Video: DIY Halloween Mummy Pumpkin that Glows in the Dark!

glow in the dark mummy pumpkin mod podge

Glow in the Dark Mummy Pumpkin

Spook up the night with a glow-in-the-dark mummy pumpkin.


Mod Podge® Glow-in-the Dark
Faux pumpkin
Craft glue
Google eyes
3 yards
Large plastic bowl
Plastic dropcloth


1. Glue the two google eyes to the pumpkin where you would normally carve eyes.

2.Cut 3-yards of cheesecloth into random sized stripes. In a large bowl, saturate the strips in the Glow-in-the-Dark Mod Podge.

3. Begin wrapping the strips around the pumpkin and in a random pattern till the entire pumpkin is covered. Be sure to keep the cheesecloth off the eyes. Tuck in any ends as needed.

4. Place on a plastic drop-cloth. Allow the pumpkin to dry for at least 24 hours. Depending on how thick the cheesecloth is it might need a little longer.

Tip: Make an antique mummy pumpkin by dry brushing silver or grey paint over the pumpkin.

Kids Craft: Saucy Monster

kids craft bottle jar monsters Kids Craft: Saucy Monster

I have a great new project for kids – they are kind of like Japanese characters meets Cousin It. I am calling them saucy monsters. Boys and girls really love this project. They also double as banks, secret spots etc. – because you can lift the hair out and place coins (etc) into the bottle.

Plus if you have any “eyelash” yarn it is great way to use it up. I really love the glow in the dark Mod Podge and kids really love it!

They are made with a plastic salad dressing bottle or a Gatorade style bottle.


Here are the instructions:

1 plastic bottle (large opening at the top)
1 yard cheese cloth
Mod Podge – Glow in the dark
Crazy yarn
Googley eyes
Craft glue
Foam paint brush

1. Clean the bottle and peal the label off as best you can.
(you could spray paint them black if you want to)

2. Unfold the cheese cloth and begin attaching it to the bottle with the Mod Podge. Wrap like a mummy and keep adding the Mod Podge. Use your fingers to press down. Set aside to dry.

3. Make the hair by wrapping crazy yarn around a 10″ piece of cardboard (or you could use a yellow note pad) until you have a full amount if hair. Cut a small piece of yarn and place it towards the top, bring it through all the loops and tie a secure knot. At the other end, use scissors to cut the hair loose.

4. Glue googley eyes to the front.

5. Add the hair by placing the knot side into the opening on the bottle. You might need to trim the hair of your monster.

Milk Mummy

another variation using milk cartons