DIY Halloween Candles with Mod Podge and Mesh Ribbons

altered candle for halloween mod podge scrapbooking

One of my favorite and fastest gifts to make is an altered glass candle.  You can do this for any holiday or occasion!  You might need to soak off the original label before Mod Podging on a new.  The mesh ribbon and paper flowers are from the supply shop.

Gather This:
Glass candle holder
Mod Podge ® Gloss, 16 oz.
Scrap paper
Halloween scrapbook paper
Foam Paintbrush
Hot glue
Mesh Ribbon
Paper Flowers


Trim the scrapbooking paper to fit around the candle. Coat the back and front of the Halloween paper with Mod Podge, position onto around the candle, smooth any air bubbles with your finger and top coat with a layer of Mod Podge.

Tie a ribbon around the candle. Using hot glue, attach flowers and gems to the front of the jar.