Decoden Candy Boxes for Valentine’s Day!

decoden candy boxes mod podge collage clay


Alter the tops of candy boxes with Mod Podge Collage Clay and your trinkets for embedding.  The hearts that we used are from our Mod Melts Trinkets Mold.  The roses are resin roses and gems were items that we had on hand.  In the video below we show you step by step how to make the boxes.  Enjoy!

Video How To:

Make Faux Marquee Letters with Collage Clay and Mirrors

faux marquee letters mod podge collage clay

Make some marquee letters in a flash with just a few simple steps and supplies.  For these letters we started with wood stand-up letters from the craft store.  We altered the letters with pink paint, Collage Clay by Mod Podge, ribbon and mirrors.  For all the instructions please visit our project page at Plaid. Marquee Letter Instructions.



Faux Snow Globe with Collage Clay

faux snow globe collage clay mod podge I think this was my favorite holiday craft we made this season.  It was so simple and it looks so sweet.  The globe and minis came from Michaels.  The snow is made from Collage Clay.

Video How TO:

For the complete instructions and materials list, please visit our project page at Plaid.

Snow Banner for a Winter Mantel

snow mantel banner christmasLet it Snow….. Let it Snow!

This winter snow-lovin banner is super easy to whip up!  The background is old book pages that have been tinted with Mod Podge sheer color and the faux snow is Collage Clay.  The whole project can be made in an afternoon and it’s a perfect project for kids to get involved with.  The complete instructions can be found on our project page at Plaid.

Everlasting Gingerbread House with Collage Clay

forever gingerbread house collage clay icing  With Collage Clay by Mod Podge you can create an everlasting gingerbread house.  The clay is applied just like frosting, you can embed lots of fake candies and embellishments into the clay and it dries lightweight.  For full instructions, please visit our project page at Plaid.

Winter Wonderland Decoden Cookie Tin with Collage Clay

decoden cookie tin makeover Decoden doesn’t just have to be on cell phone cases and other cute accessories.  Cookie tins and gift boxes are perfect for decoden crafts.  In this design we used Collage Clay as a faux snow.  To add a little sparkle we used a sprinkling of AB glitter.  The pearls are perfect for this winter wonderland look!

 Full instructions on our project page at Plaid.


Recycled Book Trees and Faux Snow Ornament with Mod Podge

faux snow ornament collage clay

It’s easy to add faux snow to a project with Collage Clay by Mod Podge. Apply the clay like icing and sprinkle with a little AB glitter for extra sparkle. The book pages were tinted with Mod Podge Sheer Color.



snow scene oranment

DIY Candleholder with Book Page Trees and Collage Clay Snow

book page trees


We love recycling and old paperback books are great for crafty-recycling.  To alter the book page color we used Mod Podge sheer color.  The faux snow is made with Collage Clay.  Full Project instructions can be found at plaidonline.

Collage Clay is available in store at Michaels and online Amazon.

Giveaway! DecoDen Desserts and Mod Podge

decoden desserts giveaway

We are hosting a giveaway to celebrate our latest book, Decoden Desserts!

Enter to win:

DecoDen Desserts Book

Collage Clay by Mod Podge – Vanilla

Collage Clay by Mod Podge – Strawberry

Trinkets Mod Mold by Mod Podge

Mod Melts by Mod Podge – Milk Glass

decoden desserts

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Get in on the latest trend – DecoDen – over-the-top decorating. Hailing from Japan, this craft craze began with decorating cell phone cases with all things cute, glitzy, and sweet. Deco Den Desserts – a delightful Threads Select Booklet – is literally the icing on the cake, featuring everything from hand mirrors to jewelry to sneakers deliciously decorated with faux sweets, treats that are all fun and fab.

20+ DecoDen Projects all with a sweet twist!


fake desserts collage clay mod podge

 Giveaway Scoop!

collage clay mod podge decodenCollage Clay by Mod Podge

trinkets mold mod podge decodenTrinkets Mod Mold

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DecoDen Desserts: Sweet shoppe decorations for phones & favorite things

decoden dessertsDecoDen Desserts:

Sweet shoppe decorations for phones & favorite things

Ya know we love all things sweet and Decoden……so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that we wrote a book about it!  We had so much fun crafting all the projects and hope that you love them as much as we do!  The booklet features 20+ designs and they all have detailed instructions.  Get some more scoop at Taunton!

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Have a peek at some of my favorite pages……

fake desserts collage clay mod podge

We used Collage Clay for the Fake Parfait! Grab some Michaels.

decoden jewelry mod podge collage clay

collage clay rechniques

Here is a little peek behind the scenes…..