The Filian Family: The Baby Room Makeover Begins….

 Before….. Where do we begin?  

When we bought our new house it was bank owned and a huge mess.  We did so much work inside and out that by the time we got around to finishing the 1/2 renovated “guest” bedroom we were tuckered out.  We ignored the room – we looked past the 1/2 finished molding, the non painted walls and basically used it as a storage room.  We kept filling the room with old furniture, tubs of photos, papers, extra supplies, tv props…..basically anything that didn’t have a home, got moved into the guest bedroom.

Now our “Guest Bedroom” is going to be the baby’s room and we have got to get it prepped for our home evaluations. This is a huge chore and we are eager to get started because we have tons to clean, sort and redo.  Thanks Clorox for Green Works…we will have this room whipped up in no time and toxic free.  We will be scrubbing and Steve is going to be painting the room top to bottom for us.  Stay tuned for the color!

I love this chest and we are hoping to use it in the Little Filian’s room.  I bought this at a antique store in OKC for $100 before moving to New York City.  While I was away filming Twister, my dad painted it green for me.  I think he thought it was nuts that I wanted it to be that color.  I loved it.  After my time in NYC, I moved it to Los Angeles with me (one of the only things I brought) and I still love it.  We decided to paint it high gloss white to go with the baby crib and changer we picked out….(stay tuned for a post on that).

The priming begins! – wow is avocado green hard to cover.

We are also painting a little side table to use next to our rocker.  Since we don’t know if we will have boy or girl we decided to wait and paint the table a bold glossy color once we know.

This awesome hutch had to find a new home and I could not be happier with where she is.  A husband and wife artist team from Arizona picked it up from us last week.  They make pottery and jewelry and it is going to be perfect for them.  I am planning on setting up the changing station where this hutch was….so it will be the stinky corner!

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xo cathie


  1. What a great way to bring your history and warmth into the room! Can’t wait to see how Steve paints it!

  2. I want the hutch!! It is beautiful and I have absolutely no room for it anywhere but it is gorgeous. I’m going to bug Steve about the colors cause I need to get busy, hehe. Love the Bella spread too. Knock em dead today baby girl!

  3. Don’t worrry about having it done before the home study– the social worker won’t care. My SW said all she need to know is that I had electricity and running water….messiness and clutter are real life……and they don’t expect you to have a room ready to go 🙂

  4. What a lucky baby….

  5. Oh,how could you part with that beautiful tall,huge cabinet??? That would be so perfect in a craft room! I shall enjoy watching your room transformation!
    Lee in Texas

  6. I know….it was hard. But I really had no room. My studio is filled to the rim and I just finished making it over. I am really happy that it went to a good home…is that dorky?


  8. Beautiful hutch, would never depart with so much wonderful space to tuck in all my art supplies:)

    I am glad to see that commercial companies are going green, but I still use only vinegar and washing soda. Works the best and is the greenest.

    • I use vinegar too and newspaper for my windows. Hubby hates the vinegar smell – so I have to do it while he is away.

      I would have kept the hutch – but I don’t have a drop of space left in my craft room. It went to a good home!

  9. oh good Lord! what a hutch! i think i have died and gone to heaven! the room is going to be AWESOME!

    m ^..^