I love Ruffles! DIY tutorial on a ruffle and corduroy pillow…. SEW easy!

sewing project diy craft ruffled pillows

Ruffles are all the rage – soft and sweet with tons of texture.  I designed this project after I fell in love with the grey baby whale corduroy {from Jo-Ann fabrics}.  I paired it with the vibrant yellow linen.  I whipped it up fast and even if you a beginner stitcher – I know you will have success with this pillow.

Gather This:
1/2 yard fabric for pillow
1/2 yard fabric for ruffles
Pillow Stuffing
Let’s Get Stitching!
 Cut three pieces of the pillow fabric.
1 front – 18″x18″
1 backing – 6″x18″
1 backing – 14″x18″

Place the two backing pieces right sides to right sides.  Pin to secure.  Position the zipper across the center.  Place double pins at the stop and start of the zipper.

Begin stitching with a regular straight stitch.  When you get to the first double pin, do a back-stitch and then sew a gather stitch (set your straight stitch on the longest setting) until you reach the second double pin.  Repeat the back-stitch to secure and continue with a regular stitch until you reach the end.

Open the seam and press the seam flat.  On the wrong side of the fabric, pin the zipper across the gather stitch area.

 Using a zipper foot, sew the zipper in place.

Use a seam ripper to open the gather stitches and expose the zipper.

Cut your ruffle fabric into strips.  You will need one per ruffle.  {{I used two ruffles for this design}} My strips measured 4″x30″ – you can make them as wide as you want.
Fold the strip over (right side together) sew down the side seam – this creates a tube.
 Turn the tube right side out and press flat.  Using contrasting thread, sew a gather stitch down the center of the tube. (DON’T Back-stitch)  Pin across the pillow front fabric (non zipper piece).  As you pin determine the ruffle design that you like.  To create the ruffles you will just gently pull the threads.
 Using matching thread, sew the ruffles to the front of the pillow.  Stitch as close to the gather stitch as possible without sewing over it.
 Use a seam ripper to remove the gather stitch.
 Open the zipper.  Place the two pieces right-sides to right-sides, sew around the outer edge.  Clip the corners.  Turn right-side out and stuff with a pillow form or stuffing.
Cathie and Steve

Fall Centerpiece: Natural Bean Spheres

bean covered styrofoam balls

Fall Centerpiece: Natural Bean Spheres

I adore this time of year. The leaves are starting fall and I am beginning to feel the crisp in the air. It is time to switch out the haunted Halloween decor and opt in for cozy fall decorations.

What you’ll need:
foam balls
mini glue gun
dried beans (pinto, black, kidney, etc)
craft knife/kitchen knife
piece of felt
tacky glue

Making bean covered spheres:

1. Starting in the middle of the ball, hot-glue beans to the ball, making sure to work in a straight line across the surface.

Making candle-holders:

1. Cut a slice off of a foam ball; this will provide a base for the candle-holder.

2. Set the ball on its newly cut base and check to make sure the base is stable. Hold the candle on top of the ball and trace around the outside of the candle. Cut around traced area until the center pops out. Push the candle into the hole.

3. Remove the candle and glue on beans. Place a piece of felt over the (bean-free) base of the ball. Cut around the felt until it fits over the base of the ball.

4. Using tacky glue, glue the felt down over the base. Felt will prevent the foam from possibly scratching a table surface. Stick pieces of cloves in spaces between beans to add fragrance. Place the candle in the candleholder.