Book Giveaway: Mod Podge Rocks

Mod Podge Does Rock! 

In a toast to our pal, Amy Anderson and all the awesome contributing designers, we are giving away a copy of the new book, Mod Podge Rocks.

Amy is a Mod Podge lover and expert.  In the book she walks you though all the different formulas and techniques for successful Podging.  She writes and designs with style and humor and I just adore her and all she does!

The designs are current yet classic at the same time.  The book has more than 40+ projects – everything from home decorating and jewelry to Halloween and Christmas ideas.

Y’all probably already know about Amy and her blog…but if not, please take a moment to check her out.

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Leave a comment: Tell us why you love Mod Podge or what you would make with Mod Podge.

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Contest ends on: JUNE 30th at midnight! 🙂

Winner: Winner will be announced on July 1st.  I will email the winner and will need a response back with a ship to address within 72 hours of emailing.  If I don’t hear back I will pick another winner.

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  1. Mod Podge is always my 1st choice and I use it as often as I can, especially for paper or fabric projects!

  2. I NEEDZ this, LOL.

  3. I love Mod Podge because I can do so many things with it!

  4. I already follow you on Facebook. I love mod podge and use it every day for glue, sealer, transfers etc etc.

  5. Jewelry, I always make jewelry.

  6. I already like you on Facebook.

  7. I love MP and use it all the time. Just started a new raw wood decoupage and am enjoying mixing up glitter with the MP.

  8. I follow FB too. And I use Mod Podge for everything!!!

  9. I love Mod Podge! I love using it to seal anything. I particularly like using it on large MDF letters that I cover with scrapbook paper.

  10. I really want to check out this book…looks awesome! I love Mod Podge b/c it is SO versatile! You can do so many awesome things with this product.

    Jessica Dougherty

  11. Mod Podge is an amazing medium for all sorts of crafts, but I’ve been using it, lately, to make decorations for my dollhouse!!

  12. I like your Facebook page! Thanks for the chance to win.

    Jessica Dougherty

  13. Shelley says:

    I liked you! I love all kinds of crafts,but modge podge the best

  14. I would refurbish my $10 LACK table from Ikea. It’s the best way to update my decor on an affordable budget, and a channel for creativity! Fun and economical- what’s betteer?

  15. Love Mod Podge because it is so versatile and works with any medium

  16. I love Mid Podge! I’ve used it extensively from crafts and gifts to home decor and decorations for my daughter’s wedding! Can I get it in gallon jug size anywhere?

  17. And already liked you on fb!

  18. I am a fan of your Fb page.
    I love that there is NO END to the things one can do with ModPodge.

    I used to use it over greeting card images and paper napkins.
    I have moved on to decorating furniture.

  19. Mod Podge is my ‘go to’ craft supply for so many applications. I love that there are many versions to choose from, my favourite being matte. I’ve been using Mod Podge since the 80’s and I don’t recall a single moment since when I didn’t have at least one container of Mod Podge, but usually several. Being that I’m chemically sensitive, I especially love that Mod Podge is non-toxic , has almost no odor and that it cleans up very easily, requiring only mild soap and water. It will always be a main staple within my crafting arsenal.

  20. Thank you for this giveaway!
    I like you on fb

    I love to craft with modpodge! I like to take old cans and cover them with tissue paper and plant herbs!

    Thanks again!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Modge Podge is a historical thing for me. I remember using it as a child and now as an adult. I love it because it is easy to use, has an easy clean up, and never fails to do the job just right!

  22. Modge Podge has grown up with me and my son. It gives us hours of entertainment along with a funky house and tons of gifts. It has helped us create comic book tables, computer desks, keepsake boxes, and tons of other great things….. next thing we are going to tackle…. the washer and dryer!

  23. grammarchick says:

    I just started using it on hand-painted masks that I’ve been making…and I’d love to make some jewelry!

  24. I used Modge Podge to make a gift for my son’s teacher!

  25. I have all sorts of Modge Podge at home because I use it all the time – from jazzing up my bedside table to jewelry to Christmas ornaments. I am already a fan on FB and I’ve been bugging the ladies at my local Michael’s about Saturday’s “make and take”.

  26. Already “liked” on FB! Thanks

  27. I love to work with Mod Podge. I made an awesome Christmas and Halloween Advent calendar for my grandkids. It is so easy to use for everything.

    Thank you, Kathleen Jones

  28. I am a fan of FaceBook and follow on Pinterest too. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome book. Kathleen Jones

  29. My finished projects include my grandkids’ names, a table top, and next on the list is coasters with pictures on them. Anyone done this and have any tips?

  30. Anonymous says:

    I liked your FB page.

  31. Anonymous says:

    I love Modge Podge because it is a great sealer and I use it on cigar box purses.

