3 Date Night DIYs for Valentine’s Day!

3 mod podge valentine crafts flutes plate box

3 Date Night DIYs for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is getting a Mod Podge makeover! Glittered Champagne glasses, heart plate and a romantic gift box. The projects are all easy to make and the results are super cute and fun.

PJ_LRG_5849_1 Glittered Champagne Flutes 


Gift Box Makeover with Mod Podge and Glitter.


Heart Plate that is perfect for sweet treats!


LoVe Wall Art made with Fabric Mod Podge and Glitter

diy love wall art valentine mod podge


Love is in the air with this easy to make LOVE WALL ART.  The fabric is attached with Fabric Mod Podge and the glittered letters are made with Super Gloss Mod Podge.


IMG_0821a little peek behind the scenes…..

Dishwasher Safe Glittered Champagne Flutes

glittered champagne glasses mod podge dishwasher safe

Creating glittered Champagne glasses is super easy with Dishwasher safe Mod Podge!  Yep you can wash them in your dishwasher!!! (top rack only and they do have a cure time)  But hey this is pretty “breakthrough” for crafting and DIY.  Have a peek at the video below to see how we whipped up these sparkly glasses.


Glittered Party Stars for New Year’s Eve

glittered party stars with Mod Podge Glittering with Mod Podge is super easy and the results are stunning!  Have a peek at the video below to see how we whipped up these sparkly stars.



DIY Moroccan Lanterns with Mod Podge Sheer Colors and Glitter Stencils

moroccan glass painted mod podge lanterns

Oh My….. we couldn’t stop making these lanterns~ They are so addicting and easy to make.  The glass is just a simple mason jar.  The bold color is Mod Podge sheer color and the stencils are the new Mod Podge Rocks stencils.  They can be used over and over and the patterns are super cute!  Of course we had to add a bunch of trims and faux diamond ribbon.

diy moroccan mason jar lanterns

Have a peek at our new end-cap at Michaels…. Lots of new goodies!

Mod Podge michaels sheer colors




What you need…..

Mason jar
Mod Podge ® Sheer Color – Yellow, 4 oz.
Mod Podge ® Sheer Color – Pink, 4 oz.
Mod Podge ® Sheer Color – Aqua, 4 oz.
Medium size paper cup
Craft knife
Mod Podge ® Spouncer Applicators Set, 4 pc.
Mod Podge ® Rocks! Peel & Stick Stencils – Starlite
Mod Podge ® Rocks! Peel & Stick Stencils – Tangier
Mod Podge ® Podgeable Glitters
File folder
Glitzy trims
Craft glue

Additional: Glow-sticks or battery candles.

Video How To Use Sheer Colors


Always begin by cleaning and drying your mason jar.

mod podge sheer colors

Swirl Method: Pour Sheer Color Mod Podge into the jar. Swirl the Sheer Color around the inside until it covers all the sides. Turn the jar upside down into a paper cup and let the excess drizzle out of the jar. Allow it to sit for 10 hours. Turn the jar over and allow it to dry until the color is clear. Use a craft knife to trim off any excess around the rim.

Brush-On Method: Apply sheer color to the outside of the jar with a paintbrush. Apply as many coats as you wish until your desired color is reached. Allow for dry time in between coats.


Place a Mod Podge stencil across the front of a jar. Spounce Mod Podge gloss over the stencil. Remove the stencil, poof the glitter over the stenciled area. Allow to dry and brush off excess glitter with a dry paintbrush. Repeat for the other side. Wash the stencil, reattach to the carrier sheet and use again.


IMG_4826 <


Attach glitzy trims to the vases and lanterns using craft glue. The jars that are made with the brush-on technique are suitable for filling with water or candles. The swirl technique is best used with silk flowers, glow sticks or battery operated candles.

Tip: When glittering, glitter over a file folder. You can fold the file up and use it as a funnel for recycling glitter.

Enjoy! xoxoxo

Cathie and Steve

Embroidery Hoop Art for Valentine’s Day

love art embroidery hoop art valentine mod podge glitter

This easy DIY embroidery hoop art for Valentine’s Day is perfect for anyone who wants add a little pop of love in their decorating.  The hoops can be found in plastic like the one pictured or you can paint a wood one.


What you need!
Embroidery hoop
Pink felt
Wood love
FolkArt ® Acrylic Colors – Pink, 2 oz.
Mod Podge ® Gloss, 8 oz.
Mod Podge ® Rocks! Peel & Stick Stencils – Tangier
Mod Podge ® Podgeable Glitters
Spouncer paintbrush
Soft loose bristle paintbrush
Hot glue
Paper flowers

1. Cut a piece of felt to fit inside of an embroidery hoop. Position into the hoop and trim away any excess from the back.

