Our New Product Line: Mod Melts for Mod Podge! DIY your own embellishments!

Mod Melts for Mod Podge!  DIY your own embellishments!

Steve and I are thrilled to share with you one of our new products for Mod Podge.  Mod Melts!

We have many wonderful new craft items that are coming to retailers this spring and one product we are so proud of is our new line of Mod Melts and Molds.

With our new sea glass and milk glass Mod Melt Sticks and Molds you can now make your own scrapbooking, mixed media and jewelry making embellishments.

You can customize Mod Melts with a variety of finishes!  You can use FolkArt acrylic paints, shimmer mists, alcohol inks, glitter, nail polish, metallic paints, pearl paint and even embossing powders.

Available Mid-May 2013 at Michaels USA and Canada!
 How They WORK!
1. Select a Mod Melt Mold. 
(We have four different molds available.)
2. Select a Mod Melt Stick. 

We have two styles available that were specially formulated for creating durable embellishments.  Sea Glass is the clear stick and this creates a beach glass look.  Milk Glass is the white stick and it creates a look of vintage milk glass.  Cooled Mod Melts can be altered with a variety of finishes.  You can use FolkArt acrylic paints, shimmer mists, alcohol inks, glitter, nail polish, metallic paints, pearl paint and even embossing powders on either stick.

 3. Heat the Mod Melt stick in a HIGH temp hot glue gun.
(we like to use a long nozzle hot glue gun)

Squeeze the HOT Mod Melt into the mold of your choice. Begin in the center and work your way around the edges.

 4. Allow the Mod Melt to cool.  About 3 min.
5. Pop out of the mold.

The Mod Melt will easily pop out of the mold and it will be ready for embellishing.  (Milk Glass Mod Melt is featured in the photo)

 (Milk Glass)
(Sea Glass)
6. Embellish your Mod Melt with a variety of finishes!  

You can use FolkArt acrylic paints, shimmer mists, alcohol inks, glitter, nail polish, metallic paints, pearl paint and even embossing powders.  Attach to a project with appropriate glue for your project. You can use Mod Melt, hot glue, gem glue or tacky glue.

Types of Finishes(This is the addicting part!)
Thanks for stopping by and checking out
our new Mod Melts for Mod Podge!
Have a crafty day!!
Cathie and Steve


  1. Oh how AWESOME..I can’t wait to get my hands on some of the molds..Thank you Steve,Cathie for the cool molds..

  2. That is amazing! Can’t wait to use them in my mixed-media projects!

  3. Oh wow! What a GREAT product! This is SO exciting!!

  4. This is THE most excited I’ve been about a new product in a long time!!
    Hopefully the michaels in my town will have this …because this is now at the top of my crafty little wish list!

  5. Wow! So cool! I LOVE the owl. Can’t wait to see tutorials and projects featuring them and how to use them!

  6. ohhhhhhhh Myyyyyy Gooooodness!!!! I LOVE these! I use brads on my custom blocks as an embellishment, this however is going to take the place of those on lots of them. How great is it that I can make exactly how many I need, color that I need, when I need them and not have to have overstock. WOOOT WOOOT thank you!!!!!!

  7. No wonder you were SO excited! These are wonderful!!! Congratulations!!!!

  8. This is totally cool! This is something I could use for mixed media collage work. I cannot wait for them to get to retail. Are they coming to Michaels?

  9. Please keep us updated on when and where they will be available because these look awesome! I am loving that owl as well! I will be wanting to own all the trays and I LOVE that you can use your glue gun and choose your finish.

  10. Oh wow I can’t wait until these are available. They look awesome!

  11. I LOVE your new products!! I hope to be able to stop by tomorrow and play with them at CHA 🙂 Great to see you guys today! Posted pics on my fb page and blog 🙂 See you tomorrow!!

    Melissa acreativejourneywithmelissa dot blogspot.com

  12. I can’t wait to get some of these…. Fabulous

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  16. Will you be coming out with other colors of sea glass? Maybe red, blue, and green?

  17. Saw all the new stuff at CHA and can hardly wait to have some of my own!!

  18. Whoa! Super cool! I’m going to need some 🙂

  19. I like this idea, but I was thinking that it is too bad that the sticks do not come in colors. I like the sea glass look but then if you paint them then that effect is gone. Wish we could add some coloring while the stick is hot and it would cool a color. I will get both sticks. I had this idea of getting the frame mold and getting the white sticks. Once they are cool put some paint on and rub off – like antiquing them.

  20. You guys don’t know how long I have hoped for something like this! It is a crafter’s dream. Anyone can do it! These things will look awesome on all kinds of art too! Scrapbooking, altered art, jewelry, just to name a few!! Great job! I am so happy for you!!

  21. This looks like the best new product I’ve seen in a long time! I make cards and would love to make my own embellishments instead of buying the insanely expensive resin embellishments from scrapbook companies. When will I see Mod Melts show up in Michaels?

  22. I really, really, really hope we are going to be able to buy them over here, UK, and really really soon!!! These are fab, I love making my own embellishments but don’t want to use resin, which from what i’ve seen is (a) really expensive, (b) fiddly and (c) smell. I’ve health issues so keep away from things that are too fiddly but these look great!!! am keeping my fingers crossed we get to see these in the uk soon – thank you so much for the inspiration Karen x

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  27. Anonymous says:

    Ooh WOW!!!! This is such a brilliant idea. Can’t wait to get my hands on these.
    Presumably if the moulds are silicon, we can use UTEE in them and have the embellishments any shade we want??

    This is awesome!

    Lucy xxx

  28. This is so stinking cool, Cathie!!!! Congrats!

  29. Awesome. Big Question is when are they shipping!!!

  30. These look pretty cool! I have some in glitter and color hot glue sticks that are just crying out to be used! I love that you can use Mod Melt, hot glue, gem glue or tacky glue. Can’t wait to see these in stores! Thanks for your imaginative craft tools!

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    Thanks for making this awesome product.

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