DIY Holiday Jewelry: Mod Podge Snowflake Pin

Handmade holiday jewelry is easy to make with Mod Podge Snowflakes! If you need some quick holiday bling or a quick DIY gift – then a Snowflake pin is just the project for you!  This Snowflake Pin was designed with our new Mod Podge Papers and Podgeable Snowflakes.

What you need:
Mod Podge Holiday Papers or holiday themed scrapbook papers
Mod Podge Podgeable Snowflake or other snowflake shape embellishment
Mod Podge ® Acrylic Shapes – Basics, Flat & Charm
Mod Podge ® Hard Coat, 8 oz.
Foam Paintbrush
Plaid ® Hot Glue Gun Helpers
Hot Glue
2 Jewelry pliers
Gem glue
Pin backing

1. Create the Podgeable pin by placing the holiday shape on holiday themed papers, trace around the shape and cut out the design. (For this design we used one holiday shape and one small circle.) Apply a coat of Mod Podge to the back of the Podgeable shape and to the top of the paper, sandwich the two together, press with your fingers and allow to dry. Once dry, trim any excess paper from the edges. Repeat with the circle shape.

2.Once they are dry, glue together with the circle in the center. The loop on the Podgeable shape will be the bottom of the pin.

3. Attach beaded dangles to the loop on the Podgeable shape. First attach a jumpring to the loop on the Podgeable. Thread a bead onto a headpin, trim the length of the headpin if needed. Form a loop at the end of the bead and attach to the jumpring. Repeat with more beads.

4. Using gem glue, attach the pin back to the back of the Podgeable shape so the dangle is facing down.

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Happy Holidays!
Cathie and Steve