Kids Halloween Craft: Paper Bag Pumpkins

paper bag pumpkins kids halloween craft

Kids love crafting for Halloween! This paper-bag pumpkin is perfect for kids 3-6. Make a whole family of them!

What you need:
FolkArt Acrylic Colors – Pumpkin
FolkArt Metallics – Sequin Black
FolkArt Acrylic Colors – Evergreen
1 Paper lunch bag
Scrap piece of card stock
Foam paintbrushes
Scissors (parents help)
Hole punch – decorative eyelet optional (parents help)
Old newspaper
Green pipe cleaner

1. Using a foam brush, apply the pumpkin orange paint to the front, back and sides of the paper bag and allow to dry. Paint the scrap card stock with the green paint and allow to dry.

2. Cut the sponge into a triangle shape. Dip the triangle into the black paint and press onto the front of the paper bag in the appropriate spots for the eyes, nose and teeth.

3. Cut 3 leaf shapes from the green painted paper and punch a hole in the top. Add a decorative eyelet if desired.

4. Stuff the bag with crinkled up newspaper, twist the top together, attach the pipe cleaner around the top and add the leaves to the pip cleaner. Twist the ends of the pipe cleaner into curly q’s.