Thrift Store Makeover = Modern Faux Stained Glass

Traditionally Poppy Vase
Using Gallery Glass is such a quick and easy way to revamp a vase.  For this technique I used the Redi-Lead strips to create the look of stained glass.

Sided glass vase
Craft knife
Gallery Glass ® Redi-Lead Strips – Regular
Gallery Glass ® Window Color – Turquoise

1. Wash and dry the glass vase.

2. Following the upper and lower edge of the base, adhere a strip of instant lead lines to the vase. Trim the ends with the knife.

3. Create a channel for the gallery glass by adding two instant lead lines down the center of each side of the vase.

4. Working in the channel created in step three, apply the gallery glass to the vase. Begin by applying the paint directly from the bottle, follow around the lead lines. Use the tip of the bottle to drag the paint back and forth filling in the channel. Allow to dry. You might need to paint in sections, allowing them to dry prior to painting the next channel.