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Weddings: DIY Rustic Bridal Brunch – The Table and Flowers

rustic center pieces

The Final Table Setting

This wedding shower/brunch idea is from one of my favorite episodes of Creative Juice.  We had so much fun making all the bits and baubles that go into a table setting.  I’ll be posting the recipes and crafts over the next few days.

Posts to come:
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The Centerpieces
For the centerpieces we wanted something that a garden and rustic feel.  The vases were from Mosketels in downtown Los Angeles.  I have seen similar styles at floral supply and decorator shops.  For the flowers we chose large bloomed flowers (hydrangeas), stalk flowers (delphiniums) and delicate accent flowers (Queen Anne’s lace).
The Tablecloth

The final touch on the brunch table was the tablecloth itself. We laced ribbon trough a piece of fax suede fabric. Super easy and the results were stunning.

How to make the Tablecloth:

60” wide faux suede, cut 2 times the length of your dining table
Iron-on hem tape
1” wide blue painters tape
Craft knife
Self-healing mat
1” wide ribbon, 3 times the length of your dining table

1. Hem the edges of the faux suede by folding in each side 1” and ironing on hem tape.

2. Place fabric length on your table and apply painters tape down each side length, approximately 6” from the edge of the table.

3. Using the ruler and pen, mark 1” increments down the length of each taped line.

4. Protecting the table surface with a self-healing mat, slit the tape at each mark with the craft knife. Work down the length of the table on both sides.

5. Remove tape. Lace ribbon through the slits. Gather and cinch the cloth where it drapes off the table by pulling on the ribbon and tying in a bow.