DIY Retro Deer Christmas Candles with Craft Attitude and Mod Podge

DIY Retro Deer Christmas Candle with Craft Attitude and Mod Podge

We whipped up these easy DIY retro inspired candles with Craft Attitude and Mod Podge!  Craft Attitude is a printable film than can be applied to tons and tons of surfaces.  Here we used them on Dollar Store Candles.  The deer clip art is from on of my favorite sources….. The Graphics Fairy.  The diamond mesh trim is from my party supply shop and the velvet holly leaves are from my craft supply shop.



graphics fairy craft attitude

Choose your image and adjust the size if needed.

This deer came from The Graphics Fairy.

print and trim vinatge deer clipart

Print onto Craft Attitude and trim around the image leaving a small border.

mod podge dollar store candle

Clean a glass candle and dry.  Gather Mod Podge Gloss and Sparkle.

apply a thin coat of mod podge to glass candle

Apply a thin coat of Mod Podge to the glass candle.

remove image from backer sheet

Remove the image from the backing sheet.  Try not to touch it too much.

apply craft attitude to the project

Apply the image to the candle in the Mod Podged areas.  Top-coat with Mod Podge if desired.  Continue adding deer around the entire candle.

add highlights with glitter mod podge

Add Glitter highlights with Sparkle Mod Podge.

add mod podge to the base of the candle

Apply Mod Podge to the base and sprinkle “snow” glitter into the Mod Podge.

glue trims

Glue trims and embellishments to the top.

vintage deer clipart close upAdd gems to the deer!

DIY Retro Deer Christmas Candle with Craft Attitude and Mod Podge

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