DIY: Photo Transfer Technique with Mod Podge and it’s on a baby onesie!

I am smitten with the new Photo Transfer formula of Mod Podge.  You can transfer black and white or color copies to fabrics, glass, tin…etc.  For this project we used a baby onesie from the dollar store and graphics from The Graphics Fairy.  We have a video on this technique coming soon!

The process is simple….remember you image must be copied on a toner copier….NO INKJET!  Also – reverse your text! 🙂

You will need: Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium, Toner Copy of Image, Foam Paintbrush, Pre-washed Baby Onesie, Copy of Image, Wax Paper, Wet Sponge.

Trim your copy to fit the onesie.

Squeeze a dollop of  Transfer Medium onto the top of the image.

Apply a thick layer over the image. (1/16 thick)

Slip a piece of wax paper in between the onesie layers.

Position image (wet side down) on the center of the onesie.

Allow to dry 24 hours.

Wet the image and let it soak for 2 min.

Working in a circular motion, rub away the paper.  The image magically stays!

Enjoy!  Allow to dry.  Wash cold and Hang dry.

Whip Up A Holiday Tee for Baby!

These projects are from my book, 101 Snappy Fashions!

Holiday tee aren’t just for grown ups!  Whip up a plain baby snapsuit (Gerber Onesies) into a holiday themed one with applique, tie-dye and embroidery.

Santa Baby Materials:
Red Baby Snapsuit (or a dyed one)
Santa Themed Fabric
Fusible Webbing / Iron
Sew machine and hand needle and thread

1. Using an iron, attach fusible webbing to the back of Santa themed fabric.  Cut around the Santa motif.  Position the motif in the top center of the snapsuit and attach with an iron.

2. Sew around the Santa motif with a straight, zig-zag or satin stitch.  If you don’t have a machine, hand sew to secure the edges with thread or embroidery floss.

3. Hand sew a pom-pom to the top of Santa’s hat.

Spin Baby (Hanukkah) Materials:
White Baby Snapsuit
RIT Turquoise Fabric Dye
Felt Square – baby blue
Embroidery Floss and Needle

1. Using a rubber-band and turquoise fabric dye, tie-dye a circle in the front center of a snapsuit.

2. Cut a dreidel shape from felt.  Position the shape in the dyed circle.  Using a satin stitch, embroider the the Hebrew letter Nun, the Gimel, Hei, or Shin over the felt shape.