  32. OMGoodness Cathie what a stupendous giveaway! I would love to make a lot of different things with Mod Podge, jewelry, mixed media etc. Pick me! Pick me!

  33. I LOVE Mod Podge! I like using it in mixed media projects.
    donna underscore lynn underscore woods at

  34. I am currently making “Goodie Bags” out of empty paint cans for a regional club meeting. Using Mod Podge to cover cans with copies of photos and logo. I love it because it works on so many surfaces!

  35. I would love to try the Mod Podge boots (or maybe shoes). I think my daughter would love them. Thanks for the chance to win!

  36. What I love most about Mod Podge is how it can dress up – fancy up – glitter up – almost anything I can put my hands on. I’ve never liked plain things, and I’ve been known to pay extra for something with prettier packaging. Because what’s the point of having something if it doesn’t make you happy to see it? I love the Hard Coat formula the most – I’m a sucker for a satin finish!

  37. I have *NEVER* used Mod Podge that’s why I *NEED* to win this book so I can learn all about it. 🙂 LOL

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  38. I have a train case that I really want to embellish with Mod Podge! Thanks for the chance to win!

  39. I have made jewlery for my little girl…but I want to learn how to do more…I want to upcycle furniture with mod podge show me how…pick me pick me!!

  40. I like Mod Podge because it lets you take an ordinary thing and turn it into something exciting and unexpected!


  41. I liked your facebook page!

    Danielle Gerstenberger

  42. I need to make some pendants using the demenional magic, scrabble tiles and the grandkids school pics.

  43. I liked your fb page.

  44. Love Mod Podge and my FAVORITE is SPARKLE ~ anytime I can use it I do!!
    Lovin’ all the new Mod Podge products y’all just came out with as well!

  45. I love that you don’t have to be super neat with Mod Podge!! Dries clear which means the messy areas dry clear too! Win/Win!!!

  46. Anonymous says:

    I love books, I love mod podge, i love crafting. Hum I bet I would really love a book an crafting with Mod Podge.

  47. Mod Podge!!! As a new art teacher, I could use it for everything!!!! ~Thanks!

  48. Mod Podge has AWESOME waterproofing capabilities. I use it to seal my domino necklaces!

  49. I am planning my next MP project now – canvas collages, I think. I love the stuff!

  50. I am following you on Facebook now.

  51. Annette Deardurff says:

    Already liked you on FB – want to do collages with my granddaughters this summer when they visit and mod Podge is what we will be using!!!!

  52. I generally use it like glue on everything, and even on my fabric crafts! It’s a lovely medium.

  53. Love mod podge!

  54. I’ll be honest I have not used Mod podge products yet but plan to. The book would help me with starting a new project. Wonder how I can use it in puppet making? perhaps eyes and noses would be a option. I’ll have to test it out and tell all my puppet friends.

  55. Boy, could I use this book!

  56. ModPodge for me is my first go to to for most of my mixed media and art that I do! This book is exactly what I want to see all kinds of inspiration and new things to do!!!!!!!!!

  57. OOOOOO please could I win!!! I love Mod Podge! I have just liked your facebook page and also have recently done a blog post about your Mod Podge turning 45 post.I really love your blog! xx P xx

  58. I use MP Gloss on lots of different things and am saving my pennies for the little multi-pack and MP Glitter – lots of ideas in my head – I think the book will help get me centered and actually complete a project…or give me more ideas! We’ll have to see…..

  59. I grew up with Mod Podge, and to this day at the age of 30 it’s still my go-to medium for crafting! =D

  60. I’ve Liked you FB page for some time now =D

  61. I “LIKED” your Facebook page. 🙂

  62. I Love Mod Podge because it is the most versatile medium for mixed media art work. 🙂

  63. Mod Podge is a great childhood memory for me! We use to decoupage pictures we cut from magazines on to wood blocks! Currently I’m decoupaging notebook compositions for friends and would really love to have this book to get great ideas from so I could do more with my Mod Podge! <3

    ~Vanessa W

  64. Honestly I haven’t thought about Mod Podge in years! I am now a volunteer arts & craft instructor for a program in my town and would love to introduce Mod Podge this summer and this book would be a great start!

  65. I’m already a fan of yours on facebook and in fact I left you some love on your wall:)

    ~Vanessa W

  66. I just started playing around with Mod Podge, due to all of your MP enthusiasm! I am also a bibliophile and would love to have a hard copy book of ideas to refer to. The internet has a vast wealth of knowledge, but sometimes nothing beats a good, ol’ book!

    Courtney Zepeda-Hawkes

  67. I already like the FB page too!


  68. I really haven’t “podged” in quite awhile, but I am excited to get started again. Your enthusiasm is really rubbing off!!!
    amidkmpr at msn dot com

  69. I am a new follower of your facebook page and your blog, too!!! Yay!

  70. I use mod podge in almost all of my projects from scrapbooking to resurfacing furniture and Love, love, love it!

  71. MichelleP says:

    I am so new to modge podge, i bought my first bottle last week and havent used it yet. I’m a little nervous about starting this new craft sensation!

