Kids Craft: Saucy Monster

kids craft bottle jar monsters Kids Craft: Saucy Monster

I have a great new project for kids – they are kind of like Japanese characters meets Cousin It. I am calling them saucy monsters. Boys and girls really love this project. They also double as banks, secret spots etc. – because you can lift the hair out and place coins (etc) into the bottle.

Plus if you have any “eyelash” yarn it is great way to use it up. I really love the glow in the dark Mod Podge and kids really love it!

They are made with a plastic salad dressing bottle or a Gatorade style bottle.


Here are the instructions:

1 plastic bottle (large opening at the top)
1 yard cheese cloth
Mod Podge – Glow in the dark
Crazy yarn
Googley eyes
Craft glue
Foam paint brush

1. Clean the bottle and peal the label off as best you can.
(you could spray paint them black if you want to)

2. Unfold the cheese cloth and begin attaching it to the bottle with the Mod Podge. Wrap like a mummy and keep adding the Mod Podge. Use your fingers to press down. Set aside to dry.

3. Make the hair by wrapping crazy yarn around a 10″ piece of cardboard (or you could use a yellow note pad) until you have a full amount if hair. Cut a small piece of yarn and place it towards the top, bring it through all the loops and tie a secure knot. At the other end, use scissors to cut the hair loose.

4. Glue googley eyes to the front.

5. Add the hair by placing the knot side into the opening on the bottle. You might need to trim the hair of your monster.

Milk Mummy

another variation using milk cartons

Halloween Witch Crafts: Kids Milk Jug Pinata

Kids will go batty for this milk jug pinata! Made with Mod Podge and tissue paper! This Mod Podge project was designed for Plaid. Pop by my page at Plaid to see this project and tons more ideas!!!

Materials Needed:
FolkArt One Stroke Brushes – Script Liner, #1
FolkArt Artists Pigments – Pure Black
FolkArt Artists Pigments – Titanium White
FolkArt Metallics – Gunmetal Gray
Mod Podge Gloss
Filbert brush
Plastic milk/water jug (1 gallon)
Craft knife
Masking tape
Tissue paper – Lime Green
Foam paintbrush
Tacky Glue
Black felt square
One 2″ Styrofoam ball
Two Googly eyes
Egg carton


1. Make sure the milk container is clean and dry before starting. Cut a U-shaped flap in the back of the milk jug with a craft knife (parents help with the knife).

2. Fill the jug with candy and tape the flap closed with a small piece of masking tape. This is just to hold the flap down as you add tissue paper, so you only need to use a little bit of tape.

3. Cut your tissue paper into small (roughly 2″) squares and paste them to the jug with Mod Podge. Put as many or as few layers of tissue paper for your desired look, but be sure to cover the opening with two to three layers this will hold the flap down just enough so that the pinata will be able to burst open when hit. Allow the Mod Podge to dry thoroughly.

4. For hair cut jagged bangs into the felt and glue to the pinata (use the photo for placement reference).

5. Using the craft knife, slice the Styrofoam ball in half. Press your finger into the dome portion of the ball for the Googly eyes. Glue the eyes into the wells on the balls. Glue the eyes to the pinata.

6. Just above the eyes paint a scar across the forehead and a squiggle on the chin with Pure Black paint and a detail brush. Paint a squared mouth with the Pure Black paint using the larger brush. Paint teeth using the Titanium White paint.

7. Cut 2 egg sections from the egg carton. Paint them with the Gunmetal Grey paint. Glue to the sides of the head with tacky glue.

8. Using the tip of the craft knife. Poke a small hole in the top back of the pinata. Poke a second hole in the back of the pinata about 1″ down from the top. Tape a long piece of yarn to a skewer and thread through the two holes. Tie a knot in the yarn to secure and hang.

