DIY Decoden Googly Eye Pumpkin!

decoden pumpkin with googly eyes

We heart three things…… Decoden, Pumpkins and Googly Eyes!  This pumpkin has it all and it is easy to do!  We nabbed the googly eyes at Michaels and the white stuff is Mod Podge Collage Clay!

What you need…… Foam Pumpkin, Mod Podge Collage Clay, Plastic Knife, Glitter, Googly Eyes

decoden googly eyed pumpkin spread with a plastic knife

Apply the Collage Clay with a knife.

decoden googly eyed pumpkin sprinkle glitter

Sprinkle glitter over the Collage Clay.

decoden googly eyed pumpkin close up of glitter and eyes

Push the eyes into the Collage Clay.

decoden googly eyed pumpkin eyes

We love these eyes!  SOOOOOO FUN!

decoden googly eyed pumpkin eyes all over the pumpkin

Keep adding eyes and allow to dry for a few hours!

decoden googly eyed pumpkin cathie and steve


Happy Halloween!

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Cathie and Steve



  1. LOVE this! makes me want to give decoden another try…(plus, the googly eyes remind me of my preschool teacher days). 🙂


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