I took one look at our line for Mod Podge at Michaels and I burst into tears.

 (you can learn about the Podgeables at this blog post.)

To say that I feel happy (and tired) is pretty much and understatement.  Our line for Mod Podge has been a work-in-progress for so long that I hardly remember when it began. (I think it was 2007)

You can imagine the moment, when I first saw the packages being set in Michaels.  I burst into uncontrollable tears.  Thankfully the store had just opened and I don’t think anyone saw me.

Sometimes the journey to get somewhere takes longer than you might originally predict… as this has happened with me many times….{{you can read about how I am most proud of my failures here.}}

And sometimes, even though it took longer than expected, the timing is just right….and all the bottles of Mod Podge and jars of glitter line up perfectly. 

Look for our new goodies at every Micheals in the USA and Canada.

Find them here:

Right now…..on the glue aisle end cap.
By Mid-June…..in the glue aisle.

Follow me on this adventure here and here.


  1. Wow how exciting for you, congratulations…I am a Mod Podge junkie (I have recently written a blog post on shoes I upcycled using Mod Podge) so wish I could get some of these but not sure where to get them in the UK as we don’t have a Michaels here 🙁 Are they available on Amazon? They look great!