How to Make Fairy Wings with Hangers and Tights

diy how to make fairy wings

If you have a few wire hangers, some tights and a little imagination you can whip-up fairy wings in an afternoon.  The sky is the limit when it comes to the decorating!  Use glitter, dye, rhinestones, ribbons and silk flowers.

3 wire coat hangers
2 pairs 3x pantyhose in colors
duct tape
2 yd. elastic
needle and thread
2 large silk flowers
optional decorations: fabric dye, ribbon, glitter, fabric paint, and feathers

1. Bend one of the coat hangers into a loose oval shape to form one of the upper sections of the wings. Work with the curves already in the hanger, reshaping the wire so it does not look like a hanger (think graceful butterfly wings). Secure the hook by bending it back. When you are satisfied with the shape of the hanger, shape a second hanger to match the first one, making a matching set of frames for the top wings.

2. Shape the third hanger into the bottom of the wings by bending the hanger in the center and bringing it towards the hook to create two little wing shapes. Secure the hook by bending it back.

3. Lay the hangers together with all hooks in the center. You should have two larger oval wings on the sides, and the small bottom piece should slightly overlap both wings. At this stage, the wire frame should resemble a butterfly. Using duct tape, secure the hooks of the hangers together. Be careful to cover the hooks completely, and use as much tape as needed to secure the frame.

4. Using colored pantyhose (or you can use fabric dye to tint white pantyhose), lay out one pair se and cut 20″ from each toe end of the pantyhose. Starting at the bottom section of the wings, stretch one leg of the hose over the lower wire section of the frame. Pull the fabric tight and gather in the center. Loop, pull and twist the excess pantyhose around the taped center section and secure with a whipstitch.

5. Lay out the second pair of pantyhose and cut 30″ from each toe end. Working on the two upper sections of the wings, stretch each leg over each of the two wire sections. Pull the fabric tight and gather in the center. Loop, pull and twist the excess pantyhose around the center-taped section and secure with a whipstitch.

6. To attach straps, cut the elastic in half to make two 1-yard pieces. Fold each piece in half and wrap it underneath one upper-side panel of the wings; tie a knot to secure in place (figure F). Repeat for the second wing. Place the wings on your back and bring one elastic piece over your shoulder and the other piece up under your arm. Tie a knot to secure. Repeat for the other side.

7. Glue large flowers in the center of the wings to cover the duct tape and stitching. Embellish the wings with glitter, marabou trim, ribbons, pearls, fabric paint, sequins or rhinestones.


fairy wings hangers and tights