Simply Cranberry and Kumquat Cocktails – Simply Yummy!

Eddie loves vodka, so I experimented with a variety of flavors and settled on Simply Cranberry Cocktail mixed with vodka and enhanced with a squeeze of lime and dash of kumquat. I used the 59oz bottle since I was making lots of servings. You can get a smaller/single serving version (13.5oz) for on-the-go, and if you love the other Simply beverages, you won’t want to miss Simply Cranberry Cocktail.

Of course – I had to craft a cocktail stir stick for the drinks. I used pink, yellow and orange felt flowers. I picked these colors to match the cocktail. I hot glued them in layers to a skewer. I added a pink rhinestone to the center for a pop of sparkle. I made the skewers a few days in advance of the picture night.

The first step was skewering kumquats. I added three per stick. Note: you can freeze kumquats for an extra pop of cold. 

For the drink I mixed:
4 ounces of Simply Cranberry Cocktail
1/2 ounce of Vodka (you can add more)
Squeeze of lime wedge
Squeeze of kumquat
Served over 3 large ice cubes.
Garnished with kumquat felt flower skewer.
Enjoyed by all!


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