DIY Victorian Skull Pin…. perfect for Halloween and meeting ELVIRA!

diy halloween jewelry pin

I am smitten with our Halloween Skull Cabochons at the supply shop.  I have made tons of stuff with them….. but this quick and easy Victorian Skull Pin is a favorite of mine!   The cabs are at the shop here: skull cameo.

Begin by gluing some mini pom pom trim around the skull cameo.
 I attached with Hot Glue but you could use any fabric glue.
I added a {fast and furious} felt and pin-backing back to the cameo.  I was racing against the clock to make this because I was off to meet Elvira!  Yes ELVIRA!!!
This was made by cutting two slits in the back of a piece of felt and adding a pin back through the hole.  I then just hot glued the felt to the back of the skull cabochon.
Ready to go!
home and family elvira cathie filian
As you can see I had a blast at Home and Family and meeting Elvira was AWESOME!


  1. Love it. I adore those skull cameos!