2. Paint the wood letters with Pink paint. Use two coats. Allow to dry.

3. Position the stencil onto the painted letters. Dip the end of the spouncer into Mod Podge and tap the Mod Podge onto the painted letters, over the stencil so that the open areas are covered with Mod Podge. Remove the stencil and set aside. (After glittering, wash the stencil and replace on the carrier sheet.)


4. Poof the gold glitter onto the Mod Podged areas of the painted letters. Allow to dry. Once dry, dry brush the letters with a soft paintbrush to remove the excess glitter.

5. Hot glue the painted letters and paper flowers to the felt.

TIP: For an all over glittered letter, omit the stencil and cover the top of the letter with Mod Podge. Poof glitter over the entire top of the letters.

DIY Cell Phone Case Covers with Mod Podge, Mod Melts and Glitter

diy cell phone case with Mod Podge melts decoden

You can make a customized cell phone case with Mod Podge, Mod Melts and a little glitter!  I love using papers that are made for insta-scrapbooking because they are usually sized pretty good and they have sayings and prints.

mod podged cell phone case

Trim the paper to fit on top of the cell phone case.  You can either trim it to fall below the camera hole or you can trim a hole for the camera hole.  Just don’t cover the hole with paper or you can’t take any pics. 🙂

Coat the back of the paper with Mod Podge gloss.

add paper to cell phone case with Mod Podge

Apply the paper to the cell phone case and smooth any air bubbles with your fingers.  Let it dry for about 15 min.

sparkle mod podge

Have you tried Mod Podge sparkle?  Oh LA LA it rocks with just a hint of glitter.

add sparkle mod podge to glitter

Add the sparkle where you want to add a little dust of glitter.  Let dry.

decoden cell phone case with mod melts

Top-cat the case with Mod Podge Gloss.  Glue rhinestones to the case with Mod Podge.  Allow to dry.

cell phone details

Apply more Mod Podge to the areas where the paper didn’t cover and sprinkle with glitter.  Allow to dry and dust off excess.  Hot glue painted Mod Melt Flowers to the case.

Learn More About Mod Melts and molds in this VIDEO!

DIY Glittered Ornament with Mod Podge and Clear Glass Ornaments

mod podge glitter ornament

Making glittered ornaments is super easy when you use clear ornaments and Mod Podge.

In this 30 sec video we show you how!

DIY Princess Necklaces for a Craft Birthday Party

how to make girls party necklaces

What little girl (or grown up girl) wouldn’t want a princess necklace.  I know I do! This quick craft is so easy to make and the supplies are readily available at any Michaels Craft Store.  These are great for kids to make during a party or you can make them ahead of time and use them as party favors.

princess necklaces diy mod podge birthday party craft idea for kids

extreme glitter mod podge

mod podge podgeable shapes

What you need:

Mod Podge Podgeable Shapes

Mod Podge Extreme Glitter

Foam Paintbrush

Jumbo Gems

1 Yard Ribbon per Necklace

apply Mod Podge podgeable

Coat the Podgeable shape with Extreme Glitter Mod Podge.  Add some to the back of the gem.

position jumbo gem on acrylic shape

Position the gem on the Podgeable shapes.

add more mod podge

Add more Mod Podge Extreme Glitter to the Podgeable.  Don’t worry it will dry clear and sparkly.

podgeable mod podge charm

Dried and ready for a ribbon!

push through the hole

Fold the ribbon in half and thread through the hole.  Work on the top of the Podgeable shape.

loop through

Loop the ribbon tails through the section that was pulled through the hole.

hero heart mod podge necklace

Pull tight to secure.

mod podge jewelry making craft

craft for a girls party necklaces


Ribbons are from our Supply Shop – see the faux seam bindings here.

make it: sparkle papier-mâché deer

make it: sparkle papier-mâché deer

Add a little shine and sparkle to a kraft papier-mâché deer. This is project is so easy and the results are stunning. I used peach tissue paper – but of course you could use any color you desired. I added a few holiday picks and a ribbon around the neck for a little embellishment.

FolkArt Extreme Glitter™ – Gold 2771
Mod Podge – Gloss CS11201
Mod Podge – Glitter – Hologram Gold CS11275
Papier-mâché deer
Foam paintbrushes
Peach tissue paper
Floral picks
Hot glue

1. Cut the tissue paper into small random shaped squares. Apply the squares to the deer with Mod Podge. Topcoat with a layer of Mod Podge. Add additional layers of tissue. Allow for dry time between layers.

2. To-coat the deer with a layer of glitter Mod Podge. Allow to dry. Add 3 coats of Gold Extreme Glitter to the deer. Apply the gold randomly. Add more in some areas and less in others.

3. Hot glue a ribbon bow and floral pick to the neck of the deer.