Paint Dad a Beer Pilsner for Father’s Day


Paint a beer mug for dad

Whip up a DIY gift for day with Beer Pilsners from Cost Plus World Market and Folk Art Enamel Glass Paint.  A pair of pilsners will cost under 16 bucks with all the supplies needed!  Be sure to wipe the glass with rubbing alcohol before painting to get a good seal.  The glass can be cured in an over or cured by air dry (that takes longer)…all the instructions for curing are on the bottle of enamel paint.

What you need!

Glass Stein Pilsner
Rubbing Alcohol
Low-tack tape
Medium Round Paintbrush
detail Paintbrush
4” Icon Stencils
Plaid Detail Painters
FolkArt ® Enamels™ – Wicker White, 2 oz.
FolkArt ® Enamels™ – Cobalt, 2 oz.
FolkArt ® Enamels™ – Lipstick Red, 2 oz.

1. Wipe the glass clean with rubbing alcohol. Tape the anchor stencil onto the glass.

2. Dip the detail painter into the Coblat and tap off excess paint. Tap the painter around the inside of the stencil. Remove the stencil. Allow to dry. Add more layers of paint with a medium-round paintbrush.

3. Dip the detail paintbrush into Wicker White paint, tap off all the paint until it is almost dry. Dry brush the anchor with Wicker White. Paint the edges of the anchor with lined details.

4. Dip the end of the detail paintbrush into Lipstick Red. Paint dots to the anchor design.

5. Air dry for 21 days or bake. Follow the package instructions for setting the paint.

Project Tip: When painting on round objects, use an upside egg carton as a holding rack.