How To: Tie Dye Hearts from 101 Tees

I love hearts!  When I was a teenager, I would doodle them on my notebooks and paper-bag book covers with my Bic pen.  As an adult….I still doodle hearts but now I doodle them with embroidery stitches, sharpies and fabric dye.

When I was designing and writing 101 Tees, I knew I wanted to include a tie dye heart technique.  I first started dyeing hearts when I was in college…my first ones were pretty sad looking.  If it is your first time to dye a heart shape, you may want to test your folding on a scrap piece of knit or an old tee.

This tee was dyed with Rit – Royal Blue.  Love the color…soft and rich at the same time.

What you will need:
A prepared dye bath in a large bowl or bucket
A prewashed and damp light colored t-shirt – 100% cotton
Water-soluble marking pen
Rubber bands

1. Lay the tee flat and fold in half lengthwise, matching sleeve to sleeve.

2. Draw a half heart with the marking pen.

3. Accordion fold around the marked line.  You may need to curve the fabric as you fold.  Wrap the the fold on the marked line with 3 rubber-bands.  Dip into the dye bath.  Allow it to soak until you have reached your desired color.  Rinse the tee until the water runs clear. Hang dry.

ENJOY and Happy Dyeing!

101 Tees: Skull and Crossbones Pillow recrafted from an old Tee!

101 Tees: Skull and Crossbones Pillow

This seasonal slip cover can be whipped up in under 1-hour! Perfect for adding a little haunted decoration to your living room for Halloween or any day.
Begin with an old Halloween or skull themed T-shirt.

Choose a pillow to make a slipcover for. Remember you can remove the cover after Halloween.

Make sure the pillow measures smaller than your tee.

Cut up the side seams of the tee.
Now you have two pieces of tee fabric. 1= front 2=back

Place the front and back on top of each other. Use a fabric marking pen and a ruler to mark a square shape.

Make sure the square is slightly larger than your pillow.

Cut out the square shapes.

Pin lace trim around the outer edge. You can use flat or ruffled trim.

Pin the front and back together with right sides facing right sides.

Let’s Stitch!

Stitch around the edge. Remember to leave an opening for turning and stuffing.

Clip the corners to remove excess bulk.

Turn right side out and stuff the pillow inside.

Hand sew the opening closed and place on your sofa.

How easy is that???

Happy Halloween,

DIY Halloween T-Shirt – Caution I Bite!

DIY Halloween t-shirt vampire
I Bite Tee

Paring a painted design and Halloween themed iron-letters is a quick way to make a Halloween tee. Make your own stencils using freezer paper or clear self-stick shelf liner. For ease of cutting, always use a sharp craft knife and a self-healing mat. For other design ideas, look at clip art or in design books.

Scrap Paper
Freezer Paper or self-stick shelf liner
Craft Knife
Self Healing Mat
Stencil Brush
FolkArt Red Fabric Paint
Iron-on Letters

1. Using scrap paper draw a simple Halloween image or sketch the mouth from above. Make a stencil of the sketch by laying freezer paper or shelf liner over the sketch, tape them together. Tape both pieces to the self-healing mat. Use the sharp craft knife to cut out the design leaving a border around the design.

2. Using a ruler as a guide, align the cutout on the tee. For freezer paper stencils, use a warm iron to attach the wax side of the paper to the tee. For shelf liner, stick the cutout design to the tee. Stick the insides of the letters.

3. Dab a stencil brush in red fabric paint. You want to work with a semi-dry brush, so tap off enough excess paint. Working up and down, tap the brush over the stencil.

4. Allow the paint to dry. Peel off the stencil and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to heat set the paint.

5. Attach iron-on letters that spell – “I Bite” under the painted design.

My latest book, 101 Tees (Lark Books) will hit the shelves August 2011!