting!

  26. Whar exciting news! Congratulations!!!

  27. This is such great news! Go team Filian!

  28. Best wishes! Your child will be so lucky to have a crafty mama!

  29. Congratulations!!

  30. Congratulations Cathie!!! So happy for you and Eddie! We need to make some Mod Podge t-shirts for babies . . . . xo

  31. Congratulations and best wishes!

  32. This is wonderful news Cathie. As an adopted child myself, I can’t think of a more precious gift to give a child then loving parents and a happy home. Congratulations.

  33. Congratulations Cathie!! Both of you will make wonderful parents!!