Homemade Pita Chips Recipe

homemade pita chips

Homemade Pita Chip are so easy to make and they are delicious with a variety of dips.  (We love them with hummus.)  You only need pita bread, olive oil, garlic and a little salt and pepper.


slice pita bread
Slice 3 pieces of pita bread into 8 wedges.

garlic pita chips

Toss with a few drizzles of olive oil, 2 pinches of kosher salt,

2 crushed garlic cloves and some fresh ground pepper.

garlic pita chips

Place on a parchment lined cookie sheet. Bake at 375 degrees for 15 min.

After 10 min, flip the chips over and bake for the last 5 min.

Keep a watchful eye as baking times can vary.

homemade baked pita chips
Enjoy with your favorite dip or eat them solo!

Cathie and Steve