Handmade Party Hats

Handmade Party Hats
Handmade party hats are easy to make with Fabric Mod Podge!  We love the idea of customized/one-of-a-kind birthday party hats and think they should be easy to make…so we crafted a fail proof project that uses a generic hat as the base.  You choose the fabric of your choice so it’s totally your style.


Hot Glue Gun Helpers
Paper Party Hat
Scrap Paper
Scrap of Fabric
Mod Podge Fabric
Silk and Paper Flower
Hot Glue Gun Helpers


Create a template of the party hat: Wrap the scrap paper around the hat, tape, pencil off the lines and remove. Cut along the penciled lines. Add 1/2” to the edges.

Using the template as a guide, cut the template from the fabric (be sure to add the 1/2” allowance). Beginning on the seam of the hat, apply Mod Podge to the hat, place the seam edge of the fabric into the Mod Podge, press to secure. Continue adding Mod Podge to the hat while wrapping the fabric around the hat. Use Mod Podge to glue the seam closed.

Using hot glue, glue ribbon, silk flowers and paper flowers to the top of the hat. Glue ribbon around the base of the hat. To create the pleated ribbon look, fold a pleat into ribbon glue, fold another pleat, and glue.