How to Marbleize Ornaments for Christmas

how to marbleize ornaments

Marbleizing ornaments is as easy as pie with this super simple technique.  This is a great craft to do with kids or a large group because a little paint goes along way.

marbalized ornamnet

What you need:

White Pearl Paint
Red Metallic Paint
Glass Ornament Ball
Paper Cup
Sparkle Ribbon

Remove the topper from the ornament and set aside. Pour a small amount of Cardinal Red and Pearl White into the ornament.

Gently swirl and tap the paint around until the colors begin to blend. Be sure the entire inside is coated.
Place the ornament upside down in a paper cup. Allow the excess paint to drain. As the ornament dries, turn the ball a few times to evenly distribute the paint.

Let dry overnight. Replace the topper and add a ribbon hanger.

Tip: Add more colors! Use up to 5 different colors to create a more old world marbled look.