DIY Witches Spell Book for Halloween + Video

craft a spell book

It’s beginning to look like Halloween around our home.  (( yes we start absurdly early because we are Halloween fanatics!)).  In this video we are showcasing low-cost and easy ideas for making Halloween decorations.

For the Spell Book you will only need a few supplies and some imagination!

witches spell book close up diy

What you need:
Thrift shop book, Squirt bottle with water, Mod Podge Antique, Mod Podge Matte, Halloween papers, Neon paper, Foam Paintbrushes, Hot glue, Gem trim, Halloween embellishments

The Diamond Trim on the Spine and Hat are from Celebration Supply our bulk party goods shop.

How to:
1. Remove the jacket of the book. Open the book and spray the edge of the book with water. Spread the pages so the book is half open. Allow to dry. Topcoat with a layer of Mod Podge Antique.

2. Trim the scrapbook paper to fit the front of the book. Apply Mod Podge to the front of the book and back of the trimmed paper, position the paper on the book, top-coat with more Mod Podge, smooth any air bubbles with your finger and allow to dry.

3. Trim a Halloween image from the paper, Mod Podge the image to neon cardstock, allow to dry and trim around the image leaving a neon border. Attach the image to the front of the book using Mod Podge.

4. Hot glue trims and embellishments to the book.

Happy Halloween!! xoxo

Cathie and Steve