5 Spring Fashion DIYs with Mod Podge Melts and Molds

5 spring fshion diy mod podge copy

Spring is just around the corner and we have fashion on our minds.  Our Mod Melts and Molds are perfect for creating fashion embellishments that can be used to alter almost anything…. we even used them on shoes.

What we used…..

Mod Podge Mod Molds – 24889 Flowers
Mod Podge Mod Molds – 24890 Ornamental
Mod Podge Mod Melts – 24887
Mod Podge Metal Podgeables and Ring Blanks
FolkArt Acrylic Paint – 633 Baby Pink
FolkArt Acrylic Paint – 320 Jamaican Sea
FolkArt Metallic Paint – 659 Pearl White
FolkArt Metallic Paint – 661 Sequin Black
FolkArt Acrylic Paint – 633 Inca Gold
FolkArt Extreme Glitter – 2796 Hologram
E6000 glue
Gems and pearls
Gem glue

HOW to Make a Mod Melt Video:

Steps for making a Mod Melt…

1. Create the Mod Melt Flowers and frames by heating a Mod Melt stick in a high-temp hot glue gun. Squeeze the melt into the mold of your choice. Allow the melt to cool for 7 min. Remove the melt from the mold and finish with paint. Make as many flowers and frames as you wish.

2. To finish the Mod Melts, paint them with FolkArt paints. To create a colored pearl look, mix a small amount to Pearl White paint with Baby Pink or Jamaican Sea paint. For a metallic look, just use the Inca Gold or Sequin Black paint straight from the bottle. For a white pearl look use Pearl White straight from the bottle. To add highlights to the Mod Melts, add dap of a contrasting color to the Mod Melt. Allow to dry.

3. Once dry, top-coat all the Mod Melt designs with Extreme Glitter Hologram.

mod melt purse mod podge decoden

Mod Melt Clutch Embellishments…. glued with E6000.

mod melt clutch mod podge decoden

mod melt kawaii purse mod podge decoden

mod melt shoe embellishments mod podge decoden

Mod Melt Shoe Embellishments…. glued with E6000.

mod melt shoe clips mod podge decoden

mod melt sunglasses mod podge decoden kawaii

Mod Melt Sunglasses…. glued with E6000.

mod melt sunglasses mod podge decoden

mod melt rose resin mod podge decoden

Mod Melt Rose Ring …. glued with E6000.

mod melt earring mod podge decoden

Mod Melt Earrings…. glued with E6000.

DIY Neon and Gold Rose Necklace with Mod Melts

mod melt necklace rose

I am so smitten with hot pink right now!  It is just like me in the 80’s only now I have red hair a few more pounds.  I was a bleach blond back in 88 and neon pink was my go to color!  This design is quick to piece together (I promise)!  It is a little more advanced than the Podgeable charms and you will need a hand-drill.  We heart the Fiskars drill…no cord and super easy to use!

Mod Melts are Launching in Michaels – June 2013
Podgeables are available at every Michaels!

What you need:
3 Podgeables (1 large circle and 2 ovals)
Hand Drill
Gem-Tac Glue
Mod Melt Rose Mold
Mod Melt Sticks – Milk Glass
FolkArt Neon Pink Paint
FolkArt Gold Paint
E6000 Glue
Pearl Chain
Jewelry Tools
1. Drill side holes into the Podgeable shapes. (Use the picture for reference)
2. Use Gem-Tac to glue small gems around the edge of the Podgeable.
3. Make 3 Rose Mod Melts (1 large and 2 Small) See Video…..
Video: Mod Melt 101

4. Paint the Mod Melts with the Neon and Gold paints.
5. Glue to the center of the Podgeables with E600 glue.
6. Use jumprings to attach the Podgeable shapes together.
7. Attach a pearl chain and clasp with jumprings.

DIY Rose Sunglasses with Mod Melts

Spiffy up your sunglasses with pearl roses made with Mod Melts and Molds for Mod Podge.  It’s easy breezy summer style with Mod Melts!

1. Grab a pair of sunglasses to embellish!
2. Make a large rose Mod Melt.
3. Paint with Folkart Metallic Pearl Paint.
4. Seal with Mod Podge.
5. Use E6000 glue to attach to the front temples of the glasses.
Pearl Painting Video:  Watch here to learn how to pearl paint a Mod Melt.

How To: Tie Dye Hearts from 101 Tees

I love hearts!  When I was a teenager, I would doodle them on my notebooks and paper-bag book covers with my Bic pen.  As an adult….I still doodle hearts but now I doodle them with embroidery stitches, sharpies and fabric dye.

When I was designing and writing 101 Tees, I knew I wanted to include a tie dye heart technique.  I first started dyeing hearts when I was in college…my first ones were pretty sad looking.  If it is your first time to dye a heart shape, you may want to test your folding on a scrap piece of knit or an old tee.

This tee was dyed with Rit – Royal Blue.  Love the color…soft and rich at the same time.

What you will need:
A prepared dye bath in a large bowl or bucket
A prewashed and damp light colored t-shirt – 100% cotton
Water-soluble marking pen
Rubber bands

1. Lay the tee flat and fold in half lengthwise, matching sleeve to sleeve.

2. Draw a half heart with the marking pen.

3. Accordion fold around the marked line.  You may need to curve the fabric as you fold.  Wrap the the fold on the marked line with 3 rubber-bands.  Dip into the dye bath.  Allow it to soak until you have reached your desired color.  Rinse the tee until the water runs clear. Hang dry.

ENJOY and Happy Dyeing!

Tutorial: Ribbon and Pearl Rose Pin…. Perfect for Valentines.

Ribbon Roses

With a few ribbon twists and drops of hot glue you can whip up a rose pin that has a romantic look.

Gather This: Ribbon, Hot Glue, Pearls, Needle, Thread and a Pin-back.

 Begin with 2 yards of 1.5 to 3″ wide ribbon.  The distressed crepe ribbon used is from my supply shop but you can use almost any wide ribbon or torn strips of fabric.  Visit my shop here.

Begin on one end of the ribbon, fold the corner on an angle and hot glue to secure.  What is that pink thing on my finger?  Hot Glue Gun Helpers…. No more burns!

 Begin twisting and folding the ribbon.  Hot glue as you twist.  Continue to fold, twist and glue.

Continue until the entire length of the ribbon has been twisted and hot glued to the back side.

Flip over and hot glue the tail-end to the back of the rose.

 Ready for Embellishing.

 Pink embellishing pearls from the supply shop.  Visit the shop here.

Stitch a selection of pearls in the center and a pin back to the back.