Halloween Skull, Spider and Owl Art with Mod Podge and Stencils + video

diy halloween art stencils mod podge skull owl spider

HALLOWEEN art is easy to whip up with stencils and Mod Melts.  The frames we nabbed from the thrift shop and the Stencils are from the new Handmade Charlotte line for FolkArt.

What you need!

Apple Barrel ® Gloss™ – Glow-In-The-Dark Green, 2 oz.
Apple Barrel ® Colors – Neon Orange, 2 oz.
Mod Podge ® Mod Melts – White Milk Glass
Mod Podge ® Mod Molds – Flowers
FolkArt ® Handmade Charlotte™ Stencils – Patterns
FolkArt ® Metallics – Sequin Black, 2 oz.
Mod Podge ® Matte, 8 oz.
Hot Glue Gun – High Temp
Black Frames
Hot Glue
Neon Card Stock
Painter Tape
Stencil paintbrush
Halloween Papers

halloween art mod melts


1. Create a handful of Mod Melt flowers by heating a Mod Melt stick in a high temp glue gun, fill a mold with the Mod Melt, allow to cool, remove from the mold and paint with FolkArt acrylic paints. We used: Neon Orange and Glow Green.

2. Hot glue the flowers to the frames.

halloween art halloween stencil art

3. Chevron frame: Trim the neon cardstock to fit the frame. Tape the stencil to the cardstock. Load a spouncer brush with metallic black paint, tap off the excess and paint the stencil. Remove the stencil and allow to dry. Apply a Halloween image to the painted paper by using Mod Podge as a glue. Replace the glass and hot glue gems to the corner.

halloween art mod podge stencils

4. Skull frame: Trim the scrapbook paper to fit the frame. Apply Halloween cutouts to the paper by using Mod Podge as a glue. Replace the glass.

halloween art paint frames

Tip: Don’t have black frames? Paint thrift shop and yard sale frames with Black Folkart paint to create a uniform look.