DIY Halloween Bubbles

halloween bubbles for kids

 Halloween Bubbles

Does the idea of kids and Halloween candy leave chills up your spine, holes in your teeth and nightmares of kids running around in circles for hours on end in your head?  Fear not!  I have a solution that will keep the little ones busy and the dentist happy.  B U B B L E S!!

These bubbles are traditionally for weddings and celebrations but with a little DIY makeover they can easily be transformed into frightfully fun bubbles.

{{Gather This}}
scrapbook paper
hot glue
google eyes
mesh fabric or trim (this one was from Jo-Anns)
coffin box or other box (this one was from Michaels)
folkart paint black metallic
foam paintbrush
paper graphic

Trim the paper to fit around the bubble container (leave a little extra for overlapping).  Add a drop of hot glue to one side of the bubble container.

Place the paper into the hot glue.  Wrap around and secure the end with a drop of hot glue.  Repeat for each bottle.
I LOVE google eyes!
Hot google eyes to the tops of the bubbles.
Cut strips of mesh fabric to fit a few times around the bottle.  Using a hot glue gun helper finger cap, hot glue the mesh around the bottle.
Hot glue a paper flower to the front center of the bottle.
Make as many as desired.

Dry brush paint the coffin box with metallic black paint.  The dry brushing effect will create haunted streaks.  To dry brush, dip the brush into paint, tap off almost all the paint and with a very light hand, paint the coffin box.

Decorate the box by hot gluing paper cutouts, flowers and gems to the side of the box.  Load teh box with bubbles and pass out to the kids….or keep them for your self!

P.S. Grown-ups love them too!

Kids Thanksgiving Day Craft – Turkeys Made From Gloves!

Kids Craft: Stuffed Plushie Turkeys

You must check out the cutest stuffed turkeys my sister made with her students today. They are so adorable and made with inexpensive stretchy gloves ($1.40 for 4 @ Target). They are the perfect “turkey”craft and kids can make them on Thanksgiving day.

1 stretch glove
Felt squares
Stuffing material (pillow, tissues, etc.)
Glue (hot w/parents help or tacky)
Blank or used CD
Buttons/etc. for eyes


Form a base: Trace around a CD and cut a circle from cardboard and a circle from felt. Glue the felt circle to the cardboard.

Stuff the glove. Cut from felt: feathers, wattles or eyes. Glue the felt cutouts and/or buttons to the thumb piece of the glove.

Add a bead of glue around the opening of the glove and glue to the center of the base.

Kids Craft: Table Top Turkeys!

Kids Craft: Table Top Turkeys!
Designed For Plaid
See more of my designs for Plaid here.

Kids love Thanksgiving! The mini break from school, the home cooking, holiday movies, backyard games and of course crafting for the season are all experiences that kids of all ages enjoy.

Let’s Make Turkeys!

When I stumbled upon plain wood turkeys in the dollar bin at Jo Ann Fabrics, I knew they would make a perfect kids craft. For these little gobble-gobble pals I used just 1 bottle of Folkart paint, fall printed papers and some Mod Podge.

Materials Needed:
Kids wood turkey from Jo Ann Fabrics
FolkArt Acrylic Paint – Autumn Leaves
Foam paintbrush
Scrapbook paper in fall colors and prints
Mod Podge – Matte
1.5” wood disk
Small buttons
Silk leaves
Hot glue and glue gun or craft glue

1. Paint the entire turkey and wood disk with Autumn Leaves FolkArt paint. Use two coats and allow to dry.

2. Cut three leaf shapes from one print and two leaf shapes from another print. Coat both sides of the leaf shapes with Mod Podge, position on the wood turkey and topcoat with more Mod Podge. Use your fingers to press out any air bubbles. Smooth your brush strokes. Continue until all the leaves are attached.

3. Cut or punch an oval shape and a circle to fit the wood disk. Attach the oval over the tips of the leaves and the circle to the disk using Mod Podge.

4. Hot glue (parents help) the disk to the center of the turkey. Cut a plume, snood and beak from scrapbook paper and hot glue to the disk. Add two button eyes.

