Valentine Onesie for Baby in Under 15 min.

baby onesie valentines day diy craft

You can easily whip up a Valentine tee for baby in less than 15 min.  Really you can!  Both designs are from my book, 101 Snappy Fashions.  You can check out the book at Barnes and Noble.

For the pink design, I used a rhinestone heart iron-on.  So simple.  The other design was a vintage Valentine greeting that I scanned, printed on ink-jet transfer paper and ironed to the front of the snap suit.

101 Snappy Fashions: Whip Up A Baby Costume!

101 snappy fashions Halloween Baby Onesie

Whip up a
pumpkin costume
for your little one!

This project picture is from my book, 101 Snappy Fashions!

Get ready to say boo and show off your Halloween spirit! This design is so easy to make and it is endless how many different pumpkin faces you could make.

This pumpkin design looks so sweet and cute but, if you wanted to make a more gothic design, consider using cutout felt skulls, bats or a witch silhouette.

Orange Baby Snapsuit (or a dyed one)
Black Felt
Embroidery Floss – Yellow
Green Trim


1.Cutout facial features from felt for the pumpkin face. Triangles for the eyes and nose and a big smile for the mouth.

2.Using embroidery floss, attach the felt to the snapsuit with a running stitch.

3.Hand stitch green trim around the neckline.