DIY Fake Halloween Cookie Magnets with Collage Clay

fake halloween cookie magnets Create fake Halloween cookie magnets with Collage Clay and wood craft shapes.  We grabbed the wood craft shapes from Michaels and base coated them with a gingerbread color paint before we “iced” them with Collage Clay!

collage clay is in the mod podge section

Collage Clay is in the Mod Podge section at Michaels and online at Amazon.

fake halloween cookies mod lodge collage clay

How To!

step 3 step 4

1. Mix a little FolkArt acrylic paint with Collage Clay in a cup.  We used Yellow, Orange, Black and Green.

step 7

2. Using a plastic knife, ice the faux cookies (wood shapes that were pre-painted with gingerbread colored paint).

step 6


3. Fill a piping bag with tinted Collage Clay and being to add the details. Allow to dry.

step 10

4. Glue magnets to the back of the shapes.

fake halloween cookie magnets