  72. I love Mod Podge, I use it to seal my sculptures! Great material. Robert 🙂

  73. I love using Mod Podge to finish off projects with! Sometimes I’ll add some glitter to mix. I’ve made a wonderful treasure box with mine. I love the different variety of glazes now out! I can’t wait to learn more tips of the Mod Podge way!

  74. I am fairly new to Mod Podge and what’s really funny is I always thought it was pronounced Modge Podge and that’s the way I’ve been saying it. I would like to make some jewelry or some things to hang on the wall.

  75. mod podge goes with everything!!! A dab will do ya.

  76. i use the satin mod-podge in all of my mixed media artwork! buy it online by the gallon! -paperprayers(at)

  77. Already joined your fb page!

  78. I like that there’s different formulations of Mod Podge. Something for every type of crafter and medium!

  79. I Love Mod Podge ^_^

  80. I find myself reaching for Mod Podge more and more these days… it handles a multitude of crafting needs… I can’t imagine a world without Mod Podge!

  81. I use Mod Podge to create art books. When I go to a scrapbook class, I put an example in the book and use the art book for future reference. I also use Mod Podge to create shadow boxes — It is an awesome product.

  82. Anonymous says:

    LOVE IT!!!

  83. This stuff is great for alot of things, I use it on wood, glass and anything else I can think of.

    I always keep at least 2 bottles on hand at all times

  84. i love it for ATC’S, for paper on glass, for making paper beads, it’s great you have different formulas! and i want to try new things as soon as i get my hands on those new products!

  85. That is one gorgeous book! It would compliment my craftroom nicely!!! Thanks for the chance!!

  86. I can wait to see the Mod Podge book, 🙂
    So many good ideals love it…
    I love doing craft stuff with my children.
    Know more then ever, they are out of school. keeping them crafty…..
    Mod Podge Rocks.

  87. oh for heavens sake! Of course this book is a MUST HAVE for ME!
    I used to Mod Podge years ago, in the 70’s. ex: find a cool picture from a magazine, burn the edges and then “Modge” it (several layers) on to a dark stain piece of wood! WOW instant Art!
    It was on the shelf for awhile but now my latest is a Thank you gift creation; collection of photos in a collage print, paint a board black, “Modge” the collage photo print on to board, add two eye hooks to the top and a cute ribbon for hanging! Totally personal and so cute!
    I’m so glad you have brought “Modging” back into the future for me!

  88. looks great! I would use for home decor

  89. I’ve been using Mod Podge since my daughter was a baby. There are a million uses for this great product!

  90. I think I might decorate a sewing machine case!

  91. I love Mod Podge because there is nothing you can’t do with it. Image transfer, I have used it to add glitter to projects so it’s sticks ( I have used it to adhere paper to chip boards ( Love everything about Mod Podge!

  92. I love mod podge! I need to finish my frames.

  93. I like Modge Podge because I can make my own digital scrapbooking paper and stick it to almost anything for a new look.

  94. awesome giveaway!!!!
    I like Modge Podge, and have used it for ATC’s in the past.
    but would love to win a book to learn other uses for the stuff!!!!

  95. I am following you on facebook!! :O)

  96. I used shoe boxes to store a lot of rabdom stuff in my closet – I’d love to mod podge them so they all match and look nice!

  97. I liked you on facebook. 🙂

  98. I am going to decoupage my vintage wooden desk top. It is a lovely wooden desk, minus the laminate top. Modge Podge will fix that though.

  99. Was so great to find you and Steve again on Facebook after so long and then to find you inspiring us with Mod Podge was just the topping on the sundae!I am just beginning to explore it’s potential with some of it’s variations.The biggest surprise I found was that it made a good substiute on a canvas I was doing instead of gel medium which is much more expensive and cleaned up better for me too.Yay.Can’t wait to see what else I can do with it.

  100. I used to use it all the time but drifted away from it as an artist. However, I continued to use it as a teacher because it is so kid friendly. I was pleasantly surprised at Michaels the other day to see how many types of Mod Podge are available now. I like the Antique-Mat finish the best for collage. Mod Podge is proving to be a very versatile medium.

  101. I use it as a glue, a sealer. It’s just about the only glue I use. It’s easy and user friendly. That’s a plus when working with kids. I’m surprised with all the new things that Mod Podge has come out with and can’t wait to use them all.

  102. I like Mod Podge because it is so versatile. It can be used in so many way! I love using it on my altered books. What a great product!

  103. After watching Craft Wars, I want to make a Mod Podge play house 🙂

  104. I already followed Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza on Facebook