5. Hot glue (parents help) silk leaves to the back of the turkey so they face forward.

Kids Halloween Craft – Witch Spoon Puppet

spoon witch kids halloween craft
Witch Spoon Puppet

FolkArt Craft Paint 527 Forrest Moss
FolkArt Craft Paint 480 titanium white
FolkArt Craft Paint 479 pure black
Folkart paintbrush onestroke – liner #1360b
Wooden spoon
Foam paintbrush
Popsicle stick
Yarn – green
Tacky glue or hot glue
Small witch hat
Square scrap of Halloween fabric 10”X10”
Decorative trim
Grey felt – small piece

1. Using a foam paintbrush paint the spoon green. Allow to dry. Using black and white paint and a liner brush, paint a scary witch face on the back of the spoon. Paint the popsicle stick black

2. The hat and hair: Gather the yarn into 6” loops. Glue the loops to the back and front of the spoon. Parents – use caution if you are using hot glue. Glue the hat to the top of the spoon.

3. The dress: Cut a small hole in the center of the fabric square. Thread the handle of the spoon through the hole. Add a drop of glue to secure. Glue decorative trim around the neck and around the base of the hat.

4. The broom: Cut the felt into a 2.5” X4” square. Cut small slashes to make the broom bristles. Roll the felt around the end of the popsicle stick and glue to secure. Add a little decorative trim the top of the bristles. Glue the broom to the dress.

Paper Bag Pumpkins

Materials Needed:
FolkArt Acrylic Colors – Pumpkin
FolkArt Metallics – Sequin Black
FolkArt Acrylic Colors – Evergreen
1 Paper lunch bag
Scrap piece of card stock
Foam paintbrushes
Scissors (parents help)
Hole punch – decorative eyelet optional (parents help)
Old newspaper
Green pipe cleaner

1. Using a foam brush, apply the pumpkin orange paint to the front, back and sides of the paper bag and allow to dry. Paint the scrap card stock with the green paint and allow to dry.

2. Cut the sponge into a triangle shape. Dip the triangle into the black paint and press onto the front of the paper bag in the appropriate spots for the eyes, nose and teeth.

3. Cut 3 leaf shapes from the green painted paper and punch a hole in the top. Add a decorative eyelet if desired.

4. Stuff the bag with crinkled up newspaper, twist the top together, attach the pipe cleaner around the top and add the leaves to the pip cleaner. Twist the ends of the pipe cleaner into curly q’s.

DIY Kids Halloween Games: Pin the Fangs on the Vampire

Felt “Pin the Fangs on the Vampire” Game

16” x 20” frame
Spray mount
Sticky back hook and loop tape, such as Velcro
Spray fabric glitter
36” x 36” red felt (background & mouth)
9” x 12” felt in the following colors:
1 piece beige (face, ears & hands)
1 piece black (eyes, hair & pants)
1 piece white (fangs & eyes)
3 pieces green (cape & eyes)
1 piece purple (cape collar)
2 pieces blue (jacket)
Clear rhinestones (eyes)
Red rhinestones (buttons)
Fabric-Tac glue

1. Remove the cardboard backing from the picture frame, and trim a piece of red felt to 18” x 22” to fully cover the backing. Using spray adhesive, spray the cardboard backing, and mount the felt to the cardboard, leaving some overhang. Smooth out any wrinkles, and place the felt-covered backing back in the frame.

2. Using the picture as a guide, cut the felt pieces to create the face, teeth and jacket. Glue into place.

3. Once all pieces are glued into place, add rhinestones to accent the vampire’s eyes and as buttons for his jacket.

4. (Optional) Add spray glitter for flare. If using spray glitter allow about one hour of drying time before playing.

5. Attach strips of sticky back hook and loop tape to each set of fangs using only the “hook” portion of the hook and loop tape.

6. Hang on the wall for hours of fun.